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Agilent enters SAN testing market

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This month, Agilent began shipments of a device that can be used to test fabric performance in Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs). The 1730 test system is designed for storage integrators, component OEMs, and sophisticated end users. Engineers can test a number of variables that simulate traffic conditions, including port behavior, frame-level parameters, specific error types, inter-frame gap size, traffic topology, buffer-to-buffer credit, and burst mode traffic.

Users can monitor "live" measurement results while tests are running and observe how the fabric handles various traffic conditions and recovers from unexpected disruptions such as a link down at multiple ports. Traffic loads can be changed in real time while tests are running.

The system is based on a Windows 2000 PC and a four-slot 2U chassis with up to 16 ports (1Gbps or 2Gbps Fibre Channel). Pricing starts at $24,000. www.agilent.com/find/santester.

QLogic bundles $9,999 SAN
QLogic's SAN Connectivity Kit 2000 is a 2Gbps version of the company's bundled, low-end SAN configurations. It includes an 8-port SANbox2 Fibre Channel switch, four SANblade 2310 host bus adapters (HBAs), SANsurfer management software, connectors, drivers, and four fiber-optic cables. The management software can be used with both switches and HBAs. Two SANbox switches can be mounted in 1U of rack space. www.qlogic.com.

Procom updates NAS software
Procom Technology recently released version 4.2 of its NetForce OS, which features NDMP version 3.0 support, LUN awareness for improving fail-over response, multi-pathing, kernel optimization, and an increase in LUN size from 1TB to 7.75TB.

ProMirror functionality is available for bi-directional replication. Many-to-one mirroring is also available to enable filers located at multiple sites to synchronize data with one NetForce filer. www.procom.com.

JMR enclosure maximizes rack space
JMR's 1U StorBlade is designed for blade and rack-mount servers, includes four drive bays, and is available in SCSI RAID, SCSI JBOD, and 2Gbps Fibre Channel RAID configurations. The SCSI version is available through JMR's resellers, and the Fibre Channel configurations are available direct from JMR. Capacity scales from 146GB to 584GB. Features include dual 68-pin connectors, dual SCSI channels (with two drives per channel), and dual fans. www.jmr.com.

Antares intros Ultra320 SCSI HBA
Antares Microsystems' P0078 HBA is based on LSI Logic's dual-channel LSI53C1030 Ultra320 SCSI controller and Fusion-MPT (Message Passing Technology) architecture. The P0078 supports 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X, the PCI 2.2 standard, and Solaris ("Solaris Ready Approved" by Sun) and Linux platforms. The HBA also supports packetized SCSI transfers, grouped commands, messages, and status bytes at up to 320MBps. www.antares.com.

StorServer ships backup appliances
StorServer is shipping three disk-to-disk-to-tape backup appliances based on Nexsan's ATAboy disk subsystems. The D10000 scales from 340GB to 690GB; the D20000 from 340GB to 2.8TB; and the D30000 from 690GB to 5.6TB. All models include a tape drive or optional tape library. www.storserver.com.

Shwingtek addresses disk-to-disk backup
Following the trend toward disk-based backup, Shwingtek recently began shipments of its DataVault line of arrays, which use ruggedized portable hard drives. The DataVault Desktop Backup Array holds two drives in a RAID-1 configuration with up to 160GB. Pricing starts at $2,500. The DataVault Library Array holds up to eight drives in RAID 1, 3, or 5 configurations with up to 640GB. The arrays are compatible with most backup software applications. www.shwingtek.com.


Sistina enhances file system
Sistina Software recently released version 5.1 of its Global File System (GFS) software that enables enterprises to consolidate existing servers and storage into a single management domain with shared storage.

GFS 5.1 features capacity utilization quotas, server-specific information with shared directories, direct kernel support for Linux, and application-specific tuning. The software is also designed for use with Oracle 9i RAC by providing direct I/O support, shared boot, and a shared Oracle HOME directory. The software starts at $2,000 per node. www.sistina.com.

Avail software supports multiple backup devices
Unlike backup software that supports only one type of backup device, Avail Solutions' Integrity software supports multiple backup devices based on performance, longevity, and other data parameters. After completing the initial backup process, the software provides replication and managed migration of the data using hierarchical storage management (HSM) techniques. Data can be migrated on-site or off-site. Integrity is compatible with Windows NT/2000, Solaris, and Linux. A single server backing up to an internal disk/tape combination is priced from $295. www.availsolutions.com.

StoreAge tackles Exchange management
StoreAge Networking Technologies' SVM Policy Manager for Exchange automates storage management in SAN-based Exchange environments using a rules-based policy engine. The goal is to maximize application uptime and data availability. The software is a snap-on to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Features include

  • On-the-fly expansion of Exchange storage capacity while systems remain online;
  • Instant data recovery and online rollbacks to previous points-in-time via snapshots; and
  • Zero-downtime backup. (www.storeage.com.)

Northern releases SRM suite
Northern Parklife is shipping a storage resource management (SRM) suite comprising five parts: QuotaServer 2002, Storage Reporter, Storage Assistant, Storage Portal, and Storage Chargeback. The software works with Windows applications, has an updated quota server with optional Active Directory or SQL Server integration, and features a wizard option for setting quotas. The reporting function includes overviews of distributed and consolidated storage. In addition, a Web-based chargeback function lets administrators bill storage per department/users. www.northern.se/.

Executive Software restores files
Executive Software's Undelete 3.0 enables users to restore files that were deleted prior to its software being installed on a system. Other features include the ability to capture and display what user account was used to delete a file; enhanced search capabilities, and a secure delete function to ensure deleted files are overwritten. The software can recover compressed files direct from disk. www.execsoft.com.


Plasmon intros DVD libraries
Next month, Plasmon will ship its Enterprise D-Series DVD libraries: D875, D1525, and D2175, which feature 750 to 2,175 slots and capacities from 8.2TB to 20.4TB. The libraries support DVD-RAM and DVD-R and are priced from $22,000. www.plasmon.com.

Plextor adds CD safety technology
Plextor recently added a safety feature, called SpeedRead, to its CD drives that allows users to read a CD at its maximum speed without losing data integrity. This month, the company also released a 24/10/24U portable, high-speed USB CD-RW drive. Plextor plans to ship a 40/12/40Si SCSI CD-RW drive in December. www.plextor.com.

This article was originally published on November 01, 2002