Veritas moves into applications management

By Lisa Coleman

With its recent acquisition of Jareva Technologies and its pending acquisition of Precise Software, Veritas is expanding beyond its storage-centric roots into application performance management (APM). Analysts are bullish on Veritas' strategy because the acquisitions will help create an end-to-end software portfolio ranging from applications management to storage management.

"It's a great long-term strategy," says Nancy Marrone, a senior analyst with the Enterprise Storage Group consulting firm. "It definitely puts them in competition with BMC and Computer Associates."

However, Marrone adds that before Veritas can truly compete with vendors such as BMC and Computer Associates, it must first integrate Precise's APM and storage resource management (SRM) products and Jareva's server automation and provisioning software with its existing storage management software. And full integration of the products may take a couple years, according to Marrone.

But Veritas will have some integrated products ready to go in the second half of this year, according to Marty Ward, director of product marketing. Ward says that Veritas will make some of the technology from Precise and Jareva interoperable with SANPoint Control, although he declined to elaborate on specific functionality.

Veritas expects its $537 million acquisition of Westwood, MA-based Precise to be final no later than April. The price tag for privately held Jareva, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, was about $62 million.

The Precise product line includes the Insight and Savvy response time management software; Indepth performance management software for databases from IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle; and Interpoint monitoring software for Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP applications (see table). Precise also has a line of SRM products from W. Quinn Associates, which it acquired in 2001.

Veritas has been beefing up its SRM products over the last year. In early 2002, Veritas acquired SRM technology from Manchester, NH-based NTP Software, which it is integrating with SANPoint Control. With the addition of Precise's SRM tools, Ward concedes that there will be some minor overlap in the reporting capabilities of the two product lines. "However, we see a lot of integration possibilities between SANPoint Control and the quota management features of the Precise SRM software," he says.

Veritas envisions a "super SRM" suite that will have "active" as opposed to "passive" functionality. Analysts believe that SRM functionality will eventually evolve into an integral part of APM. And analysts such as Marrone predict that Veritas, as well as its primary competitors, will tightly integrate SRM functionality into their overall management frameworks.

Also of note is an OEM agreement that Precise has with EMC, which uses Precise's technology in its Database Tuner product. "We've had a long relationship with EMC, and they OEM some of our other software products such as the Foundation suite, Volume Manager, and File System, so this adds to that portfolio," says Ward.

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This article was originally published on February 01, 2003