New Products

Merged company ships first drives

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies recently announced the first products resulting from the merger of its own hard-disk-drive business and IBM's last year. The newly formed company is based in San Jose, CA.

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New drives introduced last month include a micro drive, a 1.8-inch drive (Travelstar C4K40) for mobile applications, a 2.5-inch drive (Travelstar A4K40) for automotive applications, and a high-performance drive (Ultrastar 15K73).

The Microdrive squeezes 4GB onto a 1-inch drive. It has an areal density of more than 60 billion bits per square inch and uses a new—and much smaller—read-write head, which travels super-close to the disk platter.

The Travelstar C4K40 comes in 20GB and 40GB capacities and is intended for mobile applications that require a high-capacity, high-performing, energy-efficient small-form-factor drive. The A4K40 model has a wider operating temperature range and includes shock sensor technology to cushion the drive.

The Ultrastar 15K73 spins at 15,000rpm and has a capacity to 73GB. An areal density of 31 billion bits per square inch is achieved through a combination of antiferromagnetically coupled (AFC) media and fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) motors. The drive is intended for high-performance, high-reliability, server-class applications. www.hgst.com.

Disk array updates

Adjile Systems' Leopard LPF is a 2Gbps, 2U Fibre Channel storage enclosure that can be set up in JBOD or RAID configurations. The enclosure supports 12 1-inch disk drives for a total capacity of 1.75TB per chassis. Designed for OEMs and VARs, the subsystem features dual-ported drive loops, a cable-less backplane design, and redundant components. www.adjile.com.

Arena Maxtronic recently added a dual PCI version to its line of six-bay IDE RAID enclosures, which include an Intel i80303 processor, Ultra160 (160MBps) LVD SCSI host buses, and cache memory of up to 512MB. Maxtronic also added a GUI interface—Global-Net—for the company's RAID arrays. The Web-based software enables RAID configuration and status monitoring. In addition, users can configure a phone-home setting that alerts administrators of abnormal activities. www.maxtronic.com.

JMR's 2Gbps Fibre Channel StorBlade RAID system comes in a 1U form factor that enables the device to be used in blade servers. The system is also available in Ultra160 SCSI configurations. Features include a RAID controller with up to 512MB of cache, four hot-swappable drive bays, dual power supplies and blowers. Pricing starts at $1,498. www.jmr.com.


Two tape drives in 19-inch rack
OnStream Data's ADR2.240sr system integrates two second-generation Advanced Digital Recording (ADR2) drives into a 19-inch form factor. The system has a maximum native capacity of 120GB and a maximum native throughput of 8MBps. Mid Load Point (MLP) access provides fast data retrieval.

ADR2 technology can read and write eight channels simultaneously. An embedded servo system ensures accurate head tracking. The ADR2.240sr system includes Tapeware XE server backup software and two ADR2 120GB cartridges. The system is priced at $1,799. www.onstreamdata.com.

Start-up enables SCSI-to-iSCSI tape backup
Okapi Software recently introduced its ipXtensionCord remote tape appliance for iSCSI applications. The appliance enables users to connect servers to SCSI tape drives and tape libraries over Ethernet for remote tape backup (see figure). It can also be used to consolidate tape resources at remote sites, enable remote backup/vaulting between sites, and facilitate tape drive and library sharing among network-attached servers. Because the appliances use iSCSI, not SCSI, as the server/tape interconnect, signaling distance is no longer a factor.

Two models of the ipXtension Cord are available. A 10/100 Ethernet appliance is priced at $995 and is suitable for environments equipped with SLR, DAT, Mammoth-1, DLT, and DDS tape drives with bandwidth requirements of 10MBps or less. A Gigabit Ethernet model lists for $2,495 and is earmarked for higher-performing environments (e.g., streaming data to multiple tape drives) and tape drives based on AIT, Mammoth-2, and LTO formats.

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Both models support SCSI tape libraries, Linux iSCSI software drivers, and Intel PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapters (or compatible) for Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, and Linux platforms. www.okapi-software.com.


Volume sharing software supports iSCSI, 1394
Sanbolic's Kayo 3.0 data sharing software includes a number of enhancements, including support for iSCSI and IEEE 1394, volume locks that enable administrators to regulate who has write-and-read access, support for Windows XP (in addition to Windows NT and 2000), and a centralized management control panel that enables users to configure all Kayo stations from a single system. www.sanbolic.com.

NAS vendor intros automation software
Auspex recently introduced two data automation products based on its new Cognistor file system technology. IntelliSnap is a dynamic version-control product that is capable of restoring recent file changes. The anti-virus software alerts virus-scanning applications to scan new or changed files immediately. Cognistor allows for instant file indexing by search engines, initiation of immediate backups of changed files, and alerts to administrators of saved documents. Both software products run in conjunction with Auspex NS3000 NAS servers or the NSc3000 network storage controller. www.auspex.com.

Disk partitioning tool for Windows, Linux
Acronis' PartitionExpert 2003 is a disk-partitioning utility that enables PC users and IT professionals to automatically or manually create, resize, and copy disk partitions. In automated mode, a task-based wizard guides users through the steps to recreate, resize, or copy partitions. In manual mode, the process is controlled by the user. The partitioning software supports all leading Windows and Linux file systems, including ReiserFS for Linux. List price is $49.99. www.acronis.com.

SSD software targets Windows platforms
Imperial Technology's MegaRam-SuperSpeed solid-state disk (SSD) software provides SSD speed advantages for less than $500. The software allows users to utilize excess memory like a virtual hard disk (aka Memory Disk, Disk Cache, and Ram Disk) to accelerate application performance by creating a "Performance" partition on the system's hard drive that corresponds to the memory space. This allows data to be written to the memory space as if it were a hard drive. The software works with all Windows platforms. www.imperialtech.com.

Backup software targets DB2 databases
Atempo recently announced the availability of a TimeNavigator backup-and-recovery module for IBM DB2 databases. The module backs up and restores DB2 databases without interrupting user access. The software works in SAN environments and uses DB2-supported backup methods and APIs. The software supports AIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows NT/2000. www.atempo.com.

Updated volume manager for Linux
Sistina Software recently introduced Logical Volume Manager (LVM) 2.0, which provides increased performance and flexibility with a device-mapper design. LVM 2.0 is included in the Linux 2.6 kernel.

LVM supports volume management of disk subsystems by grouping disks into volume groups, which can then be accessed as regular block devices. The software features transactional metadata updates, ensuring integrity of volume mapping data. Other highlights include APIs for other storage management applications, and a cluster-ready architecture. www.sistina.com.


DVD jukebox holds 2.5TB+
Pioneer recently launched the DRM-3000 FlexLibrary DVD jukebox, which holds up to 320 discs for a capacity of more than 2.5TB. The jukebox supports single and dual-layer DVD-ROM video, DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CD-Extra, and Video-CD. The device includes a SCSI-2 interface and an internal write feature. It can be configured for using double-sided DVDs to achieve the 2.5+TB capacity, or it can be configured with 320 discs with two drives and 1.5TB of capacity. The jukebox can be set up for high-volume data and disc access for transaction-based applications and would include 170 discs and eight drives. The DRM-3000 is priced from $10,000 MRSP. www.pioneerelectronics.com.

High-speed CD, DVD drives
Plextor recently announced the PlexWriter 24/10/24U CD-RW drive with a high-speed USB interface for connecting to laptops and desktops. It features speeds of 24X CD-Write, 10X CD-Rewrite, and 24X CD-Read.

The drive is compatible with Windows and Macintosh platforms. Burst transfer rates are 480Mbps for USB 2.0 or 12Mbps for USB 1.1. www.plextor.com.

Ricoh's 4X DVD+RW/+R drives are internal, 4X-speed DVD/CD devices that allow 4.7GB of data to be burned onto a 4X DVD+R disc or 4X DVD+RW disc in less than 15 minutes.

Kano Technologies introduced a similar drive, the K2Extreme DVD+RW/R internal drive with 4.7GB capacity and NTI Backup NOW! Combo software for backup and restore. www.ricoh.com. and www.kanotechnologies.com.

This article was originally published on February 01, 2003