InterSAN adds SRM, boosts SAM automation

By Lisa Coleman

InterSAN has added storage resource management (SRM) capabilities and enhanced policy-based management in the latest version of its storage area management (SAM) software--Pathline 2.5. The company also announced that Fidelity Investments is deploying Pathline 2.5 across its data centers.

Enhancements include provisioning workflow management, automatic SRM functionality, policy auditing, path reconfiguration and proofing, chargeback reports, and subscription-based event management.

The SRM capabilities include automatic discovery of file systems and monitoring of disk space utilization, enabling storage administrators to identify under- and over-utilized storage and to trigger storage provisioning based on thresholds to support service level agreements.

Other new SRM features include a number of reports such as chargeback, utilization, service-level compliance, custom reporting, and a "top-10 error" list. InterSAN also added subscription-based management capabilities for event notification via e-mails, pager alerts, and SNMP alerts.

Pathline has enhanced provisioning capabilities from the previous version, which only automated path provisioning. The software automatically triggers provisioning by file system threshold. This type of workflow management capability allows administrators to control the level of automation and the timing of each step in the provisioning process--including reserving storage, enabling reserved storage during a change window, and optimizing configuration changes to meet provisioning windows.

"We're taking automation to the next level," claims Karen Dutch, vice president of marketing at InterSAN. Pathline also features automated path reconfiguration, which Dutch regards as a differentiator between InterSAN's software and other SAM products.

Automated path reconfiguration automates the re-mapping of application-to-data storage paths following reconfiguration activities such as server consolidation and storage area network (SAN) device upgrades and replacements.

For example, upgrading host bus adapters (HBAs) can be automated via one command. The software finds all the storage allocated through the older HBAs and then re-maps and re-zones all of the storage to the new HBAs. The software also validates the re-mapped storage so that it is visible and available to its applications.

Pricing for Pathline 2.5 is based on the amount of SAN-attached storage and storage networking hardware.

Last October, InterSAN penned a reseller agreement with Hitachi Data Systems, which resells and supports Pathline software.

This article was originally published on April 02, 2003