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Emulex ships PCI-X FC HBAs

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Based on the company's new dual-channel, 2Gbps Thor controllers, Emulex's next-generation LP10000 PCI-X (133MHz) Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) can deliver more than 100,000 I/Os per second—a 20% improvement over the company's previous-generation HBAs. (Aggregate throughput is rated at 780MBps.) The HBAs come in single- or dual-channel versions and can be managed with Emulex's HBAanyware software management suite, which enables remote firmware upgrades from a single console anywhere in a SAN.

The HBAs have an onboard hardware context cache, can support multiple protocols (SCSI, IP, and FICON), and are compatible with all existing Emulex HBAs.

The Thor controller reduces footprint by 35% (single channel) or 75% (dual channel), which can be advantageous for embedded configurations and blade servers. www.emulex.com.

Promise controller supports Ultra ATA/133 channels

Promise Technology's FastTrak family of ATA RAID controllers supports four independent Ultra ATA/133 disk drive channels and is designed primarily for the PC market. Using four independent channels eliminates the master-slave drive configuration typical on most 2-channel controller configurations. Implemented in Promise's SuperSwap 1000 enclosure, the controller enables drive hot-swapping in a RAID 0+1 setup. List price for the controller is $139. www.promise.com.

JMR ships IDE RAID subsystems

JMR's Fortra IDE RAID subsystems come in a 3U form factor and support IDE (disk), Ultra160 SCSI (host), and 2Gbps Fibre Channel (host) interfaces. Capacity ranges from 960GB to 1.44TB. Features include ATA disk drives, a PowerPC RISC processor, 64-bit architecture, a 12-bay enclosure, support for all RAID levels, up to 1GB of cache memory, and redundant hot-swappable components. Pricing starts at $9,950 for a SCSI-IDE version, or $10,950 for a Fibre Channel-IDE configuration. www.jmr.com.

NAS options proliferate

Dot Hill recently introduced SANnet II NAS, an entry-level NAS appliance with 12 disk drive bays in a 2U form factor. It scales to 5.25TB by adding expansion units; supports NFS, CIFS, and NDMP 3.0 for serverless backup and heterogeneous access control list; and has dual Gigabit Ethernet connections. It comes with SANscape storage management software. www.dothill.com.

Snap Appliance has increased capacities on several of its Snap Server NAS devices, including the 120GB 1100, 240GB 2200, 320GB 4100 (1U), and 2.16TB 14000 (3U). The 2200 ships in RAID 0 mode and allows users to reconfigure to RAID 1 or JBOD. The 14000 supports RAID 5 and offers hot-swappable disk drives and dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with fail-over capability. www.snapappliance.com.

AMI Megatrends recently introduced the StorTrends 2104 NAS server with a Linux-based operating system. It supports up to 1TB with four 250GB Maxtor MaXLine Plus II ATA-133 drives. The 2104 is a 1U system that is bundled with StorTrends 2.0 Linux software and AMI's SRM Express Management software. www.ami.com.

Apple enters RAID market at $4/GB

Apple's Xserve RAID array is based on 14 ATA/100 drives with up to 2.5TB in a 3U rack enclosure. In some configurations the subsystem is priced at just over $4/GB. Features include dual Fibre Channel host interfaces, up to 1GB of controller cache, support for RAID 5, full redundancy, and a 2Gbps host adapter card (sold separately for $499) from LSI Logic that enables connection to Apple's Xserver servers.

Three configurations are available. A low-end, $5,999 configuration includes dual RAID controllers with 128MB of cache each, dual Fibre Channel ports, four 180GB ATA/100 drives (720GB in a RAID-0 format), and 8MB of on-drive cache.

A high-end version, priced at $10,999, includes dual controllers and Fibre Channel ports, 14 180GB ATA/100 drives (2.52TB in RAID 0), and 8MB of on-drive cache. www.apple.com.

Zzyzx RAID supports 2Gbps Fibre Channel

Zzyzx Peripherals is shipping RAID arrays with end-to-end (host to disk) support for 2Gbps Fibre Channel. Four models in the RocketSTOR line are available, with capacities ranging from 500GB to 36TB. Maximum performance is spec'd at 760MBps and 100,00 I/Os per second. The arrays can be connected to eight direct-attached servers, or up to 128 SAN-attached hosts. www.zzyzx.com.

Vixel puts 20 ports on embedded switch chip

Vixel's 20-port SOC 320 InSpeed switch-on-a-chip is designed for OEMs and can be used in 16-drive JBOD storage arrays. Vendors such as Hewlett-Packard and Network Appliance have implemented Vixel's previous-generation chips in their disk arrays.

Features include trunking, inter-switch frame communications, and "fairness" technology that enables all disk drives to have equal access to the array controller. Embedded switch technology is designed to improve the performance, serviceability, reliability, and availability of disk arrays. www.vixel.com.

Rancho expands SCSI

Rancho Technology's RTLVD-HVDR4E is a 1U quad rack-mount SCSI expander with two internal blowers for cooling and a fan failure LED indicator. The device converts between low-voltage differential (LVD) and high-voltage differential (HVD) SCSI and includes a multimode feature that enables it to operate in either LVD or single-ended mode. The expander supports 16-bit arbitration, disconnect/reconnect, and multi-threaded SCSI applications. www.rancho.com.


ADIC launches iPlatform library

ADIC recently unveiled a new tape library architecture—the iPlatform—and the first library in that family, the Scalar i2000. What separates this library from others is its control mechanism, the amount of intelligence that has been embedded in the platform, and the fact that it was designed from the ground up to work in a SAN environment, according to Steve Whitner, director of marketing at ADIC.

Embedded functionality includes the ability to partition the library into as many as 16 logical libraries so that the system can support multiple applications in multiple departments, and the ability to mix media (LTO, SDLT, AIT) at the individual drive and magazine level. Initially, the library will support LTO, but support for SDLT and AIT-3 is expected later this year. ADIC says it has no immediate plans to support Super AIT but will watch that market closely.

Whitner says the company also beefed up the library's processing capabilities, which are distributed throughout the library. The processors are linked by a common communications module, which allows the library to gather various data about the backup operation and then perform trending analysis on this data. All modules share a single robotics mechanism.

The Scalar i2000 supports one to 48 drives and up to 1,395 SDLT, 1,674 LTO, or 2,232 AIT tape cartridges, for a total maximum native capacity of up to 335TB. Pricing starts at $79,000. www.adic.com.


FalconStor intros IPStor 4.0

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FalconStor's IPStor 4.0 features enhanced manageability and performance, real-time data migration and virus scanning, accelerated backup and recovery, and disaster-recovery capabilities.

For better manageability, IPStor includes hierarchical management, call-home support services, and a storage classification feature that ensures systems and applications are allocated storage per specified business requirements.

The software increases I/O performance by re-mapping the most frequently accessed data to higher-performance storage devices. IPStor 4.0 also uses software RAID and/or certified third-party RAID controllers for maximizing throughput and fault-tolerance.

IPStor 4.0 features a backup accelerator that lets third-party applications back up remote server disks over IP or Fibre Channel SANs. In addition, the software lets third-party applications transfer data to/from a disk-based virtual tape library. IPStor 4.0 is priced at $10,000 per Linux, and $20,000 per Solaris server.

PowerQuest automates software management

PowerQuest recently introduced V2i Builder software for automating and centralizing management of operating system deployments, migrations, and software distribution. V2i Builder manages the OS, applications, and systems environments of PCs. V2i features a management console, a deployment toolkit that leverages the Windows PE environment, and a migration option that lets IT administrators migrate systems, network and Windows settings, and other end-user data files. The software costs $399 (10 seats). www.powerquest.com/v2i/builder.

NuView upgrades file management software

Version 3.0 of NuView's StorageX software, which automates file management, features enhanced global namespace creation and management, adds multi-vendor NAS management, and supports Unix clients accessing files on Network Appliance filers. (Network Appliance resells a version of StorageX called Virtual File Manager.)

Global namespaces enable the creation of a common namespace for Unix and Windows users, which allows a single logical view of files. The multi-vendor NAS management addition encompasses Windows-based NAS servers, as well as NetApp NAS filers. The 3.0 version also provides transparent fail-over between heterogeneous storage devices, even if they are in different locations. www.nuview.com.

Storage Guardian: SRM for less money

Storage Guardian's StorGuard LAN Discovery Tool (LDT) is designed to help administrators expose inactive data and to reduce storage capacity requirements and backup windows. Differing from standard pricing structures in the SRM market, LDT is priced at $299 per assessment, or $2,000 for an annual license.

The software produces customized reports detailing information on file size and ownership, duplicated data, and modification statistics. Potential benefits include the ability to predict future data trends, reduce overall storage capacity requirements, identify space abuse, eliminate unnecessary data, and reduce management costs. www.storageguardian.com.

Peer Software provides 'fail-safe' data protection

Peer Software's PeerSync Pro 7.0 provides continuous "fail-safe" data protection in the event of system failures. The software's data-routing capability can be programmed to automatically adapt to situations that compromise data availability and consistency (e.g., down servers, locked or open files, out-of-sync mobile data, etc.). PeerSync Pro 7.0 facilitates one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one file replication, file synchronization, and file distribution and backup for Windows platforms and NAS devices. www.peersoftware.com.

This article was originally published on April 01, 2003