Plasmon, NetApp offer archiving platform

By Kevin Komiega

-- Optical archiving vendor Plasmon has joined forces with NetApp to deliver a new hybrid archiving system that combines NetApp’s disk storage for quick data recovery and Plasmon’s optical archiving platforms for long-term retention.

The NetArchive platform is an integrated archiving system that combines NetApp’s RAID arrays with Plasmon’s Archive Appliance and intelligent data management software to allow for the provisioning of data according to storage requirements.

NetArchive provides immediate access to data via RAID, with long-term, energy-efficient copies on the Archive Appliance. Data can be moved between the RAID array and the Archive Appliance via automated policy management software.

“We integrated NetApp technologies with Plasmon’s for an integrated solution for archiving. NetArchive features a single interface with automatic data management,” says Mike Koclanes, Plasmon’s chief strategy officer. “We handle and enforce policies while assuring users have a secondary copy of data for disaster recovery.”

Pricing for NetArchive has yet to be set, but Koclanes says it will be cost-effective from both an initial acquisition and total cost-of-ownership standpoint. “You can’t get any lower in cost than UDO technology,” he says.

 Plasmon’s Archive Appliance is a multi-tier optical archiving system designed for long-term storage of fixed content data. The system creates policies that automate the data management process and provides contextual indexing and search capabilities. The UDO-based Archive Appliance provides WORM media, in addition to transparent online and offline media management, with capacities ranging from 1TB to 76TB.

 The newest version of the appliance -- announced last month -- recognizes differences in service levels and can virtualize online and offline media management of data.

This article was originally published on June 30, 2008