Diligent extends virtual tape to open systems

By Lisa Coleman

Diligent Technologies is expanding its tape virtualization software beyond mainframes by allowing open systems backup applications to use disk instead of tape as a backup medium.

Last year, Diligent acquired EMC's Israel-based R&D facilities, including 65 employees and several technologies such as tape virtualization, data movement, and message queuing.

Last November, Diligent announced Virtual Tape Facility Mainframe (VTF Mainframe). (EMC resells the software under the brand name CopyCross.)

In April, Diligent introduced Virtual Tape Facility Open Systems (VTF Open) software, which offers the same capabilities as VTF Mainframe. The software is available through resellers and OEMs (although EMC does not resell this product).

VTF Open allows existing backup-and-recovery applications such as Atempo's Time Navigator, Legato's NetWorker, and Veritas' NetBackup to use disk as the primary backup media without changing any processes, enabling disk-to-disk backup and recovery, according to Mike Parise, vice president of sales and marketing at Diligent.

VTF Open software runs on Linux or Solaris servers and emulates traditional tape drives/libraries.
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VTF Open runs on Linux or Solaris servers, and emulates traditional tape drives/libraries while backing up to Fibre Channel-attached disk arrays. It can support up to 16 virtual tape libraries, or 64 virtual tape drives, per server.

Pricing ranges from $35,000 to $160,000, depending on the number of ports and license options.

This article was originally published on June 01, 2003