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Midrange NAS options expand

Several network-attached storage (NAS) vendors introduced new appliances over the last month. For example, Dell recently announced that its Windows-based PowerVault 725N now supports up to 1TB (via 250GB drives), with a starting price of $4,400 (less than one cent per MB in some configurations). Dell is also shipping NAS-optimized anti-virus software that can be integrated into PowerVault Web-based management tools. www.dell.com.

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Based on a Unix kernel, First Intelligent Array's (FIA) POPnetserver 8000 is a 2U NAS appliance that can store up to 2TB with eight hot-swappable disk drives, each with a dedicated 133MHz ATA controller. For higher availability and performance, the 8000 uses a triple-peer PCI-X/PCI (64-bit/32-bit) architecture with dual Xeon symmetrical multiprocessing, which the company claims can provide a bandwidth of up to 533MBps. The servers are available with up to 6GB of ECC RAM, include a 400MHz front-side bus, and are pre-configured for RAID 5. Users can also configure the appliances for RAID 0 or RAID 1.

FIA's POPfiler operating system software is based on Unix, which the company claims provides performance advantages over Windows-based NAS appliances. Software includes snapshots and replication.

Prices start at $7,999 for a 960GB version; $11,999 for 1.44TB; and $15,999 for 2TB. www.popnetserver.com.

InoStor's InteliNAS appliance is based on the company's RAIDn technology, which ensures against data loss from multiple, simultaneous disk failures while providing as much usable disk capacity as traditional RAID levels. The SCSI-based 2U appliances store 882GB (model 6000) or 1.3TB (model 9000), or up to 2.6TB with an expansion chassis. The unit is priced at less than $25 per GB.

InoStor was created by a merger of Tandberg Data and LAND-5. www.inostor.com.

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Snap Appliance recently debuted the Snap Server 4500 NAS appliance, which targets departmental file sharing. The 4500 is available in a 1U form factor and supports Active Directory, Unix NIS, SNMP, and either network or local backup with capacities up to 720GB. The 4500 is based on Snap's Linux-based Guardian operating system and includes snapshots and server-to-server synchronization software. The 480GB- and 720GB-capacity versions of the NAS device are priced at $4,295 and $5,795, respectively. www.snapappliance.com.

Chaparral extends RAID options

With capacities ranging from 144GB to 35TB, Chaparral Network Storage's RIVA RAID subsystem is a full Fibre Channel (host connections and disk drives) array with fully redundant, hot-swappable components and up to four 2Gbps Fibre Channel host connections. The company claims throughput rates of more than 670MBps in applications such as video streaming and geophysical image collection.

Software includes Chaparral's RAIDar Administrator Plus management suite for remote monitoring, configuration, and management; RAIDar Provisioning Services, which include provisioning, snapshot, and replication software; and RAIDar Access Manager software for Windows 2000/NT/XP volume sharing.

The RAID array is based on Chaparral's Liberty architecture, which uses a blade design.

Available from Chaparral's distributors, system integrators, and value-added resellers, the RIVA subsystem carries an MSRP of $48,788 for a 2.3TB configuration. www.chaparralnet.com.

LSI adapter supports Serial ATA

LSI Logic has added to its line of Serial ATA (SATA) products with a RAID adapter that includes battery backup support. The PCI-compatible card is part of LSI's MegaRAID family of products, which includes the MegaRAID SATA 150-2, MegaRAID SATA 150-4, and the new MegaRAID STA150-6. The high-end 150-6 supports a battery backup module via a mezzanine card. The backup module monitors the voltage level of the DRAM and supporting circuitry on the MegaRAID card. If the voltage drops below a pre-defined level, the battery backup module switches the memory power source from the MegaRAID card to the battery pack. www.lsilogic.com. (For more information on Serial ATA, see the Special Report, p. 16.)

Punch delivers encrypted storage appliances

Punch Networks is moving beyond its secure Web-based file storage with a family of stand-alone encrypted hardware and software storage appliances. The Punch Paris LM5 Server Package is a pre-configured system in an 8U form factor with 4GB of RAM and dual Intel Xeon processors. It also features a dual-channel SCSI controller, external SCSI connection, dual 10/100 Ethernet NICs, and six Ultra160 SCSI disk drives for more than 1TB of storage. A Paris LM5 server stack can also be used for application-level, in-band encrypted storage virtualization in front of heterogeneous storage, switches, servers, and management software.

The other two Punch Paris products include the LM4 and LM3 for mid-sized and small businesses, respectively. The LM4 includes dual Pentium III processors (1.1GHz), 2GB of RAM, a dual-channel SCSI controller, dual 10/100 Ethernet NICs, and six Ultra160 SCSI drives for 882GB of capacity in a 4U form factor. The LM3 also comes in a 4U form factor with dual Pentium IIIs (800MHz), 1GB of RAM, dual 10/100 Ethernet NICs, and five Ultra ATA/100 drives for up to 300GB of capacity. All of the servers feature Punch's application-level storage virtualization software. www.punchnetworks.com.

iQstor bundles software with FC arrays

iQstor's Fibre Channel RAID arrays are available with a wide range of software applications, including storage virtualization, snapshots, mirroring, remote replication, and policy-based storage provisioning. The iQ1000 arrays include 15 drives in a 3U rack-mount package that scales up to 17.5TB. The systems support four host connections and two 2Gbps FC-AL loops and have redundant components. Available through iQstor's resellers, the iQ1000 is priced from $25,200. www.iqstor.com.

BERT tester supports 10Gbps rates

Finisar's Xgig bit-error rate tester (BERT) supports 10Gbps Ethernet or Fibre Channel rates and verifies data integrity and performance in networks, DWDM MAN rings, and transport channels. The unit combines bit-error rate testing, eye pattern signal synchronization, and pattern generation for physical-layer testing. The tester is designed primarily for component manufacturers. www.finisar.com.


Dantz upgrades backup/recovery software

Last month, Dantz Development Corp. announced the availability of its Retrospect 6.5 for Microsoft Windows. The new release features backup-and-recovery support for large, multi-drive libraries, improved performance, and support for Exchange Server and SQL Server.

Release 6.5 supports libraries with up to 500 slots and eight tape drives, as well as multiple concurrent backup operations to multiple tapes or disks. A new interface allows users to perform tasks while Retrospect is running for improved productivity.

The software is available in four editions: Retrospect Multi Server ($1,099), Single Server ($699), Small Business Server ($749), and Professional ($129). Various add-ons (e.g., open file backup, disaster recovery, SQL Server Agent, Exchange Server Agent, etc.) are priced from $599. www.dantz.com.

Atempo enhances backup software

The 3.7 release of Atempo's Time Navigator software includes expanded NAS and storage area network (SAN) functions, advanced backup-to-disk capabilities, and new applications support.

Specific features include a centralized SAN administration interface for managing backup in a remote or local SAN environment; dynamic library sharing capabilities, which allow users to share tape drives within libraries on a SAN; centralized administration for configuring and managing a large number of servers in backup-and-recovery operations; and support for IBM DB2, Teradata, and Microsoft SharePoint Portal.

The release also supports disk-based backup systems such as Quantum's DX30, Network Appliance's NearStore, and StorageTek's BladeStor. It supports all major Unix, Windows, and Linux platforms. Pricing for Time Navigator 3.7-Enterprise Edition starts at $4,600. www.atempo.com.

Northern adds to SRM suite

Northern's latest storage resource management (SRM) suite includes its Quota Server 2003 and a storage reporter tool.

With Quota Server, storage quotas can be set on objects such as directories, files, and individual users/accounts. File-blocking quotas can also be enabled.

The module supports Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Quotas and includes a wizard-based feature for developing and implementing storage policies. It also offers a central database and built-in chargeback.

The storage reporter module enables reporting from a Web interface and lets users view folder statistics, including moves, deletions, and inquiries for more disk capacity.

The complete suite costs $3,195 per host. Individual modules are priced from $995 per host. www.northern.net.

1Vision aggregates NAS devices

1Vision recently introduced its vNAS storage management software, which aggregates NAS devices at the file level.

Unlike block virtualization, which aggregates block storage over a SAN, vNAS is based on file aggregation. It merges file systems from multiple NAS devices into a single file system. Once aggregated, the multiple NAS devices appear to users and administrators as one large storage device on a LAN, allowing for easier management and more-efficient use of NAS resources.

vNAS incorporates 1Vision's Persistent File System technology, which provides a single, consistent point of access to all files, regardless of their location. File-level aggregation creates a single name space across multiple physical storage devices, which allows the storage on these devices to behave like a single device.

The software is designed for use with Windows-based NAS devices and can be used to aggregate an unlimited amount of storage across an unlimited number of NAS devices.

It stores all aggregated file-server data in the native Microsoft file system and maintains existing data protection and security services. The software is priced at $700 per NAS device. www.1vision.com.


ADIC scales tape libraries

ADIC last month unveiled a "dual-aisle" version of its Scalar 10K tape library. The library boasts a 45% increase in native capacity (up to 2,294TB) over previous Scalar 10K models, and continual access to data during service operations or system or power-fault conditions.

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The dual-aisle Scalar 10K features rows of high-capacity rotating storage towers, which are mounted on either side of two redundant robotics systems (served by ..separate control systems). This architecture allows for high capacity and ensures uninterrupted data access to commonly accessed tapes through normal operations and servicing.

The library also features redundant AC and DC power systems, hot-swappable tape drives, Fibre Channel connectivity, controller-based path management, proactive data-path readiness checks, integrated security options, and drive performance optimization.

It supports up to 624 LTO, Super DLTtape, 3590, or AIT tape drives in single- or mixed-media configurations. The library is priced from $306,000. www.adic.com.

Sony debuts AIT autoloaders

Sony is shipping a new line of AIT-based tape autoloaders designed for small businesses. The StorStation LIB-D81 autoloaders can be equipped with a single AIT-1, AIT-2, or AIT-3 drive, and up to eight cartridges for native capacities up to 800GB and native throughput up to 12MBps (with AIT-3 drives).

To support the transition from DDS to AIT tape technology, Sony includes a copy of NovaStor's TapeCopy v2.0 Library Edition tape conversion and duplication software with the autoloader. The software allows users to transfer data from any tape format to AIT, using standard backup applications.

The autoloaders are slightly larger than a stand-alone AIT drive, which means they can be placed on a desktop or server. Connectivity is via an Ultra SCSI port. Pricing ranges from $2,900 for an AIT-1 model to $5,600 for an AIT-3 unit. www.sony.com/news or www.storagebysony.com.


Kano intros 200-disc DVD+RW library

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Kano Technologies' X-Finiti Model RW200 is a 200-disc, rack-mountable DVD+RW library that features two to four Kano DVD+RW drives mounted in a BA-200 library system from Kubota. The 200-disc ..configuration provides 940GB of capacity, and its robotic disc changer is compatible with future double-sided DVD+RW media for 2TB of storage. The X-Finiti comes in a 7U chassis and includes a SCSI-2 interface. Up to three libraries can be daisy-chained together. Starting price is $8,900. www.kanotechnologies.com.

This article was originally published on June 01, 2003