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RAID recap

StorageTek introduced a new member in its D-series line of disk subsystems. Designed for workgroups, the D220 uses 2Gbps Fibre Channel technology, scales from 730GB to 6.1TB, and comes with software that can be used with STK's high-end D-series arrays. www.storagetek.com.

Western Digital and Promise Technology have teamed to offer system builders bundled WD Raptor hard drives and selected Promise FastTrask controller cards. The bundle includes four 10,000rpm Serial ATA hard drives and a 4-port Promise FastTrak S150 controller card that supports RAID-0, 1, and 0+1. www.wd.com and www.promise.com.

3ware recently introduced its second-generation Serial ATA RAID controllers (the Escalade 8506 series) and sixth-generation Parallel ATA RAID controllers (Escalade 7506 series). Both are based on 3ware's StorSwitch non-blocking switching technology and include support for the 64-bit/66MHz PCI bus, 4/8/12-port configurations, and multiple RAID levels. www.3ware.com.

Arco Data Protection Systems' EzRAID disk array does not require a keyboard or monitor, and operates without IRQs, device drivers, or any other software, making it compatible with any platform or operating system. All RAID functions are controlled by two pushbuttons on the front of the device. EzRAID is based on Arco's DupliDisk mirroring technology. www.duplidisk.com.

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Arena Maxtronic's Premium Series RAID systems include dual PCI chipsets, 12 or 16 disk drive trays, an Intel i80303 CPU, Ultra160 LVD SCSI host buses, and up to 512MB of cache memory. The company's Global-Net software allows users to set up RAID configurations and provides status monitoring and detection of hardware failures via Ethernet connections. The RAID arrays can be monitored via Web browsers. www.maxtronic.com.

Available only in a JBOD configuration, Dynamic Network Factory's Taskmaster 4160 array includes EIDE disk drives and data rates up to 160MBps via an Ultra160 LVD SCSI-2 host interface. Users can daisy-chain as many as seven of the 1U arrays for up to 7TB of capacity. www.stor ageexpert.com.

Kano Technologies has added a FireWire connection to its SureVault 800 RAID-5 desktop storage system. The SureVault 800 is hot-pluggable and is recognized by Mac OS X and Windows XP without additional software. The portable system stripes data to three IDE drives simultaneously. Capacities range from 360GB to 850GB. Pricing starts at $2,199 for a 360GB version. www.kanotech nologies.com.

Designed to double the length of SCSI cables, Rancho Technologies' Ultra320 SCSI External Expanders can also be used to connect Ultra320 LVD SCSI devices to older HVD SCSI-based servers. The multimode expanders can operate in either LVD or single-ended mode and can automatically detect which type of interface is connected. In single-ended mode, maximum cable length is 40 meters. www.rancho.com.

Texas Memory Systems claims that its RamSan-320 solid-state disk (SSD) device can boost application performance by as much as 25x over standard RAID arrays, assuming 250,000 I/Os per second and 3,000MBps. Based on SDRAM technology, the SSD includes a three-disk RAID backup system (compared to one for most SSD devices) and other reliability features such as internal batteries, component redundancy, and hot-swappability. Capacity ranges up to 64GB in a 3U rack-mount enclosure. www.texmemsys.com.

NAS for SMBs

Tritton Technologies' Advanced Server Appliance Product (ASAP) combines 120GB of network-attached storage (NAS), VPN, firewall, router, and a 4-port switch. Designed for the small-to-medium business (SMB) market, the array supports Microsoft, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh platforms and includes four Ethernet ports, dynamic DNS, and a virtual server to protect Website hosting. Pricing starts at $399. www.trittonsales.com.

IntraDyn intros archive appliance

IntraDyn's RocketVault is an archiving and e-vaulting system that features Server Managed Vaulting (SMV) technology for on-site and off-site data protection, including backup, archiving, and vaulting. SMV streamlines archiving processes by integrating high-speed backup automation, providing near-line disk-based archiving as well as off-site electronic vault (e-vault) options.

RocketVault has two off-site options: RemoteVault and SyncDR. Remote Vault compresses and encrypts data near-line, and SyncDR performs block-level replication over an encrypted connection to an off-site location.

Prices start at $1,495 for a configuration with 240GB of local archive capacity. Other models are available with up to 640GB. RocketVault.net SMV service is available from $49 per month (for 5GB of off-site storage). Managed service, tape copy and transport, mirror redundancy, and other services are available from IntraDyn's partners. www.intradyn.com.

Hitachi ships 250GB ATA/SATA drive

Hitachi Global Storage's Deskstar 7K disk drives are available in either Parallel or Serial ATA versions. The 3.5-inch drives have 80GB+ per platter, up to 250GB of total capacity, a rotation rate of 7,200rpm, and 2MB or 8MB buffers. Other features include an average latency of 4.17ms, and one to three platters. www.global.hitachi.com.


Start-up ships tape systems for eServers

Recently formed GST Inc. is coming out of the gates with 10 tape systems for the IBM eServer family (iSeries, pSeries, xSeries), ranging from stand-alone drives to large libraries. The units support LTO, AIT, and SLR tape formats and are available with Fibre Channel or LVD/HVD SCSI interfaces. A Virtual Library Partitioning feature allows one tape library to support as many as 16 servers for backup consolidation.

GST's lineup starts with a $1,950 internal AIT tape drive for iSeries platforms that scales from 70GB to 200GB. At the high-end, the tape libraries scale from 6TB ($21,450) to an eight-module configuration ($324,000) with 96TB. Transfer speeds range from 28GB per hour on the internal drive to 4TB per hour on the high-end libraries. www.gstinc.com.


JNI improves Solaris drivers

JNI claims that the 5.3 version of its Solaris driver (for the company's 2Gbps Fibre Channel host bus adapters) is the only driver that does not require the server to be rebooted for dynamic target and LUN re-configuration, driver parameter updates, or unloading/re-loading of drivers. In addition to JNI's HBAs, the drivers can be used with the company's EZ-Fibre configuration utilities. The driver can be downloaded at www.jni.com at no charge.

Unitrends bridges backup gap

Secure Data Sync software from Unitrends allows users to create a synthetic master backup of remote data. The software captures incremental data locally and then synchronizes the data at the block level. This allows enterprises to replicate complete sites for disaster protection. The software works with Unitrends' Data Protection Units as part of an overall data-protection system.

The units provide local disk-based and tape-based backup, restore, and bare-metal snapshot capabilities. Priced from $5,000, Secure Data Sync is platform-independent and provides server-free replication. www.unitrends.com.

UltraBac upgrades backup software

UltraBac Software recently released version 7.1 of its backup-and-recovery software. In addition to support for Windows 2003 Server, UltraBac 7.1 includes an updated agent for backup and restore of Unix platforms, as well as remote backup capabilities for Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD platforms. File-system enumeration has also been streamlined to improve backup speeds. Other enhancements include an Auto Update feature, improved scheduling views, support for USB and FireWire tape drives, and improved restore index processing to speed recovery time. Pricing starts at $495 per server. www.ultrabac.com.

Host Interface updates backup software

Host Interface International's Double Image 5.0 software can be used across local or remote networks with an unlimited number of Windows workstations/ servers. Full or incremental backups can be performed using an Explorer-style interface. New features include support for a variety of media, backup-and-restore profiles, multi-threading, a log interface, a history of previous backup-and-restore sessions, and reporting output options and viewing features. The software is priced at $59.95. www.hostinterface.com.

HSM for the iSeries

LXI has released a new version of its MMS/hsm hierarchical storage management (HSM) software for IBM's iSeries platforms. Release 5.1.0 features advanced disk-space reclamation forecasting (which improves the ability to predict storage needs), proactive problem identification, migration and archive processes and procedures. The software also features improved compatibility with storage resource management (SRM) software. www.lxicorp.com.

KOM automates storage management

Version 2.1 of KOM Networks' KOMworx life-cycle management software provides data protection that enables hard disk volumes, folders, or files to be archived online instantly so that they are unalterable. The software also improves application responsiveness and file I/O throughput by accelerating Windows NTFS performance. The software is device-independent and can be used in DAS, SAN, and NAS environments. Support for write-once read-many (WORM) optical storage devices allows companies to comply with SEC archiving regulations. www.komnetworks.com.

HSM for the iSeries

LXI has released a new version of its MMS/hsm hierarchical storage management (HSM) software for IBM's iSeries platforms. Release 5.1.0 features advanced disk-space reclamation forecasting (which improves the ability to predict storage needs), proactive problem identification, migration and archive processes and procedures, and improved compatibility with storage resource management (SRM) software. www.lxicorp.com.

Software recovers Outlook e-mails

BVG Group recently announced the release of OE-Mail Recovery for Windows platforms, a tool for recovering lost e-mails from damaged Outlook Express d-base files. It fixes damaged dbx files and lets users export the e-mails in eml format, which can be opened by Outlook Express. Users can then view the recovered e-mails and store or move them in appropriate folders. The software is priced at $45 and supports Microsoft Outlook Express 5/6. www.oemailrecovery.com.

hyperI/O monitoring tool supports WMI

hyperI/O's hIOmon 3.0 file I/O performance monitoring tool now supports Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). The software measures and monitors disk I/O operations at the file level so that files can be appropriately placed in a storage hierarchy (DAS, NAS, SAN). A lightweight monitoring agent, coupled with a summary capability, allows data to be collected in real time. Priced from $140, the software is based on the CIM and WBEM standards. www.hyperIO.com.

This article was originally published on August 01, 2003