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Start-up debuts 'instant-DR' software

Seattle-based Zetta Systems last month announced the release of its Zetta Server 2.8 disaster-recovery software. The software, which has been available for download since March, creates custom storage appliances that allow users to make unlimited, instantaneous point-in-time copies, or snapshots, of data with minimal (1KB) disk overhead. Snapshots can be made as frequently as every minute.

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Other features include ZSnap, which allows users to identify data that does not require snapshots, as well as to take an unlimited number of lightweight, frequent snapshots; ZDitto, which enables users to create replicated copies of data for off-site data protection; support for advanced security, including ACLs; SNMP monitoring; Advanced Volume Manager, which can be used to configure RAID volumes; a Web interface; and an SSH interface for command line access.

Zetta Server 2.8 supports ATA, Serial ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel disk arrays; and Unix, Windows, and Mac OSx clients. It is integrated with Active Directory and NT4 domains. Version 3.0, which is due by year-end, will include support for Exchange, Oracle, and SQL Server and will support both file-level and block-based storage and enable users to dynamically provision and replicate data (see figure).

An SMB server license, which supports Windows only, is priced at $500 or $1,000, depending on the number of snapshots required (128 or 256). An enterprise license ($5,000 to $10,000) supports Windows, Mac OSx, or Unix platforms; includes advanced volume management capabilities; and supports 512 to an unlimited number of snapshots. www.zettasystems.com.

Quantum expands DX series

This month, Quantum began shipping the DX100, a backup/recovery appliance that can scale from 8TB to 64TB. The company claims throughput of up to 2 TB/hr. This compares to Quantum's DX30, which tops out at 12.4TB (with an expansion module) and 80MBps throughput.

The DX100 has a controller for data management with multiple disk arrays and a variety of high-availability features, including redundant hot-swap fans, power supplies, dual Fibre Channel ports, and RAID. Software management features include support for SNMP, performance monitoring, and remote replication. Quantum plans to add data compression (currently available with the DX30) to the DX100. www.quantum.com.

ADIC suite supports ATA disk

Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) last month announced the 2.2 version of its StorNext Management Suite (SNMS). The new release enables administrators to add ATA-based disk arrays as another storage tier, between "enterprise" disk arrays and tape libraries.

With SNMS, users define data management policies that place newly created data on appropriate disk types and automatically move data between enterprise disk systems, low-cost ATA arrays, and tape devices based on quality of service, access time, and protection requirements.

The new release supports AIX, SuSE Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 2003, as well as AIT WORM (write once, read many) tape technology, StorageTek 9940B tape drives, and ADIC's Scalar i2000 tape libraries. www.adic.com.

Sony ships backup/recovery bundled system

Sony this month began shipping a bundled system that virtualizes diverse storage systems into storage pools to simplify management and optimize the use of storage space. The StorStation Data Backup and Recovery system includes a Sony FSV-M5 StorStation server, AIT tape library, and BakBone's NetVault 7.0 backup software with Application Plugin Modules.

Features include the ability to monitor backup jobs and media usage; perform load balancing across the network; create block-by-block disaster-recovery images without re-installing operating systems; and do file-system replication to tape at local or remote locations. Users can also consolidate multiple incremental backups with the last full backup.

The system works with Windows and Linux platforms. NetVault 7.0 supports all NDMP functions, including shared drives and LAN-free backup. The bundled system is available from Sony's distributors, resellers, VARs, and integrator partners at a starting price of $20,000.

Separately, Sony announced that it has teamed with Computer Associates to offer a new backup bundle for mobile users, called StorageStation Laptop Data Protection (LDP). The system combines Sony's FSV-5 server with CA's BrightStor Mobile Backup software. The LDP system automatically detects Windows systems and performs backup tasks based on user-defined parameters (e.g., time schedules and folders). Priced at $10,000, it protects active and inactive files and comes with a variety of pre-defined backup templates. www.storagebysony.com.

Iomega bundles NAS backup systems

Iomega's NAS backup systems provide network-attached storage (NAS) servers that sit between host servers and tape archiving devices, providing backup, recovery, and archiving. The NAS server is based on Windows and scales up to 1.28TB. Included in the bundle are Iomega tape devices and backup/restore software from either Computer Associates (BrightStor ARCserve 9.0) or Yosemite Technologies (TapeWare 7.0).

The NAS Backup 320m model, priced at $6,999, has 320GB, an Iomega Tape 640VS device, and Yosemite's TapeWare software. The model 640m configuration, priced at $12,999, has 640GB, an Iomega Tape 1600LTO unit, and CA software. The 1280m configuration includes an Iomega P800m NAS server with 960GB, a 6400LTO tape unit, and CA software. www.iomega.com.


Certance introduces DAT 72 drive

Certance last month began shipping a 1U-high rack-mount blade equipped with new DAT 72 drives. The blade can hold up to two drives for up to 144GB of compressed capacity and a maximum compressed throughput of 50GB per hour. The device also incorporates Certance's TapeShield and SmartShield technology, which improve drive reliability by minimizing tape-drive contamination. The drives are backward-compatible with DDS-3 and DDS-4 tapes. Pricing starts at $1,499. www.certance.com.

Quantum library packs 3,500 slots

This month, Quantum began shipping its fifth-generation enterprise library platform—the PX720. The library can scale to more than 3,500 slots and up to 100 drives using Quantum's CrossLink technology. Other features include active-passive power fans, seven connectivity options, and the ability to add both capacity and performance on-demand. A 190-slot, 2-drive library is priced at about $93,000, which includes installation services and one year of on-site service. www.quantum.com.


JNI targets Windows HBA market

Fresh off its acquisition by Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC), JNI has launched Windows-compatible, 2Gbps Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs). Priced at less than $800 per port, the single-port Z210 and dual-port Z220 HBAs are compatible with the 64-bit PCI-X bus and are part of JNI's ZStar series of HBAs. The adapters are backward-compatible with 1Gbps Fibre Channel devices and the 32-bit PCI bus.

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The HBAs come with a performance-tuning feature that allows storage area network (SAN) administrators to select from a list of server application environments, including streaming (medium to large block sizes with sustained I/O rates), transactional (smaller blocks with variable I/O rates), or a mode that minimizes CPU utilization. Software includes the company's EZ Fibre software and no-reboot drivers. www.jni.com.

Western Digital doubles SATA drive capacity

Next month, Western Digital will begin shipping its next-generation Raptor Serial ATA drive—a 74GB device that doubles its previous Raptor drive capacity. The drive features command queuing to optimize host-to-drive data transfers. Western Digital also added rotary accelerometer feed forward (RAFF) technology to maintain drive performance in high-vibration environments through adaptive compensation of the servo system. RAFF improves rotary vibration by more than 30%, according to Steve Wilkins, Western Digital's director of marketing for enterprise products. www.westerndigital.com.

LSI enhances Ultra320 SCSI adapters

Designed for distributors and resellers, LSI Logic's single-channel and dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI adapters are now available with 42-inch, 5-drive SCSI cables from Tripp Lite. Five-drive connectors enable integrators and users to maximize the speed of the Ultra320 SCSI bus. The adapters are available in RAID and non-RAID versions. LSI's distributors include Arrow, Avnet, Ingram Micro, and Tech Data. www.lsilogic.com.

Infortrend debuts ATA RAID array

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Infortrend's 3U, 16-bay EonStor RAID subsystem uses Serial ATA disk drives and comes with two host connections (either 2Gbps Fibre Channel or Ultra160 SCSI), up to 4TB of capacity (with 250GB drives), Infortrend controllers (one or two, with up to 1GB of cache per controller), a PowerPC 750Cxe RISC processor, support for up to 1,024 LUNs, and a cable-less design. In addition to Serial ATA drives, the EonStor array can be configured with Parallel ATA drives. www.infortrend.com.

AC&NC array supports SATA

Advanced Computer & Network Corp.'s 16-bay JetStor III is a RAID array based on Serial ATA disk drives. The subsystem includes a 64-bit RISC processor, a cable-less backplane, dual host connections (160MBps Ultra3 SCSI), and capacities up to 4TB in a 3U enclosure. SATA drives are available in a range of capacities, from 36GB (10,000rpm) to 250GB (7,200rpm). The controller supports RAID 0, 0+1, 1, 3, and 5 and comes with up to 512MB of cache. www.acnc.com.

Nexsan adds dual controllers

Nexsan Technologies has added a dual-controller version to its line of InfiniSAN ATAboy2 disk arrays. Two types of controllers are available: 2Gbps Fibre Channel and Ultra160 SCSI. Two 1.75TB RAID sets can be mounted in 3U of rack space, providing 3.5TB supporting up to 32 LUNs per controller. The price is about half a cent per megabyte. www.nexsan.com.

Atto ships 2Gbps FC-SCSI bridge

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Atto Technology's FibreBridge 2350C is a Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridge that includes one Fibre Channel host interface port and two Ultra3 SCSI drive ports in a cPCI form factor. Event logging provides real-time data/time stamping to aid in error diagnosis. The event log is battery-backed, allowing for information to be stored securely for up to 30 days in the event of a system power failure. The bridges can be managed via Atto's ExpressNAV management console. www.attotech.com.


CommVault enhances QiNetix

Continuing on its course to develop a fully integrated data management suite, CommVault this month began shipping its QiNetix 5.0 software. Among the enhancements to the suite are expanded operating system support (including Irix and MacOSx) and MediaAgent support (Linux RH AS 2.1, Solaris 9, AIX 5.2, NetWare 6.5); a feature pack that includes multiplexing, media management, encryption, client migration, and image backup for Windows; a recovery manager; separate data migration and archiving products; and QuickRecovery support for Oracle databases and Solaris file systems.

The recovery manager, or "zero-impact protection agent," combines various processes such as snapshots, quick recovery, image backup, and replication into a single recovery product. Users set recovery time objectives and choose which processes will be used to meet these requirements. DataMigrator is used to manage the "live" data environment (among primary, secondary, and tape storage resources). DataArchiver can be used for archiving and meeting regulatory compliance guidelines. www.commvault.com.

FalconStor intros IPStor 4.0

FalconStor has added advanced replication services and other new functions in the 4.0 version of its IPStor software. The package uses compression, encryption, and auto-resume capabilities to optimize network bandwidth and ensure security for replicating SAN and NAS resources over MANs and WANs. Other new features include bare-metal recovery, message recovery for Microsoft Exchange, and a backup accelerator for third-party software for backing up remote server disks over IP or Fibre Channel SANs.

IPStor 4.0 also includes virtual tape library functionality, enhanced RAID support, real-time data migration, and real-time virus scanning. "Hotzone" technology increases I/O performance by transparently re-mapping the most frequently accessed data to higher-performance storage devices such as solid-state disks. www.falconstor.com.

Vision launches multi- platform replication

Vision Solutions' Orion software provides replication and server and application fail-over for IBM iSeries platforms, Windows 2000, and Linux. Database support includes Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2/400, and UDB.

The high-availability software is based on a Java/XML component architecture. www.visionsolutions.com.

Executive Software adds user interface

Executive Software added a new user interface in the 8.0 version of its Diskeeper disk defragmentation software. The software also includes a faster defragmentation engine, support for Active Directory and logical groups, and a performance index that shows how much performance can be gained by defragging. The software is also available with an alert system that notifies administrators when critical system problems related to fragmentation and low disk space occur. www.execsoft.com.

This article was originally published on October 01, 2003