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Snap offers ITB NAS expansion

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Snap Appliance is shipping Snap Disk 10, a 1TB rack-mountable storage expansion array in a 1U form factor for its Snap Server 4500 network-attached storage (NAS) appliance. The expansion array is not a stand-alone NAS device; it connects via a single interface to the 4500 and contains four hot-swappable ATA drives and one power connector. To use the Snap Disk 10 expansion array, users must have a controller card installed in the 4500. Up to two Snap Disk 10 arrays can be added for a total of 3TB of capacity. Each Snap Disk 10 is pre-configured in RAID 5 and can be reconfigured using a Web browser to access the host 4500's management console. The Snap Disk 10 in a 1TB configuration is priced at $3,995. www.snapappliance.com.

HP introduces Windows-based NAS

Hewlett-Packard recently introduced StorageWorks 9000s, 4000s, and 1200s NAS devices based on Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2003. The 9000s combines NAS and storage area network (SAN) functionality via connectivity to HP's Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) arrays and offers multi-protocol file serving, eight-way cluster support, host-based replication, and a four-way Intel Xeon-based architecture. The 4000s is an entry-level NAS/SAN device that can connect to HP's Modular Storage Array (MSA) 1000, a two-way Xeon system. The system scales up to 48TB. The 1200s is an entry-level NAS filer that features multi-protocol support, hot-plug ATA disk drives, host-based replication, and fixed capacity points of 320GB, 640GB, and 1TB. Pricing for the 9000s, 4000s, and 1200s is $35,000, $9,000, and $3,000, respectively. www.hp.com/go/storage.

Diligent enhances virtual tape storage

Diligent has enhanced its Virtual Tape Facility (VTF) Open and VTF Mainframe software. VTF Open now provides 2:1 compression so that users can double the capacity of storage connected to a VTF Open server. The software resides on Linux or Solaris servers and emulates a tape library unit. VTF Mainframe has been upgraded with a parallel access tape feature that enables concurrent multiple, yet independent, data access to a single tape volume on disk. This allows tape to be "shared" and used simultaneously among users. Another new feature is a "virtual tape analyzer" that automatically helps users manage their information life cycle by analyzing data usage levels over time during the backup process. www.diligent.com.

RAID arrays from Atto, Winchester

Atto Technology has added a number of features to its Diamond Storage Array line of RAID subsystems, including:

  • Up to 256MB of ECC DRAM for increased reliability;
  • A simplified ExpressNAV GUI; and
  • Hot-spare disk drives that can be used in RAID 1, 5, or 10 configurations.

The arrays are available with up to 7.2TB in a 3U form factor. www.attotech.com.

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Positioned as a low-cost alternative to SANs, Winchester Systems' "SAN-in-a-box" systems are based on the company's FlashDisk arrays. The subsystems have up to 12 host ports (SCSI or Fibre Channel) and include partitioning software (for assigning specific volumes to specific hosts) and management software.

Capacity ranges from 5.75TB (on a configuration with two SCSI and two Fibre Channel host connections) to 32TB (on a Fibre Channel configuration with eight host connections). Models come with single or dual controllers. SCSI and Fibre Channel versions are priced from $14,995 and $19,995, respectively. www.winsys.com.

Arco releases mirroring option

Arco Data Protection Systems recently released DupliDisk3 with EzMIRROR for data mirroring. DupliDisk writes data to both a primary hard drive and to a mirror drive simultaneously. Each time a change is made to the primary drive, the same action occurs automatically on the mirror drive so that both drives are exact duplicates at all times. If one drive fails, the software sounds an alarm and automatically switches all operations to the remaining drive. DupliDisk3 requires no device drivers, interrupts, IRQs, or system memory. www.duplidisk.com.


Exabyte debuts VXA-2 autoloader

Exabyte's VXA-2 PacketLoader is a 1U tape autoloader with up to 1.6TB of compressed capacity and a 43.2GB-per-hour compressed transfer rate. Other features include a bar-code reader, remote management, and field-replaceable tape drives. Pricing starts at $2,500. www.exabyte.com.

Gateway ships DAT72 drives/autoloaders

Continuing its push into the storage market, Gateway has introduced an internal DAT72 drive ($899), an internal autoloader ($1,499), and an external 2U autoloader ($2,499 with six cartridges). DAT72 provides a 25% performance improvement and a 2x capacity gain over DDS4 DAT drives.

The model 810 external autoloader holds up to 432GB of compressed data, or 864GB in a dual configuration. (A second autoloader is priced at $1,499.)

The internal drives are designed for Gateway servers. www.gateway.com.


NuView extends data life-cycle management

NuView's File Lifecycle Manager (FLM) is policy-based data management software for automating file movement between primary and secondary storage. FLM moves files based on their attributes and access patterns, while maintaining user access to the moved files.

It allows administrators to analyze, classify, move, and organize data using policies. FLM works with Windows 2000/2003 and requires that primary storage be a Network Appliance filer running Data OnTap 6.4.1 or later versions. However, the secondary storage can be any CIFS-accessible storage such as Network Appliance's NearStore or Windows servers. Prices range from $10,000 to $25,000, depending on the amount of storage being managed. www.nuview.com.

Tek-Tools enhances SRM NAS support

Tek-Tools' Storage Profiler 3.0 storage resource management (SRM) software supports any NAS device and has added support for Veritas Backup Exec, Windows XP/2003, and Network Appliance's Vfiler and NetCache.

Other new features include storage unit mapping for Legato NetWorker, generic trap forwarding, analysis of Vfiler and NetCache, Windows event log monitoring, and other file-system improvements. www.tek-tools.com.

Princeton adds active archiving for Oracle

Princeton Softech recently released its Archive for Servers Oracle Applications Edition for "active archiving" in Oracle E-Business Suite environments. Inactive data can be archived based on user-specified parameters. The software provides transparent access to archived data using Oracle forms and reports. Users can access archived data and production data at the same time. www.princetonsoftech.com.

E-mail recovery software for Exchange

Kroll Ontrack has released the 2.0 version of its PowerControls mailbox recovery software, which restores individual mailboxes, messages, folders, attachments, etc., for Microsoft Exchange Server database (.EDB) files. PowerControls 2.0 includes enhanced search capabilities, support for Exchange log files, and new ExtractWizard agents. ExtractWizard allows users to restore an online backup to any alternate location that is not an Exchange server, saving restore time. Pricing starts at $950 for 100 mailboxes. www.ontrack.com.

LiveVault supports Exchange

LiveVault recently launched Version 4 of its online backup-and-recovery service, which provides data protection and recovery for Exchange environments. LiveVault 4 also doubles NAS-based restore performance and optimizes network-based performance, according to company claims. LiveVault added support for Windows Server 2003. LiveVault automatically and continuously backs up server data via a secure Internet connection for storage off-site at an Iron Mountain data center. It is priced on a per-server basis. www.livevault.com.

This article was originally published on November 01, 2003