BakBone ships data recovery products for Windows

By Kevin Komiega

-- BakBone Software is now shipping NetVault: FASTRecover, a new disk-based, real-time data protection product for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Windows File Servers.

BakBone's aim is to eliminate backup windows and associated down time and speed the time to recovery at a lower cost than traditional, enterprise-focused data protection products.

Despite the company's heritage as a Linux-based backup vendor, Matt Law, BakBone's product marketing manager, says the FASTRecover pre-configured hardware appliances provide hands-off data protection for Windows systems for customers not familiar with Linux.

"FASTRecover protects Windows applications and servers, but it runs on a Linux box. The appliance version will appeal to people without Linux expertise because it integrates with existing third-party tape backup applications," says Law.

FASTRecover users can recover protected data to an alternate physical server or virtual machine in as fast as 30 seconds using BakBone's Virtual On-Demand Recovery (VODR) technology. Recovered data is useable by the application on first recovery, eliminating wasted time and multiple recovery attempts, according to Law.

BakBone is offering FASTRecover in several flavors to target various use cases in small and medium enterprise environments. NetVault: FASTRecover is available now in software-only versions, including WorkGroup, DataCenter and Enterprise editions, which range in price from $2,995 for 512GB of protected capacity on three Exchange, SQL or Windows servers up to $19,995 for the 2.5TB Enterprise Edition. The high-end product is upgradeable to 20TB.

The hardware-based NetVault: FASTRecover 2000, 5000 and 10000 appliances will be available in July.

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This article was originally published on June 04, 2009