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McData tackles BC/DR with iSCSI/iFCP

The first product to result from its acquisition of Nishan Systems, McData's Eclipse 1620 provides long-distance connectivity via the iSCSI and/or iFCP protocols. Targeted applications include business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as replication, storage consolidation, and interconnection of geographically distributed storage area networks (SANs).

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The Eclipse is a 4-port switch that, in addition to iSCSI and iFCP, supports Fibre Channel. The typical configuration is two Fibre Channel ports and two Gigabit Ethernet (iSCSI or iFCP) ports. In addition to long-distance storage applications, the switch can be used in local SAN environments as an iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel gateway. The primary competitor is Cisco, with its 5420 and 5428 storage routers.

End-user pricing for the Eclipse 1620 will be determined by McData's resellers and OEMs, but is expected to start at approximately $15,000, depending on the protocol mix. The Eclipse 1620 supports 35 servers, so the switch is priced at $430 on a server-per-port basis. www.mcdata.com.

QLogic simplifies SANs

In an attempt to lower the cost and complexity associated with Fibre Channel SANs, QLogic recently shipped a pre-configured SAN bundle for Windows Server 2003 environments. Priced at $6,999 (MSRP), the connectivity kit includes a SANbox Fibre Channel switch, four SANblade host bus adapters (HBAs), QLogic's SANsurfer Management Suite software with VDS Manager (a Windows application that provides administrators with one user interface for any disk array), Windows StorPort drivers, and cables. www.qlogic.com.

Xiran enters iSCSI accelerator market

Xiran, a division of SimpleTech, is targeting OEMs with a set of iSCSI-based products, including the DirectPath iSCSI+ evaluation kit (which is based on the company's DPA-1200i accelerator) and HBAs with full iSCSI and TCP/IP offloading. Xiran is targeting the IP storage and content delivery markets (including streaming media). The products support Linux and Windows and can be used in initiator or target platforms.

The architecture provides a direct path between the network and storage devices, as opposed to designs where data has to traverse through a NIC, I/O bus, host operating system kernel, applications, and HBAs. The company claims 24,000 I/Os per second per port with no host CPU utilization, for a maximum throughput of more than 100MBps per

DirectPath Accelerator (DPA) 1200i. The company also claims linear scalability as DPAs are added.

The DirectPath iSCSI+ evaluation kit is priced at $1,500. In addition to server, network, and storage OEMs, Xiran is targeting VARs and systems integrators. www.xiran.com.

Wasabi courts OEMs for iSCSI appliances

Wasabi Systems' Storage Builder is a turnkey system and operating environment that enables OEMs to build iSCSI appliances for IP SANs. The system is optimized for deployment on Intel IA-32 and XScale platforms, including the IOP310 and IOP320 I/O processors.

Wasabi demonstrated an IP SAN at October's Storage Networking World conference in an IP SAN that included drive enclosures from Rackable Systems, Intel motherboards, 3ware RAID controllers, Serial ATA drives from Seagate and Western Digital, a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server NAS head, Microsoft iSCSI initiator, and 6.8TB of iSCSI disk storage. Wasabi also announced Storage Builder support for Adaptec's ICP Vortex 4-port Serial ATA RAID controller, the GDT8546RZ. www.wasabisystems.com.

Nexsan upgrades ATA disk arrays

Nexsan Technologies' ATABeast RAID array includes hot-swappable components and high density (up to 3.15TB per 1U form factor using 300GB drives). The array is priced at less than $0.04 per gigabyte, or $47,000 for a 12.6TB configuration.

Nexsan's ATAbaby disk array is designed primarily for disk-to-disk (D2D) backup/restore environments and is now available in a dual-chassis configuration (dubbed ATAbaby Twins) with up to 2.4TB in a 2U form factor and support for RAID 5. The array is priced at $5,995. www.nexsan.com.

Snap integrates with Active Directory

Snap Appliance's GuardianOS version 2.6 software enables the company's network-attached storage (NAS) servers to be integrated with Windows Storage Server 2003 Active Directory service environments.

The software also allows scalability with support for the Snap Disk 10, a recently released 1U 1TB expansion array. GuardianOS 2.6 is available as a free upgrade via Snap's Website to all registered Snap Server 4200, 4400, 4500, and 14000 customers. www.snapappliance.com.

Fastora NAS starts at $995

At last month's Comdex show, Fastora (the storage division of Axiomtek) demonstrated a number of Windows-based NAS servers. The low-end LiteStor NAS-T2-IW ($995) includes 600GB, two IDE drive bays, one Fast Ethernet and one Gigabit Ethernet port, and RAID 0 and 1. At the high-end of Fastor's product line, the 2U, $6,500 PowerStor NAS-209-SW includes up to 1.3TB of capacity, an Intel Xeon processor, nine SCSI drive bays, up to 6GB of main memory, two Gigabit Ethernet ports with trunking and fail-over, and RAID 0, 1, 5, or JBOD configurations. Fastora has three other PowerStor models. All models are available through Bell Micro. www.fastora.com.

Finisar introduces blade-based analyzer

Finisar's Xgig Analyzer Version 1.5 is a blade-based device for testing multi-protocol SANs, including Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet (IP storage) networks. Protocol support includes iSCSI, FCIP, FCP-4, and FCIP-SCSI. The analyzer automates analysis of captured traces for errant behavior and provides performance analysis capabilities and debugging features. The blade is available with either two or four ports. www.finisar.com/xgig.

Rancho extends SCSI

Rancho Technology's RTLVD-HVDR4E is an Ultra320 LVD/HVD SCSI expander that comes in a 1U form factor and incorporates LVD-to-HVD conversion. Features include a dual-blower cooling system, fan failure circuit, and a multimode capability that enables the expander to operate in either LVD or single-ended mode. The expander supports full 16-bit arbitration (with up to 16 devices on one SCSI bus), disconnect/reconnect, and multi-threaded SCSI applications. Single-unit pricing is $1,795. www.rancho.com.

Atto adds virtual tape to disk arrays

Atto Technology has added a virtual tape option to its Diamond line of disk arrays. The Diamond Virtual Tape (VT) disk-to-disk backup system increases backup-and-restore times and improves data reliability. The system can be used with existing tape libraries in a disk-to-disk-to-tape configuration. The VT array is "seen" by applications as a standard tape library. Capacity scales to 7.2TB in a 3U enclosure. Atto claims backup/restore times of more than 260GB per hour. www.attotech.com.


ADIC integrates disk and tape

This month, ADIC began shipping its Pathlight VX integrated disk-to-tape backup system, which combines the benefits of disk and tape in a single data-protection product.

Data is backed up to Serial ATA disk first and then to tape (initially ADIC Scalar libraries equipped with LTO1 or LTO2 tape drives/media). The data movement takes place during off-hours; an internal data moving agent is used so there is no negative effect on application server performance and no increase in network traffic. A management unit controls data I/O and provides disk/tape transparency. The VX appears to applications as one or more logical libraries.

Pathlight VX provides up to 40GB of disk capacity and has a maximum throughput of 1TB per hour. The rack-mountable system features RAID-5 redundancy and 2Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity. A 10TB system is priced at $190,000 MSRP. www.adic.com.

STORServer adds libraries to backup appliances

Using Qualstar's RLS rack-mount libraries, STORServer's latest series of backup appliances reduces rack space to a 5U form factor. The K1400, K2400, and K3400 backup appliances hold up to 70 AIT tapes. The appliances scale from 12TB to 35TB and support AIT, SDLT, and LTO tape libraries. The appliances also support 35 client platforms, including Linux, Unix, Windows, and OpenVMS. www.storserver.com.

StorageTek to revamp library architecture

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At its annual user conference in October, StorageTek previewed its next-generation tape library—the StreamLine SL8500—which is expected to ship "in the first half of next year." The library will support mixed media and interfaces, providing approximately 1,500 cartridge slots (50 cartridges per square foot) with the ability to grow to 200,000 slots using pass-through ports. The robotics can provide more than 1,000 mounts per hour. The library can be equipped with T9x40, LTO2, or SLDT 600 tape drives.

Future features will include the integration of disk- and policy-based management capabilities such as tape copy and electronic vaulting. The combination, the company claims, will allow for more-reliable backups (because backups will be completed to the disk buffer), automatic media migration, and drive sharing. www.storagetek.com.


CreekPath augments management software

CreekPath has released an upgraded version of its Storage Operations Management Suite, which includes support for storage arrays and Fibre Channel directors/switches that implement SMI array and fabric profiles. The software supports disk arrays from EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, LSI, Network Appliance, StorageTek, and Sun, as well as switches from Brocade, Cisco, CNT, and McData.

The 3.0 release of CreekPath Suite adds backup-and-recovery management, database management, and decision support capabilities. Other features include customizable workflow-driven processes; automated provisioning; support for backup software from CommVault, IBM, Legato, and Veritas; an Oracle Database Process Automation Module; and InformationLink, which allows users to pull data from various repositories and display it on a single management console. www.creekpath.com.

Softek delivers replication tools

Softek (formerly Fujitsu Softek) recently released three new replication tools:

  • Softek Replicator for host-based mainframe (z/OS) and open systems (Windows, Unix) replication;
  • Softek TDMF for host-based mainframe and open systems data migration; and
  • Softek Provisioner, which enables network-based data migration.

Targeted applications include disaster recovery, backup/recovery, resource consolidation, and data migration. The software supports RAID arrays from EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, STK, or JBOD configurations. www.softek.com.

Arkivio upgrades ILM software

The latest release of Arkivio's auto-stor data/information life-cycle management software includes new features such as seamless data migration, relocation, replication, and deletion. A policy simulator allows administrators to test the results of policy configurations before deploying them. auto-stor uses user data and storage value scores to automate the prioritization and placement of data on the most appropriate storage resource in a tiered hierarchy. The software can also be used to ensure compliance with government regulations on data-retention management. Other auto-stor features include non-disruptive server consolidation and disaster-recovery capabilities. www.arkivio.com.

Invio enhances data-management suite

Invio Software recently announced enhancements to its Storage Practice Manager data-management software suite, which allows users to integrate and control multi-platform system operations, policy management, and cross-functional workflows as an automated process. The company also introduced Storage Practice Modeler, a graphical interface that enables users to create or customize automated processes, policies, and workflows with best practices for service delivery. Invio's suite of process-centric software includes Storage Practice Manager, Active Practices, Storage Practice Foundry, and Storage Practice Modeler. Pricing for the Storage Practice Modeler starts at $40,000. www.invio.com.

Emulex ships HBAanyware 2.0

One year after shipping the 1.0 version of its centralized HBA management software, Emulex has released the 2.0 version of HBAanyware, which includes new features such as

  • Remote driver configuration;
  • Remote persistent binding management;
  • Faster discovery capabilities;
  • In-band management security provisions; and
  • Expanded operating system support (Windows and 64-bit Solaris).

Existing features of HBAanyware include the ability to remotely upgrade firmware on Emulex HBAs, and integration with third-party SAN management software (including suites from Brocade, Computer Associates, CreekPath, InterSAN, McData, and Veritas). www.emulex.com.

iReady releases iSCSI target software

Designed primarily for OEMs and integrators, iReady's iSCSI "Target" software suite can be bundled with the company's ethernetMAX iSCSI controllers and HBAs.

The ethernetMAX controller supports iSCSI hardware acceleration, full TCP/IP offload, line-rate IPSec, and GigabitMAC and GigabitPHY in a single semiconductor. iReady claims lower cost than its competitors: OEM pricing for the HBA is $199 without support for IPSec, or $299 with IPSec support. The company has not formally announced OEM deals, but has been working with Bridgeworks, Elipsan, and Raidtec.

The iSCSI target software enables vendors to migrate existing disk arrays, tape libraries, and other subsystems to iSCSI for IP SAN implementations. Platform compatibility currently includes Linux on x86 CPUs and PowerPC systems. www.iready.com.

Zantaz introduces online archival tool

Zantaz, a provider of compliance and electronic discovery services and products, this month released an online archival tool for its Digital Safe service. The Audit Center tool is designed to help companies quickly search and access terabytes of e-mail, attachments, and other documents for legal and regulatory purposes.

Users can perform audits with any number of fields, including time, date, document type, and attachments. Features include a complex query search capability; de-duplication option; the ability to search across multiple data repositories, submit multiple searches concurrently, and save and re-use searches in other litigation support formats; check status and receive notification of audit completion; and the ability to download results in PST, NSF, or EML formats. www.zantaz.com.

Dantz offers D2D option

Dantz Development recently released a disk-to-disk edition for its Retrospect 6.5 backup-and-restore software. Retrospect Disk-to-Disk can be used to back up Windows servers to 1394/USB2 hard drives or CDs/DVDs. With as few as two 1394 or USB2 external hard drives, a company can implement an off-site backup strategy for SQL, Exchange, and Windows servers. A single client license is priced at $299. Retrospect 6.5 is available in five editions: Multi Server, Single Server, Small Business Server, Professional, and Disk-to-Disk. www.dantz.com.

OuterBay adds encapsulated DB archive software

OuterBay expanded its application data-management suite with encapsulated archive software, a standards-based XML archive that allows users to encapsulate data and archive it for long-term accessibility even if hardware and applications change. Encapsulated data ensures that data will be accessible and searchable through any third-party browser. The software stores aged data as encapsulated business transactions with reference metadata so that business transactions within the archive can be accessed by any XML query, even after the source application or platform has been retired. www.outerbay.com.

Bocada automates reporting/compliance

Bocada, a provider of data-protection reporting, compliance, and chargeback software, has released BackupReport 2.5, which features new automated capabilities, fine-reporting elements, and information management. The software collects and consolidates data directly from tape libraries. Additions include enhanced utilization reporting, new report groups (master server, media server, zone, owner, job group, etc.), and error sensitivity (the ability to create and prioritize error categories for SLA compliance and chargeback). The agent-less software allows users to replace manual data-collection methods with automated processes. www.bocada.com.

Start-up ships backup analysis software

SysDM's WysDM for Backups backup analysis software analyzes information collected from network, storage, system, and application domains to provide real-time analysis of backups.

The software performs predictive trending and analysis with reports that extrapolate trends, and creates service-level performance backup summaries and analyzes IP and SAN switch performance.

The software is pre-configured to access information from several types of software and devices, including NetWorker, NetBackup, tape drives/libraries, disk arrays, switches, and Linux, Solaris, and Windows systems. www.sysdm.com.


NetEx accelerates data transfer over WAN IP networks

Less than a month after introducing its HyperIP accelerator for high-volume data transfer over WAN IP networks, NetEx announced a data-compression capability that the company claims can further boost data throughput speeds by 2x to 4x.

NetEx claims up to a 10x improvement in data throughput (over other transport methods) without compression.

The HyperIP accelerator also alleviates TCP/IP degradation associated with longer-distance (200+ miles) transmission of data.

HyperIP is an appliance that attaches to existing network infrastructures and requires no changes to servers, applications, or network devices.

Besides storage networking applications such as data mirroring, snapshots, and backup/restore, the appliance can be used to transfer bulk data between mainframes and distributed servers for data warehousing and data mining; transmission of financial, medical, and digital video images; and high-performance technical computing. www.netex.com.

This article was originally published on December 01, 2003