NetApp, Veritas push DLM, D2D backup

By Lisa Coleman

This quarter, Network Appliance's alliance with Veritas will yield integrated products targeting data life-cycle management (DLM) and regulatory compliance as the result of an expanded partnership announced last August. Later in the year, the two companies plan to release an integrated disk-based backup system.

The product integration will be good news for users, according to analysts. Users will be able to use their Network Appliance NearStore ATA-based storage systems as a target for any type of server or storage device that is managed by Veritas' Data Lifecycle Manager 5.0 or NetBackup 5.0.

The partnership will allow Veritas to continue to build its DLM (also known as information life-cycle management, or ILM) strategy.

"Veritas is becoming more important in the full spectrum of life-cycle management as opposed to just backup, which means they need to be able to put stuff in the middle, and that's where the NetApp gear comes into play," says Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at the Enterprise Storage Group.

Instead of writing data to tape drives, Veritas can now manage and write data to the NearStore system along its path, says Duplessie. "There's a lot of overlap in NetApp and Veritas environments, so product integration will make it easier on end users."

The first piece of the expanded partnership will be Veritas' Data Lifecycle Manager 5.0 integrated with Network Appliance's SnapLock software, which enables write-once disk-based storage. SnapLock "locks down" a volume so that it cannot be altered. It also enables retention dates, automatic expirations, and other features for regulatory compliance. Meanwhile, DLM 5.0 will enable policy-based migration to and from NetApp's fabric-attached storage (FAS) devices, NearStore appliances, and heterogeneous servers.

"That solution will allow users to protect, archive, organize, and manage data based on the need for regulatory archives," says Robert Soderbery, vice president of business development at Veritas. DLM 5.0 and SnapLock integration will be available in March.

Expected in the second half of the year will be integration of Veritas' NetBackup 5.0 with Network Appliance's SnapVault software. SnapVault enables centralized disk-based backup for heterogeneous storage.

NetBackup 5.0 will provide a single management interface for heterogeneous environments, incorporating both SnapVault for filer-to-filer protection as well as Windows and Unix host systems and applications using NearStore for disk-based backup and recovery.

"The real advantage for disk-based solutions is speed—particularly recovery speed," says Patrick Rogers, vice president of partners and alliances at Network Appliance. "Users will be able do that seamlessly in their existing backup environments, enabling transparent introduction of disk-based solutions," says Rogers.

The backup integration will also use Veritas' NetBackup Advanced Client and Oracle Agent for online disk-based backup of Oracle databases running on Network Appliance storage. Users will be able to rapidly detect and restore corrupted or damaged parts of an Oracle database without restoring the entire database.

Network Appliance will resell Veritas' DLM 5.0 and NetBackup as part of its integrated solutions.

This article was originally published on January 01, 2004