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Sepaton launches virtual tape appliance

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Sepaton (formerly SANgate) this month announced its new company name (which backwards spells "no tapes") and first product: the S2100 virtual tape appliance, which reportedly accelerates data restore speeds by a factor of 10.

The appliance is based on Sepaton's Scalable Replication Engine (SRE), which is optimized for high-performance data movement and the virtual tape library application. The S2100 scales from 3.5TB to 200TB and can emulate multiple tape libraries and tape cartridge formats.

Sepaton plans to offer additional data-protection applications based on the same platform that will leverage the company's content-aware architecture. The S2100 has completed beta testing at four sites and is being distributed by value-added resellers. www.sepaton.com.

NAS for SMBs

Several vendors recently announced network-attached storage (NAS) filers for the small-to-medium-business (SMB) and entry-level markets.

Fastora released a new family of NAS servers based on Windows Storage Server 2003. The LiteStor NAS-T2-IW is a micro-tower NAS appliance with 600GB, two IDE bays, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet ports, and RAID 0 or 1. The appliance is priced at $995. The PowerStor line includes the NAS-104-IW, NAS-T8-IW, NAS-208-IW, and NAS-209-SW in various form factors with capacities ranging from 1.2TB to 2.4TB and support for RAID 0, 1, 5, or JBOD configurations. Prices range from $2,595 to $6,500. www.fastora.com.

First Intelligent Array (FIA) announced three models of its POPnetserver 1000. The devices start at 120GB and include RAID 0, 1, or 5; a 1.7GHz Celeron processor; and POPfiler 2.0 software. A 1000T model includes a front-load tape drive that supports 33GB tape cartridges for backup. All the 1000 models support Windows, Linux, Unix, and AppleShare. Starting price is $649 for 120GB; $1,099 for 360GB; and $1,999 for a 240GB version that includes tape backup. www.FIAinc.net.

Tritton Technologies is shipping its T-NAS appliance with a USB 2.0 interface for file serving, print serving, and backup applications. The device can also function as a home media server. A 120GB unit is priced at $349. www.trittonsales.com.

Unique Digital recently introduced the UNISTAR NAS 1000, NAS 2000, and NAS X servers. The 1000 and 2000 range from 960GB to 4TB, and the NAS X server can be connected via Fibre Channel to external storage devices for capacities of up to 16TB. All of the servers are based on Intel Xeon processors, hot-swappable components, and multiple RAID levels. The systems can be managed with Unique Digital's NASMan management software, which, in addition to standard management functions, can provide statistics on CPU utilization, network bandwidth usage, disk usage, and overall system load.

List price for an entry-level NAS 1000 with 960GB is $11,600. A 4TB NAS 2000 is priced at $24,995. www.uniquedigital.com.

Security for data 'at rest'

Decru and Vormetric recently upgraded their security appliances. Decru is shipping its DataFort T520 for encryption and authentication and with logging capabilities for tape backup environments. The company also introduced the DataFort FC520 to support encryption for both disk and tape. Both products support 256-bit AES encryption, include lifetime key management systems, use CryptoShred for permanently deleting data, and support SCSI. Also, 2Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity will be available with LVD SCSI later this quarter. DataFort FC520 can be purchased with disk only and upgraded to support tape; DataFort T520 can be upgraded to an FC520 with both disk and tape support. www.decru.com.

Vormetric recently announced its CoreGuard 2.0 security system for encryption and authentication. The system separates "viewability" and management of data through MetaClear, a standards-based selective encryption technology. CoreGuard 2.0 includes expanded support for Windows 2000, Linux, and Solaris. The upgraded version also includes an improved XML-based interface, deeper interoperability with LDAP and Microsoft's Active Directory, and new audit and reporting features for regulatory compliance. www.vormetric.com/coreguard2.


Sony ships DAT media

Sony Electronics last month began shipping a new 4mm DAT media cartridge. The DAT 72 cartridge has a 36GB native capacity (up to 72GB with 2:1 compression) and an 11GB-per-hour native data-transfer rate. The cartridges feature anti-static resin on the cartridge lid, which protects the tape from dust particles and keeps the interior clean; a heat-proof cartridge shell for added reliability; and an estimated archival life of more than 30 years. A helical-scan recording technique improves track density and lowers tape stress.

Sony DAT 72 media cartridges are available through the channel at a suggested list price of $34.95. www.mediabysony.com.


St. Bernard adds disk-based backup

The 9.1 release of St. Bernard Software's Open File Manager software supports disk-level technology (which was previously available only to the company's OEMs and resellers) and Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). The software is available in Workstation, Server, and Enterprise Server ($1,228 per server) editions. www.stbernard.com.

Storactive releases LiveServ for Exchange

Storactive recently shipped LiveServ, disk-based backup-and-recovery software that provides continuous, zero-loss recovery of Exchange servers. The software reportedly overcomes many of the limitations of traditional tape-based backup products, including backup windows and data-recovery issues, without forcing users to rip-and-replace existing backup/recovery infrastructures.

LiveServ employs real-time technology to automatically and continuously back up data as it changes. Its disk-to-disk backup enables fast, transparent protection and, unlike mirroring, captures every version of every message so that all versions can be recovered. A roll-back feature lets administrators recover data up to the moment a loss occurred, even if Exchange logs are corrupted or destroyed. LiveServ for Exchange is priced at $995 for the LiveServ server and $2,495 for each protected Exchange server. www.storactive.com.

LXI centralizes backup

LXI last month introduced Universal Client Backup software for centralized control, management, and backup of disparate platforms (iSeries, Unix, AIX, or Linux) running LXI MMS or TMS/ix. The software helps organizations leverage existing hardware resources, set backup policies in a central location, and benefit from dynamic device management, tape protection against accidental overwrites or erasures, content management, and centralized vault management with off-site location movement control.

An extension of LXI MMS and TMS/ix, Universal Client Backup allows users to set up and execute backups and recoveries for any client from a single location. Jobs can run automatically, without operator intervention. There are no disk-caching requirements, which allows the backup to run at the speed of the device. www.lixcorp.com/prod08.htm.

Acronis upgrades backup software

Acronis' True Image Server 7.0 provides server disk imaging backup, disaster recovery, and bare-metal restore. New features include support for incremental backups, scheduling, image verification, and the ability to clone a disk drive to another drive automatically. A Secure Zone feature allows users to create a hidden partition on a primary drive to be used as a backup location. Pricing starts at $49. www.acronis.com.

AmeriVault broadens recovery services

Online server backup-and-recovery provider AmeriVault recently introduced Enhanced Recovery Services Suite, which includes a dedicated vault managed by AmeriVault in a client's data center. For faster recovery, a mobile vault can be made ready on-demand if data recovery is necessary. The service also provides the ability to leverage online backup internally within an organization. www.amerivault.com.

This article was originally published on January 01, 2004