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Bus-Tech targets mainframe sites

Bus-Tech's zDASD 3990 controller connects mainframes to IBM's FAStT (via Fibre Channel) and NAS Gateway (via Gigabit Ethernet) disk systems (and other vendors' disk arrays) to support DASD file access. Connections to the mainframe can be via FICON or ESCON channels, and the controller can emulate up to 64 3390 storage volumes. The zDASD 3990 has been certified under IBM's TotalStorage Proven and Storage Validated programs.

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Data written by a mainframe to storage devices attached to the zDASD controller is stored in a way that allows the data to be retrieved in the same format as it was stored. To the mainframe, the storage devices appear as traditional DASD volumes. Mainframe operating system support includes z/OS, MVS, VM, and VSE.

The controller allows mainframe sites to build a tiered storage infrastructure to reduce costs and enable information life-cycle management (ILM). The base controller, without disk storage, is priced at $37,500. Versions with dual ESCON/FICON channels are priced at $45,000. www.bustech.com.

3PAR boosts performance

3PAR claims to have doubled the performance of its "Utility Storage" systems with the introduction of its InServ X-Series Storage Server. Benchmark results are available at www.storageperformance.org, the Storage Performance Council's Website.

The company also upgraded its InForm operating system with quality-of-service (QoS) management tools and added a Microsoft Exchange data management solution, called Virtual Copy DBA, for rapid Exchange backup and granular recovery.

The QoS tools, called Templates, allow administrators to pre-define QoS attributes (performance, cost, availability, security, disk utilization, etc.) according to required service levels for different applications or departments. Storage volumes can then be provisioned based on those attributes. www.3par.com.

Start-up focuses on SMBs

NeuStream Inc., a start-up in Minneapolis, last month began shipments of its Storage Boss Appliance, which combines NAS (CIFS/NFS) and IP SAN (iSCSI) technology. The disk system comes with a variety of storage applications, including virtualization, disk-to-disk backup, snapshots, and security applications. Including the software, the system is priced from $15,000 and can be scaled up to 3TB of capacity. The Storage Boss Appliance is based on SuSE Linux. Cory Devor (formerly with Ciprico, Micron Electronics, and Tricord) is NeuStream's CEO, and Clint Jurgens (most recently with Cisco and a co-founder of NuSpeed) is the company's chairman. www.neustream.com.

Certance intros D2D2T for SMB

Certance's CP 3100 is a disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) bundle designed for the SMB market.

The CP 3100 is based on the company's Data Protection Architecture (DPA) and is available in two configurations:

  • A desktop or 1U rack-mount system includes a 160GB disk drive, an integrated Certance DAT 72 tape drive, and Yosemite's TapeWare XE backup software.
  • For users who have already invested in DDS-4 or DAT 72 drives, Certance offers a 160GB internal or 320GB rack-mount model, including Yosemite's backup software.

The CP 3100 emulates the attached tape drive, and archival to tape is automatic. It is compatible with all major backup applications and operating systems and features a sustained backup-and-

restore speed of up to 22MBps. Pricing starts at $1,500. www.certance.com.

ATTO debuts Fibre Channel adapter

ATTO Technology's Celerity FC (Fibre Channel) Storage Adapter is available in single-, dual-, and quad-channel versions with an onboard hub design and an Integrated Offload & Processing Center (IOPC) that provides additional processing and buffering to reduce server CPU usage. The 2Gbps Fibre Channel adapters plug into host PCI slots.

Separately, ATTO announced that its iPBridge 2500C/R/D has been certified as interoperable with Computer Associates' BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11 for Windows software. The iPBridge is a Gigabit Ethernet-to-iSCSI bridge that enables users to attach existing SCSI storage devices to IP networks. www.attotech.com.

Xiotech eyes SMBs

Following the ongoing trend of storage vendors targeting the fast-growing small to medium-sized business (SMB) market, Xiotech recently began shipments of an entry-level version of its Magnitude 3D storage system. Dubbed Magnitude 3D Edge, the system features dynamic provisioning (which allows administrators to reconfigure and upgrade storage while data remains online); scalability from 100GB to more than 200TB; and "dynamic virtual linking" (which enables server redirects to remote sites in the case of failures). Xiotech is targeting entry-level SANs and disaster recovery and backup applications. www.xiotech.com.

SANRAD adds software to iSCSI switch

Last month, SANRAD began shipments of a variety of software services that run on the company's V-Switch series of IP SAN switches, which support the iSCSI protocol. Version 2.0 of SANRAD's StoragePro Services includes snapshot capability (to reduce or eliminate backup windows), DataCloning (with up to four mirrored copies per volume), FastCopy (which enables copying between volumes at up to 1TB per hour), and support for RADIUS authentication (to authenticate secure iSCSI connections). Software functionality also includes support for iSNS and SLP iSCSI clients. www.sanrad.com.


At the NAB show this month, Advanced Technology and Systems (ADTX) introduced a variety of RAID subsystems that are available with Serial ATA, Fibre Channel, or Ultra SCSI interfaces. The ArrayMasStor line includes single- and dual-controller versions, dual host interfaces (Fibre Channel or SCSI), 512MB of cache per controller, and support for up to 15 arrays, 64 logical units, and multiple hot-spare drives. Optional hardware-based features include instant copy, remote backup, and remote mirroring. www.adtx.com/us.

AmeriVault premiers recovery service

Online backup service provider AmeriVault last month introduced its HOTBOX recovery service, which enables the company's customers to have their data simultaneously replicated to a mobile disk vault. In the case of larger data recovery, the device can be disconnected and delivered to the customer's site for fast disk-to-disk restores. The device plugs into the client's network. AmeriVault's backup and data-

recovery service automatically recognizes block changes within files and then encrypts the compressed data before pushing it via the Internet to secure Mass Storage Vaults. www.amerivault.com.

Arco controller supports SATA

Arco Data Protection Solutions' DupliDisk3 SATA FlexMount is a RAID controller that supports Serial ATA disk drives and the PCI bus. The unit writes data simultaneously to a primary drive and a backup drive. When a file is saved, or a change to the primary hard drive is made, the same action occurs simultaneously on the mirror drive, providing an exact replica of the primary drive. Data is replicated at the block level. The device does not require drivers, IRQs, or TSRs. MSRP is $289. www.arcoide.com.


Veritas buildson utility computing

Veritas recently announced general availability of Veritas Storage Foundation 4.0 (formerly known as Veritas Foundation Suite). The software integrates Veritas Volume Manager and File System and is designed to help users better manage and control complex storage environments; it also plays into the company's utility computing strategy.

The software reportedly helps users increase storage utilization (an online file migration process transparently moves rarely accessed files from expensive storage arrays to inexpensive storage devices), simplify server migration (portable data containers allow data to be shared among servers with different operating systems), reduce downtime (dynamic multi-pathing spreads data across multiple network paths), and increase administrator productivity (provisioning templates allow administrators to provision storage using user-definable configuration templates).

Support for Oracle, Sybase, and DB2 databases are also available. For advanced clustering support, Veritas Oracle RAC and Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System are options. Pricing starts at $2,495. www.veritas.com.

NetScout manages Virtual SANs

NetScout Systems has added support for performance monitoring and reporting of Cisco's Virtual SANs (VSANs) to NetScout's nGenius 9800 Fibre Channel Probes and nGenius Performance Manager software. (VSAN is a proprietary SAN partitioning technology implemented in Cisco's MDS 900 family of switches.) The Probes can be configured to automatically discover and monitor VSANs on Enhanced Inter-Switch Links (EISLs). www.netscout.com.

Rainfinity addresses ILM

Rainfinity recently extended the data-movement capabilities of its flagship RainStorage product to address increasing customer demand for ILM. RainStorage with GridSwitch software acts as a layer-2 switch with file-system intelligence that allows for transparent data movement at the volume, directory, and subdirectory level.

GridSwitch integrates with leading management consoles and automated policies driven from ILM, storage resource management (SRM), and grid-computing architectures; it plugs into existing SRM consoles and allows third-party tools to move RainStorage in- and out-of-band as needed. RainStorage supplies complete status on the state of the move transactions and data location, as well as visibility into the number, identity, and access path of users.

The technology supports IP-based storage networks, including NAS, Windows, and Unix file servers and is available at no cost to RainStorage users. www.rainfinity.com.

CNT manages SAN/MAN/WANs

CNT is rolling out a series of software products under the inVSN ("in vision") label that can help IT administrators manage storage networks across SAN, MAN, WAN, and mainframe infrastructures, enabling a global view of storage networks, devices, and connections. The software enables administrators to proactively collect network performance data, identify problem areas, and correlate those problems to affected applications. The goal is to increase data availability and reduce the time required to diagnose and resolve storage network problems.

The inVSN Open Edition version of the software is available now and provides management of Fibre Channel SANs that extend across metro or wide-area IP and ATM infrastructures. Pricing is from $6,000 to $10,000. An Enterprise Edition is due around mid-year and will support mainframe and mixed-topology environments. Pricing for the Enterprise Edition is expected to be approximately $25,000. www.cnt.com.

LXI adds support for ARCserve 11

LXI's cross-platform Tape Tracker media management software now supports Computer Associates' ARCserve 11 backup/restore software. Tape Tracker consolidates into a central database tape information across multiple platforms, servers, and network backup products. In addition to CA ARCserve, Tape Tracker supports BakBone's NetVault, Legato's Networker, LXI's MMS and TMS/ix, Veritas' NetBackup, and Tivoli's TSM software. Tape Tracker provides tools to track, move, and report on tape inventories. www.lxicorp.com.

UltraBac sizes backup to SMB needs

UltraBac Software last month announced the availability of UltraBac Small Business Server in Premium and Standard editions. The products are designed to provide small networks with many of the backup-and-recovery capabilities found in higher-end software, but at a lower price. The Standard edition features backup, restore, and an Exchange Server agent; the Premium edition includes the same features plus a SQL Server agent. Pricing is $595 and $795, respectively. www.ultrabac.com.

NTP enhances management software

Version 5.1 of NTP Software's Quota & File Sentinel (QFS) software provides a number of enhancements to the base product, including the following:

  • Storage Investigator, a real-time, Web-based analysis tool that scans and provides usage analysis on any Windows drive or folder to allow users to find, delete, or archive files;
  • Integration with Network Appliance's Management Module software; and
  • Increased security features that provide security on a per-policy basis.

QFS is compatible with Windows NT/2000/2003. www.ntpsoftware.com.

Avail ships D2D2T for SMBs

Avail Solutions' Integrity 2.0 software enables disk-to-disk-to-tape data protection at prices starting at $1,200. The software supports virtually all tape formats (LTO, DLT/SDLT, AIT, VXA), as well as Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD disk-based file systems.

Breece Hill is bundling Avail's software in its iSToRA 4000 D2D2T appliance. www.availsolutions.com.


SAIT + WORM = compliance

Sony last month announced that it has added write-once read-many (WORM) capability to its line of 500GB SAIT-1 drives. The SAIT-1 WORM drives were demonstrated at the AIIM conference last month. The drives are intended to help users meet a growing list of regulations for non-rewritable, non-erasable data storage. The drives can also be used to perform traditional rewritable backup functions when used with standard (non-WORM) SAIT media. www.sony.com.

In related news, Qualstar last month announced that its TLS-5000 tape libraries and RLS-5244 rack-mount libraries are shipping with the new SAIT-1 WORM drives. The drive technology is supported by XenData's Archive Series Software, which can be used to create a high-performance "compliance server" by simultaneously writing data to RAID and unalterable AIT or SAIT WORM cartridges within a tape library. www.qualstar.com and www.xendata.com.

Also last month, Breece Hill launched its SAIT Compliance Autoloader, which integrates Sony's WORM and non-WORM SAIT media, XenData's Archive Series Software, and Breece's 10-slot (up to 5TB with a transfer rate of 30MBps) and 16-slot tape libraries (1.6TB, 12MBps). www.breecehill.com.

This article was originally published on April 01, 2004