CA lays out ILM road map

By Dave Simpson

At its annual CA World conference this week, which attracted about 10,000 customers and partners, Computer Associates (CA) presented its road map for information life-cycle management (ILM) product delivery. To differentiate, or distance, itself from some of its more storage-centric competitors, CA executives emphasized the non-storage elements of ILM.

"Don't take a storage-centric view of ILM," said Anders Lofgren, vice president of BrightStor product management at CA. "The storage vendors' definitions of ILM are incomplete."

In addition to the storage-specific functions typically associated with ILM, Lofgren said that CA will focus on areas such as asset management, security, workflow management, compliance, and risk management.

Lofgren outlined four levels, or phases, of ILM product delivery, which will eventually lead to integration of the company's storage management (BrightStor), operations management (Unicenter), and security management (eTrust) software products.

The only storage-oriented product announcement that CA made at the conference was the introduction of BrightStor Document Manager, which is based on the Plone open source document management engine.

Essentially, CA added features to the Plone code to create BrightStor Document Manager. The product is integrated with BrightStor Portal. Although the product is shipping, Lofgren declined to provide specific pricing information, saying only that it will cost "tens of thousands of dollars" compared to some competing products that are priced well above $100,000.

Lofgren also made a "statement of direction" regarding e-mail/message archiving and hierarchical storage management (HSM) products that will be included in the company's ILM road map. (For HSM, CA currently partners with CaminoSoft.)

In other open source news at CA World, the company said that it will release into the open source community its Ingres database within 90 days. CA also announced open source partnerships with JBoss and Zope, which provides an open source content management system.

This article was originally published on May 26, 2004