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Dot Hill ships SATA array

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Last month, Dot Hill Systems began shipments of its SANnet II Serial ATA (SATA) disk array, which is resold by Sun Microsystems.

The RAID subsystem includes 12 drive bays, or up to 3TB in a 2U rack, and can scale up to 16TB of RAID-5 capacity in a 12U form factor.

The SANnet II also supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and 3 and comes in single- or dual-controller versions with fully redundant components. Up to 12 servers can be connected to the array via 2Gbps Fibre Channel ports to create what Dot Hill calls "switch-less SANs."

The company positions the array as nearline (as opposed to primary) storage. The ruggedized system is certified under the NEBS Level 3 and MIL-STD-810F standards.

Dot Hill also sells SANnet RAID arrays that can be populated with SCSI or Fibre Channel drives.

Also last month, Dot Hill released the 1U "blade" version of SANnet, which supports Ultra320 SCSI disk drives. The blade configuration has two- or four-drive bays for a total capacity of 72GB to 584GB. The blade can be configured with either 10,000rpm or 15,000rpm drives. Sun resells the SANnet II blade system as part of its StorEdge family of disk subsystems. www.dothill.com.

Accordance debuts 'plug-and-play' SATA

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This month, Accordance Systems began shipping a Serial ATA controller unit—dubbed ARAID 2000—with an intelligent ASIC that eliminates the need for controller boards or software drivers. Users can insert SATA drives into the controller enclosure and hook it up to a SATA port. The ARAID 2000 is designed for PCs, NAS appliances, or servers.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac platforms, the ARAID 2000 comes in a 2U chassis and supports RAID 1 and RAID 0. The enclosure also supports IDE drives in an ARAID 1500 model.

Accordance claims that its ASIC technology performs RAID functions with less than 3% CPU overhead. For device management, the ARAID unit supports an SNMP agent. Both the ARAID 1500 and 2000 are priced at $370.

Accordance is a Taiwanese company with US headquarters in Des Moines, IA. www.accordancesystems.com.

Digi-Data storms RAID arrays

Digi-Data recently announced a number of enhancements to its STORM line of RAID arrays, which the company positions as high-end alternatives to systems such as EMC's CLARiiON and Hitachi Data Systems' Thunder. Enhancements the the line of RAID arrays include the following:

  • XapShot provides block-level point-in-time data replication (up to six simultaneous snapshots). Price is $3,000 per controller;
  • The F8 Turbo Disk Controller Module includes an XOR processor, 512MB to 2GB of cache, a PCI bus, and performance of 318MBps read, 220MBps write, or 300MBps write/read. Pricing ranges from $20,650 for a single controller with 512MB of cache to $47,700 for a redundant-controller configuration with 2GB of cache; and
  • A Serial ATA (SATA) Disk Enclosure Module with two 2Gbps Fibre Channel host ports per module (or up to four ports per system) and 16 SATA drive ports. Pricing starts at $6,010.

Digi-Data also added support for Texas Memory Systems' RamSan solid-state disk to its STORM Xtreme disk system. www.digidata.com.

Cybernetics intros IP SANs

Cybernetics has added an iSCSI disk array to its line of iSCSI backup products. The iSAN Vault array supports RAID 0, 1, and 5, as well as storage allocation, dynamic volume spanning, active-active fail-over, and snapshots. Cybernetics also sells the iSCSI-based iTape and HSTC backup products.

Cybernetics recently announced a line of tape libraries based on the Super AIT (SAIT) tape format, which stores 500GB to 1.5TB (compressed) per cartridge. Transfer rates fall between 108GB and 324GB per hour. Total library capacity ranges up to 15TB in a 4U rack. www.cybernetics.com.

Arena delivers NAS RAID

Arena Maxtronic's Pegasus is a family of NAS RAID arrays available in two-bay (model 220GT), four-bay (410GT), and eight-bay (820GR) configurations. All of the NAS devices support the AppleTalk AFP 3.1 protocol, as well as NFS and CIFS, and ATA-133 disk drives. RAID support ranges from RAID 0 and 1 at the low end to RAID 0, 1, 3, and 5 on the 820GR. Cache ranges from 256MB to 512MB, and processors range from an 800MHz C3 to a 1.8GHz P4. www.maxtronic.com.

StorCase integrates Serial ATA

StorCase Technology is shipping its Info-Station 16-bay 3U RAID enclosure, which supports Serial ATA (SATA) drive technology and Ultra320 SCSI host connections. Company executives say that in performance tests, the SCSI-to-SATA enclosure has demonstrated results comparable to those of traditional SCSI enclosures. Moreover, StorCase's SCSI-to-SATA products are being used in demanding data access applications such as high-definition video editing. www.storcase.com.


Veritas upgrades NetBackup

Veritas Software recently announced its NetBackup Version 5.1 software, which includes enhancements for backup and recovery. Integrated with Network Appliance's Snapshot technology to create point-in-time images, NetBackup's Advanced Client option offers data protection for NAS without the need to move data over the network and, by keeping the data local, IT managers can get rapid restores. Plus, the snapshot capability for backup reduces disruption to end users.

Additional enhancements include 256-bit encryption and a new Access Control feature to restrict or provide specific access levels to NetBackup's administrative functionality.

With Advanced Client, the snapshot techniques are consolidated into one offering so that administrators can select the best backup-and-recovery method for their IT environments. Advanced Client supports DB2 and SQL Server agents for increased data availability. NetBackup also now supports the Intel Itanium Architecture platform for Microsoft Windows and HP-UX operating systems.

Veritas NetBackup 5.1 is available immediately for Unix, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Pricing starts at $2,000. www.veritas.com.

NTP works with NetApp

NTP Software has released a version of its flagship Quota & File Sentinel software that works with Network Appliance's filers. Dubbed QFS for NAS, NetApp Edition, the application is part of NTP's QFS for NAS line and is fully integrated with the company's QFS for Windows product family.

QFS allows administrators to create policies that control how storage is consumed via file screening and disk quota policies, allowing administrators to control users' storage consumption. QFS for NAS allows administrators to set policies per share, directory, user, or group.

The NetApp version of the code, which was developed in conjunction with Network Appliance, is integrated with the Data ONTAP operating system and works with stand-alone filers, clustered systems, and vFilers. www.ntpsoftware.com.

Deepfile adds file management application

Adding to its file management products, which includes the Auditor and Enforcer product lines, Deepfile this month released the Sentinel application. Sentinel enables the distribution of file management responsibilities to end users. Files are managed based on corporate policies.

Designed for managing unstructured data, the software enables users to eliminate unauthorized and duplicate files via collaborative workflow features.

A File Advisor interface provides visibility to storage subsets based on users, group administrators, departments, and business units. An Email Notification Manager delivers updates to users and administrators when new file reports become available. A Dashboard Report feature provides an overview of users' file storage characteristics, including a collection of usage statistics by file type, age of files, and duplicate files. Sentinel is integrated with Auditor and Enforcer and is not available as a stand-alone product. www.deepfile.com.


StorageTek ships high-end library

StorageTek recently announced availability of its SL8500 modular tape library, which is the first in the company's Streamline family of enterprise tape library solutions. The SL8500 Modular Library System scales from 1,456 to 300,000 cartridge slots to deliver up to 90 petabytes of capacity in an ultra-dense footprint. The device has high-performance robotics, redundant components, and support for mixed media. www.storagtek.com.

This article was originally published on July 01, 2004