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SATA onslaught continues

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iQstor Networks' J1200 SATA expansion enclosure is a JBOD device that provides additional capacity for the company's iQ1000 disk subsystem, which is based on Fibre Channel. (For a review of the iQ1000, see "Building a SAN for SMBs," InfoStor, July 2004, p. 30). Designed for tiered storage (combining high-performance Fibre Channel and low-cost Serial ATA), the J1200 scales to 6TB per enclosure using up to 15 400GB SATA drives. Pricing starts at $5,880. www.iqstor.com.

Winchester Systems' FlashDisk SATA EX-1610 and EX-1620 enclosures support both Fibre Channel and SATA disk drives, enabling tiered storage when coupled with the company's FX-700 subsystem. The 3U EX-1610 and EX-1620 have one and two 2Gbps Fibre Channel host interfaces, respectively. Capacity can be scaled to more than 200TB using 250GB SATA drives and four cabinets. Pricing starts at $6,341. www.winsys.com.

Globalstor Data's ExtremeStor-iNAS combines NAS, iSCSI, and up to 24 250GB SATA drives for as much as 6TB of capacity. The RAID array includes dual 2.4GHz Xeon processors, a Linux-based operating system, and Ultra320 SCSI or Fibre Channel connections. Pricing starts at $14,000 for a configuration with 24 250GB SATA drives. www.globalstor.com.

Intradyn provides e-mail archiving for SMBs

Intradyn recently began shipping an e-mail archiving-and-retrieval appliance for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that includes compliance features. The ComplianceVault appliance provides e-mail capture, search, and retrieval; content search of up to one million e-mails per second based on keywords; and a combination of disk (120GB or 250GB) and write-once, read-many (WORM) tape.

The disk component provides a "random access reference volume" while the tape system, which is based on Sony's AIT WORM drive/media, provides the "compliance volume" component of the all-in-one system. The appliance works with Microsoft Exchange and any IMAP or POP e-mail server. All e-mails are continuously saved and indexed to disk and then archived to tape. A configuration with 120GB and 250GB of disk capacity is priced at $6,995 and $7,995, respectively. www.intradyn.com.

ADIC enhances D2T

Recent upgrades to ADIC's Pathlight VX disk-to-tape backup product include 2TB-per-hour performance (host-to-disk and disk-to-tape) and the addition of EMC's CLARiiON disk arrays into the product as part of a reseller deal that ADIC recently signed with EMC. The company also added a 3.8TB entry-level configuration, as well as capacity expansion to 46.8TB on the high end. The new release also includes background writing of data from disk-to-tape independent of backup applications, a process referred to as "early tape creation." www.adic.com.

Overland ships D2D backup for SMBs

Overland Storage last month added the REO 1000 to its line of disk-based backup systems. The system is designed for SMBs and is positioned as an alternative to tape autoloaders.

The 1U REO 1000 has a 1TB capacity and emulates LTO-2 tape drives. The system also supports RAID, iSCSI, Gigabit Ethernet, operating systems such as Windows and Solaris, and a variety of backup applications, including BackupExec and ARCserve. MSRP is $4,949. www.overlandstorage.com.

Unitrends expands D2D backup

Unitrends recently introduced a line of disk-to-disk data-protection appliances for SMBs. The entry-level DPU S250/S400 has a capacity of 250GB to 400GB and five expansion slots. The DPU 3000 is a rack unit with 250GB to 4.8TB and five expansion slots that is expandable for up to three units for 19.6TB of total capacity.

The 9.6TB DPU 500 includes RAID 5 and dual 64-bit processors. The Storage Array Unit (SAU) uses SATA disk drives and has 12 drive bays and up to 4.8 TB. The DPU 5000 is designed for mirroring and can store up to 9.6 TB, or up to 19.6TB with SAU expansion units. And the DPV 10000 is a high-capacity (up to 56TB) configuration with a sustained throughput of 780MBps, eight Fibre Channel connections, RAID 5, and dual 64-bit processors. www.unitrends.com.

STK library scales to 18 drives

Billed as part of the company's information life-cycle management (ILM) strategy, StorageTek recently release the StreamLine SL500 tape library. The rack-mounted system starts with 30 LTO cartridge slots and can scale to 500 slots, or more than 100TB of uncompressed capacity. The SL500 supports up to 18 tape drives, with throughput rates of more than 2TB per hour. Another key feature of the library is support for mixed media. www.storagetek.com.

NovaStor supports Oracle, D2D

Version 9 of NovaStor's NovaNET backup software supports Oracle database servers (8i and 9i) as well as disk-to-disk backup via a VirtualTape feature. Nova-Stor claims that the disk-based backup option provides a 50% improvement in backup time and a 90% improvement in restore time versus conventional tape-based backup solutions. Pricing for NovaNET 9 starts at $199 for a peer-to-peer network or $399 for a single-server environment. Oracle support is optional. www.novastor.com.

This article was originally published on August 01, 2004