– With the rollout of its sixth generation operating system today, OneFS 6.0, Isilon introduced two applications for simplifying data management in scale-out NAS environments: SmartPools and InsightIQ.

SmartPools unifies multiple Isilon IQ systems, or storage tiers, under a single file system and volume with policy-based automated data movement between the tiers. The file tiering application is an alternative to manual data migration or the use of stubs in third-party hierarchical storage management (HSM) applications.

“The key differentiator is that we have a single file system and volume for multiple price/performance tiers, with file-level granularity, which simplifies data management and lowers costs,” says Sam Grocott, Isilon’s vice president of marketing.

The storage tiers can consist of Isilon’s S-Series (tier 1), X-Series (tier 1 or 2) and NL-Series (tier 2 or 3) archiving platforms, with SAS drives in tier 1 systems and SATA drives in tier 2 and 3 systems. In Isilon’s architecture, the tiers are linked via InfiniBand.

Also as part of its OneFS rollout, Isilon introduced InsightIQ analytics software, which identifies performance bottlenecks on NAS systems.

“InsightIQ provides file system analytics and monitors access patterns, age of files, data usage, CPU and network utilization and other parameters to enable administrators to optimize their environments,” says Grocott. InsightIQ can be used in conjunction with SmartPools to improve data placement and storage tiering.

InsightIQ is delivered as a virtual appliance that runs in VMware environments.

OneFS 6.0, SmartPools and InsightIQ will be available on July 30. SmartPools pricing ranges from $3,950 to $9,950 per node, and InsightIQ ranges from $1,950 to $3,850 per node. Both applications require OneFS 6.0.

In the first quarter of this year, Isilon (NSDQ:ISLN) posted revenue of $39.3 million, up 46% over the same period a year ago.

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