StorageTek acquires Storability

By Sonia R. Lelii

Storage Technology Corp. recently gobbled up business partner Storability, an ailing start-up that helped StorageTek procure 30 customers with its enterprise storage resource management (ESRM) software, which now will be used to help the tape company morph into an information life-cycle management (ILM) player.

As part of the acquisition, StorageTek gains Storability's Global Storage Manager (GSM) software, a storage resource monitoring tool for both disk- and tape-based data-protection solutions that has been shipping since 2002. StorageTek already had an OEM relationship with Storability and had bundled the tape portion of GSM in its Backup Resource Monitor (BRM) product, which was unveiled this summer. The software gives administrators a detailed view of their backup infrastructure from applications to networking infrastructure and tape automation components.

StorageTek did not disclose the financial details behind the acquisition, except to say that it was an asset purchase transaction.

StorageTek will retain Storability's 70 employees, at least 50 of which are engineers. Company executives say they have about 30 customers that have purchased GSM. "Those customers like the idea that the product is now controlled and owned by a large company," says Todd Rief, director of corporate strategy at StorageTek.

Rief says GSM will play a strong role in building the company's ILM strategy. For example, it will be used to make the data-protection process more reliable and less labor-intensive by giving users information on the reliability of their backups, and GSM will also be used to design archiving and compliance solutions.

In mid-2002, StorageTek acquired Storability's Storage Operations Center (SOC) and launched its Remote Managed Storage service offering.

This article was originally published on October 12, 2004