New Products

Engenio mixes Fibre Channel, SATA

Enhances remote mirroring

Engenio Information Technologies recently released the 9.1 version of its SANtricity Storage Manger software, which includes enhanced Remote Volume Mirror software and support for mixing Fibre Channel and Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives behind a single controller in Engenio's subsystems. Remote Volume Mirror functions include

  • Synchronous and asynchronous mirroring;
  • Suspend and resume mirroring with delta resynchronization;
  • Write-order consistency groups;
  • Dynamic mode switching without breaking or suspending a mirror;
  • Read-only mirror access, including the ability to create a snapshot of the mirror volume; and
  • Up to 64 mirror pairs (on the company's 4884/5884 controllers) or 32 mirror pairs (2882 controller).
Asynchronous mirroring enables the distance between primary and remote sites to be extended to thousands of miles, while reducing the impact of latency. Mixing Fibre Channel and SATA drives enables tiered storage. www.engenio.com.

Xiotech enables tiered storage

Users are now able to mix Serial ATA (SATA) and two types of Fibre Channel disk drives ("Economy" and "Enterprise") in Xiotech's Magnitude 3D storage systems, to create a two- or three-tier storage architecture. Users can choose drives based on application performance, availability, and cost requirements. Magnitude 3D systems can be deployed in "Dimensional Storage Clusters." www.xiotech.com.

AMI combines NAS, iSCSI SAN

American Megatrends recently entered the iSCSI subsystem space with an appliance that can handle file-level NAS (CIFS, NFS, AFP, and NC) as well as block-level SAN I/Os. The StorTrends iTX system is based on AMI's 2104 appliance, which supports four ATA disk drives in a 1U form factor, and ManageTrends IP storage management suite. Capacity ranges up to 1.2TB.

Features include support for Active Directory Services (ADS) and RAID 0, 1, and 5. The 2104 appliance is based on an Intel Pentium 4, dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, up to 3GB DDR memory, and two PCI slots.

AMI joins a growing list of iSCSI disk array vendors, which includes vendors such as Adaptec, Cybernetics, Dell (which OEMs iSCSI subsystems from EMC), EMC, EqualLogic, IBM, Intransa, LeftHand Networks, Network Appliance, Nimbus Data Systems, Overland Storage, Promise Technology, and Snap Appliance (which was recently acquired by Adaptec).

For more information on AMI's StorTrends iTX system visit www.ami.com.

JES ships COTS NAS system

JES Hardware Solutions is shipping a 23TB commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) NAS server that is based on Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2003 platform. Designed for the US military, the system comes in a 42U rack and includes TCP/IP accelerator cards from Alacritech, as well as Atto Technology's Celerity FC-22XH dual-channel Fibre Channel adapters. Features include a PCI-Express motherboard, dual Xeon processors, 8GB of RAM, and 36GB 15,000rpm disk drives. www.4raid.com.

Infortrend supports SATA-II

At the IBC show in Amsterdam last month, Infortrend introduced its EonStor A08U-C2410 RAID subsystem, which is available in a convertible desktop or tower "Cube" form factor. It's Infortrend's first array to support SATA-II (although it also supports SATA-I and parallel ATA drives). SATA-II includes advanced functions such as native command queuing (NCQ).

The Cube design allows for cascading by stacking up to four enclosures for a total capacity of up to 12TB.

The direct-attached storage subsystem features 64TB per logical drive; multiple logical drive configurations (each with a different RAID level); online expansion; background logical drive initialization; and multi-host support. The subsystems include two Ultra320 SCSI host channels and multi-path load balancing. www.infortrend.com.

NeuStream adds replication

Start-up NeuStream Inc. has enhanced the software available with its StorageBoss Appliance system. Share Management Suite V1.4 includes real-time data replication and high-availability clustering software.

The replication software is based on Constant Data's semi-synchronous Constant Replicator software, which provides mirroring and automatic fail-over over IP networks.

NeuStream's StorageBoss includes Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives (up to 3TB) and support for block-level iSCSI and file-level NAS (CIFS, NFS, AFP). Features include dual Xeon processors, 2GB of RAM, dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and an Ultra320 SCSI external port. The system can be used to consolidate disparate tape backup devices by attaching them to the Ultra320 interface.

The StorageBoss Appliance is priced from about $15,000. The optional replication software is priced at $2,995, and the high-availability software, $1,995. www.neustream.com.

StorCase integrates 2.5-inch Savvio drives

StorCase Technology's 10-bay, 1U InfoStation SCSI backplane enclosure is now available with Seagate's new 2.5-inch Savvio SFF (small-form-factor) Ultra320 SCSI disk drives. The system supports single- or dual-host connections. www.storcase.com.

CMS backs up desktops, laptops

CMS Products recently shipped the latest version of its ABSplus portable backup-and-restore product. Configured with a 2.5-inch, 100GB disk drive, the ABSplus is priced at $419, including the company's BounceBack Professional software and QuickRestore module, which simplifies the data-recovery process. The devices can be plugged into USB 2.0, PCMCIA, or FireWire interfaces. www.cmsproducts.com.

Executive enhances disk defragger

The 9.0 version of Executive Software's Diskeeper disk defragmentation software includes a number of new features, including an I/O SMART tool that intelligently monitors drive access during defragmentation to ensure top speed; a FRAG SHIELD feature that dynamically reduces fragmentation of system files; the ability to set up to two schedules per drive; and a File Performance Defragmentation Mode for increased performance. www.executive.com.

BiTMICRO announces SSD iSCSI target

BiTMICRO Networks last month announced an -iSCSI-based solid-state disk (SSD) target device. The flash-based E-Disk unit is available in Fibre Channel, Ultra320 SCSI, parallel ATA, or Serial ATA (SATA) versions. www.bitmicro.com.

This article was originally published on October 01, 2004