SNW wrap-up

In a follow-up to last week's e-newsletter, which covered a number of product announcements from Storage Networking World, here are a few more announcements from last week's conference.

STORServer announced an OEM agreement with nStor to incorporate nStor's Fibre Channel-to-SATA (Serial ATA) controllers into its D10000, D20000, and D30000 Backup Appliances. The disk-to-disk backup appliances, which are integrated with tape libraries, will incorporate nStor's model 4700 SATA controllers. The D Series is based on Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2003 and scales from 500GB to more than 73TB.

Troika Networks and StoreAge Networking Technologies announced the Troika Accelera/StoreAge SVM storage virtualization and data-protection solution for VMware ESX server environments, which combines server virtualization and storage virtualization technologies. The system is based on Troika's Accelera Network Storage Services Platform, a purpose-built device for hosting network-based applications. Business continuity features include snapshots, mirroring, and replication. The combo platform allows IT administrators to provision VMware ESX Server virtual machines with dedicated storage volumes (500MB to 2TB per virtual machine).

Among the many iSCSI-related announcements at Storage Networking World, Wasabi Systems announced shipments of its Storage Builder 1500i, a compact flash-based software solution that enables production of native iSCSI target devices. Features include CHAP authentication, support for clustered servers, up to 64 virtual disks and 80 iSCSI sessions per appliance, as many as 32 drives per enclosure, and SATA drive support (Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital). Early OEMs of Storage Builder 1500i include Studio Network Solutions, Boston Ltd. in the UK, and Xtore.

In another iSCSI-related announcement, tape library manufacturer Spectra Logic introduced libraries with TCP/IP offload engines (TOEs) based on ASIC chips from QLogic. The TOEs are integrated with Spectra Logic's Gigabit Ethernet controllers for high-speed iSCSI connectivity.

SANBlaze Technology announced that it will ship a 4Gbps version of its VirtuaLUN Fibre Channel target emulation system in the first quarter of next year (a 2Gbps version is currently shipping). VirtuaLUN provides a virtual environment for testing Fibre Channel devices without the costs associated with using physical disk arrays. The system can emulate as many as 2,800 LUNs and can be configured with two, four, or six Fibre Channel ports (1Gbps, 2Gbps, or 4Gbps).

This article was originally published on November 03, 2004