New Products

Rasilient launches SATA/FC/iSCSI RAID

Start-up Rasilient Systems recently entered the market with the RASTOR 4000 disk subsystem for the SMB market. The system is based on Linux software that emulates RAID and volume management functionality, the iSCSI protocol, and active-active fail-over.

Designed for OEMs, the RASTOR comes in a 3U rack-mount enclosure that can scale to 3.75TB using 15 dual-ported Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives-either 1.5Gbps or 3.0Gbps. Host connectivity includes Fibre Channel or iSCSI. NAS functionality was due this month via a software upgrade. The RAID array supports up to 256 LUNs. www.rasilient.com.

iSCSI product wrap-up

Although end-user adoption of IP SANs is still in its infancy stages, vendors introduced a slew of iSCSI-related products over the last couple of months. Here's a sampling:

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EqualLogic extended its line of iSCSI- based PeerStorage Arrays with the PS Series, which ranges in capacity from 1TB to 44.8TB. Six configurations are available, including versions with 10,000rpm drives and 400GB drives. Other features include automatic load balancing, automatic snapshot management, automatic replication, volume cloning, volume management, and storage virtualization. The 1.75TB, entry-level model PS50E is priced from $24,900. www.equallogic.com.

Intransa has added the iSCSI-based IP5500 storage system to its line of IP SAN products. The company claims that the IP5500 is 80% faster than its predecessors; provides N-way active-active fail-over from hosts, volumes, and components; and scales from 2TB to 48TB by linking enclosures. A 2TB IP5500 is priced at $60,000, including software, while a 4TB configuration starts at $66,000. Intransa officials say that the iSCSI systems are gaining traction in applications such as replication, disk-to-disk backup/recovery, disaster recovery, and storage consolidation. www.instransa.com.

iQstor Networks' new iQ1210 disk subsystems are based on Serial ATA (SATA) drives and can be linked together via iSCSI. The iQ1210 has the same features as the company's iQ1200, including embedded intelligence. An entry-level iQ1210 is priced at $9,995 for a 640GB configuration that includes embedded asynchronous remote replication software and SAN Manager software. www.iqstor.com.

Atto Technology last month began shipments of an iSCSI software initiator for Apple platforms. The initiator can be used with Atto's iPBridge to connect SCSI storage devices to Ethernet/IP networks via iSCSI. www.attotech.com.

Wasabi Systems is shipping the Wasabi Storage Builder 1500i compact-flash-based software that enables OEMs and integrators to create iSCSI-enabled target devices. Features include CHAP authentication, support for clustered servers, up to 64 virtual disks and 80 iSCSI sessions per appliance, support for up to 32 drives per enclosure, and SATA support for drives from Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital. The software is compatible with Windows and Linux iSCSI drivers, and iSCSI hardware adapters from vendors such as Adaptec, Alacritech, and Intel. www.wasabisystems.com.

WinTarget 2.1, from String Bean Software, is iSCSI target software for Windows Server 2003 platforms, allowing Windows platforms to share disk resources with other Windows systems using the iSCSI protocol. New additions to the 2.1 release include Snapshot and Data View, which together allow high-speed backups from disk to tape, or disk to disk. WinTarget 1.2 works with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). For free evaluation software, go to www.stringbeansoftware.com.

Spectra Logic is shipping tape libraries with TCP/IP offload engines (TOEs) to boost performance. The TOEs are integrated with the libraries' Gigabit Ethernet controllers, enabling iSCSI communications and direct (bridge-less) connection to LANs. The TOEs are based on ASIC chips from QLogic. www.spectralogic.com.

PyX Technologies is shipping to OEMs iSCSI thin (350KB) client initiator and target software featuring Error Recovery Level Two (ERL2), the highest level of block-level data transmission reliability over IP networks. The software is designed for the wireless and personal computing and entertainment markets, and allows access by users to any data stored on iSCSI-enabled systems over a WAN, LAN, or wireless transport fabric. The software can be implemented on hand-held devices. www.pyxtechnologies.com.

Panasas branches out

Previously focused primarily on large laboratory facilities such as Los Alamos and Sandia, Panasas is trying for more mainstream appeal by branching out into vertical markets such as broadcasting, media, and oil/gas exploration with its clustered Linux NAS architecture. As part of that push the company introduced two bundled packages, as well as its object-based Active-Scale File System 2.0 software. Key features of the new software include file locking, enhanced load balancing, and disk monitoring for the system's Serial ATA (SATA) drives.

The two bundled systems are referred to as Parallel NAS and Scalable NAS and fall into Panasas' Storage Cluster Platform family. The Parallel NAS configuration provides 5TB of capacity per 4U rack and one DirectorBlade and includes massively parallel data paths with DirectFLOW protocol support. The Scalable NAS bundle has 4.5TB per 4U shelf and two DirectorBlades. Both systems support CIFS and NFS. www.panasas.com.

Isilon debuts third-gen file system

Isilon Systems has released the third generation of its OneFS distributed file system, which is used with the company's clustered storage systems. One of the new features is FlexProtect-AP technology, which can rebuild a failed 250GB disk in less than one hour, improve capacity utilization, and proactively monitor and migrate data off of at-risk components. FlexProtect-AP automatically distributes data and error-correction information across all Isilon IQ nodes in a cluster for data protection.

OneFS 3.0 is integrated with Isilon's SyncIQ replication software for disk-based copies and includes support for NDMP.

Separately, Isilon announced a new channel program, called SmartPartners, for resellers in North America and Asia. Partners include The Pinnacle Group, Tokyo Electron, Nth Generation, Seoul Electron, Ordigraphe, Bright Systems, and others. www.isilon.com.

ExaGrid's NAS 'self protects'

ExaGrid's Advanstor combines primary NAS storage with an integrated suite of data-protection capabilities. The two-tier disk solution uses Serial ATA-based GRIDdisks and includes automated data migration and continuous on-site/off-site backup and recovery for disaster-recovery applications. Configurations are priced from $62,000. www.exagrid.com.

Finisar tests SANs

In the 2.0 version of its NetWisdom real-time monitoring and analysis system, Finisar added a dashboard that allows SAN administrators to view and get snapshots of an entire SAN fabric. In addition, Net-Wisdom is available as a software and/or hardware option for probing storage networks. The system monitors SAN functions and reports on the health and performance of the network. Shipments begin next month. www.finisar.com.

NeoScale debuts SAN VPN appliance

NeoScale Systems' CryptoStor SAN VPN security appliance is designed to address the latency and performance issues related to the transmission of storage applications over metropolitan area networks (MANs). The appliance uses AES-256 to encrypt Fibre Channel links over public fiber networks for high-performance, low-latency SAN extension. Hardware-based LZS compression is optional. The CryptoStor appliance is compatible with optical MAN technologies such as DWDM and SONET. www.neoscale.com.

InoStor ships autoloader, NAS

InoStor is shipping a 1U rack-mount DLT VS160 tape autoloader. The unit is the first member of Tandberg Data's new StorageLoader family of automation products. (InoStor is a Tandberg Data company.) Mounted in a 19-inch rack, the DLT VS160 StorageLoader has a capacity of up to 1.2TB and a data-transfer rate of up to 16MBps with 2:1 compression. The autoloader features removable media magazines so that cartridges can be loaded and unloaded four at a time. MSRP is $4,420.

The company also introduced new Linux-based NAS appliances based on the its RAIDn technology, which protects against multiple disk drive failures. The InteliNAS appliances scale from 480GB to more than 4.8TB, use Serial ATA disk drives, and are available in 1U and 2U form factors. Software functionality includes replication, mirroring, snapshots, and tape backup. Pricing starts at $2,899. www.inostor.com.

Gateway launches LTO3 autoloader

Gateway's model 823 tape autoloader uses LTO3 drives and media and comes in a 2U package. A 6.4TB version is priced at $6,499 with one drive and eight tape cartridges. Each cartridge holds 800GB of compressed data; the drives have a transfer rate of up to 66MBps. Available software includes Veritas' Backup Exec 9.0 and Yosemite's Tapeware XE 7.0. www.gateway.com.

Bocada adds compliance features

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The 3.5 release of Bocada's BackupReport software enables management of distributed data-protection environments, regardless of the underlying technology or system architecture. The new release features the following:

  • Automated service level agreement (SLA) validation;
  • Automated compliance verification;
  • Role-based security controls;
  • Vaulting and restore support;
  • Support for more than 100,000 servers;
  • Enhanced Web-based report access and distribution;
  • Integrated support for tape libraries; and
  • Support for leading storage management software applications. www.bocada.com.

TimeSpring debuts CDP software

TimeSpring Software has debuted its TimeData file-based continuous data-protection (CDP) software for Windows platforms. The software automatically captures all changes to application data in real time, enabling data recovery in minutes. All changes to data are captured, checked for consistency, and time-stamped in a Windows-based repository. Administrators can use the time-dimensional data repository for analysis, reporting, and testing. Pricing starts at $1,295 per file server. www.timespring.com.

Procom doubles NAS capacity

Procom recently doubled the capacity of its high-end NetFORCE 4000 series NAS filers by supporting 300GB disk drives, bringing the filer's maximum raw capacity to 67TB for model NF4200C and 33TB for model NF4100 and improving storage density to 1.46TB per U (or 1.75 inches of rack space). The NF4200C and NF4100 occupy 46U and 23U, respectively, and support up to 224 or 112 drives. www.procom.com.

Winternals upgrades backup/recovery software

The 2.0 version of Winternals' Recovery Manager software includes new features such as the following:

  • Expanded recovery capabilities, including files, user registry settings, and user data;
  • Improved efficiency (only changed portions of live files are transmitted and stored in Recovery Points);
  • Mobile PC protection;
  • Protection for remote systems; and
  • Data encryption.

Recovery Manager is designed for Windows environments. www.winternals.com.

Cutting Edge enhances software

Version 2 of Cutting Edge's 64-bit EdgeWare software is based on the Linux 2.6 kernel, supports volume sizes up to 133 petabytes, and has a transfer rate of more than 600Mbps. An optional distributed storage module adds iSCSI (target and initiator), clustering, aggregation, and remote mirroring functionality. The operating system is available on the company's line of Opteron-based storage appliances, which range from 1TB to 20TB of Serial ATA (SATA) or SCSI storage. Applications include NAS file servers, disk-to-disk backup, storage consolidation, secondary storage, and data archiving. www.cuttedge.com.

Imceda backs up Exchange, SQL

Imceda Software recently announced availability of LiteSpeed for Exchange software, which provides e-mail backup and recovery for Exchange environments. Features include adaptive compression, and mailbox, task, header, contact and calendar recovery, in addition to e-mail text recovery.

The company also announced LiteSpeed 4.0 for SQL Server database backup. Enhancements include adaptive compression, command-line substitution, and dynamic distribution features. Imceda claims a backup speed of 1TB per hour. www.imceda.com.

Tek-Tools addresses compliance

Last month, Tek-Tools began shipping Profiler Rx for Compliance Reporting. Profiler Rx is a suite of reporting and management tools designed to help enterprises meet compliance reporting objectives in accordance with federal and state regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and EU regulations.

Profiler Rx supports compliance reporting in two ways: It functions as an audit tool that can be used to examine an enterprise's data stores in order to groom data and establish policies for backup and archiving, and it generates customizable and off-the-shelf reports about the status and success of backups. The software evaluates data in relation to its usefulness and accessibility and also examines the repositories where data is stored and backed up. It works in SAN, NAS, and DAS environments.

Profiler Rx for Compliance Reporting is priced from $5,000. www.tek-tools.com.

This article was originally published on December 01, 2004