Top mergers & acquisitions of 2004

We end our 2004 wrap-up with a look back at some the more significant mergers and acquisitions in the storage industry leading up to the pending Symantec-Veritas blockbuster (not covered here). A review of M&A mania in 2004 will give you a good idea of what to expect in 2005 (and may shed some light on the Symantec deal).

EMC, Veritas continue acquisition sprees (February)
Coverage of EMC's acquisition of VMware and Veritas' acquisition of Ejasent.

Symantec moves into storage, systems management (June)
Coverage of the first products--Symantec Enterprise Administration--to emerge from Symantec's acquisition of PowerQuest.

Adaptec acquires Snap Appliance (August)
Adaptec adds NAS and expanded channel presence.

Veritas acquisition adds e-mail archiving (October)
Coverage of Veritas' acquisition of e-mail archiving vendor KVS.

EMC picks up Dantz (November)
Acquisition of backup software provider Dantz Development positions EMC for SMB play.

StorageTek acquires Storability (November)
STK buys business partner Storability, formerly an SSP and more recently a vendor of enterprise storage resource management (ESRM) software.

Iron Mountain to acquire Connected (November)
The king of off-site data protection breaks into online data protection.

This article was originally published on January 11, 2005