New Products

Get ready for 4Gbps Fibre Channel

On the heels of announcements by some switch vendors regarding support for 4Gbps Fibre Channel, a number of board and chip vendors have announced new 4Gbps Fibre Channel products. For example, within the next two months Emulex plans to begin shipments to OEMs of 4Gbps LPe11000 Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) and Zephyr I/O controllers with native PCI Express interfaces. The LPe11000 HBAs, based on the Zephyr chips, are software-compatible with Emulex’s existing HBAs (via the company’s Service Level Interface, or SLI) and come in single- or dual-channel versions. Emulex currently supports 4Gbps Fibre Channel on its LightPulse HBAs for PCI-X 2.0 and PCI Express-based servers. www.emulex.com.

This month, Agilent Technologies began production shipments of its 4Gbps Tachyon QX4 HPFC-6400B Fibre Channel controllers for PCI-Express systems. Agilent claims that the quad-port controllers can exceed 1.3 million I/Os per second (at 512-byte data payloads) and a bandwidth of 2.7GBps. The controllers feature an eight-lane PCI-Express system bus. www.agilent.com.

Scheduled for shipments about mid-year, Ario Data Networks’ 4Gbps SANARIO FC is a dual-channel external RAID controller based on an Intel IOP331 I/O processor with support for all RAID levels, up to 64 RAID groups per controller, and up to 16 disk drives per RAID group. Other features include variable stripe size, read-ahead caching, dynamic cache allocation, and fail-over/fail-back capability. www.ariodata.com.

Aristos Logic is shipping the 4Gbps single-chip AL3400 UltraSlice RAID processor with support for PCI-X. Features include support for RAID 6, spindle speed rebuild, and Aristos Storage Kernel (ASK) RAID software. www.aristoslogic.com.

IBM upgrades disk, tape, software

IBM recently made the following announcements:

  • IBM’s complete line of LTO-based tape drives/libraries/autoloaders now supports LTO-3. Additionally, the company added a dual robotics feature for its TotalStorage 3584 tape library, which more than doubles the tape-mount performance rate.
  • The company’s TotalStorage DS4000 disk arrays now support 146GB 15,000rpm and 300GB 10,000rpm Fibre Channel disk drives for up to 67TB of capacity and improved performance.
  • TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) 2.1 includes new operating system and clustering software support, as well as a migration feature (SAN Volume Controller Migration) that simplifies data migration between disparate disk arrays. Also, IBM released SAN File System (SFS) 2.2.1, which includes Microsoft Clustering support for Windows clients.

Veritas supports Sun Solaris 10

Veritas last month announced that its Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, and Volume Replicator software will support Sun Solaris 10. The 4.1 release of these applications includes support for Solaris Containers, DTrace, and new security features with Process Rights Management and Solaris Secure Execution.

Additionally, Veritas announced that Storage Foundation now includes an API and a software development kit that will make it easier for companies to standardize on a common storage management platform across heterogeneous storage and server environments and allow third-party developers to write new applications for the software.

New to Volume Replicator 4.1 is the ability to replicate and recover data regardless of the type of application or database, including Oracle RAC, as well as a bandwidth-throttling capability that can reduce replication costs by limiting peak activity and freeing up bandwidth.

Pricing for Storage Foundation starts at $1,495 per server; Cluster Server, $2,995 per server; and Volume Replicator, $4,495. www.veritas.com.

OuterBay, Princeton enhance database archiving

OuterBay recently released the 4.0 version of its Application Data Management Suite for database archiving. Features in ADM Suite 4.0 include a new reload framework and policy-based job set capabilities to automate moving archived data between information life-cycle management (ILM) stages, and a Flexible Business Rule and Constraint Configuration feature for customizing archiving rules. www.outerbay.com.

Competitor Princeton Softech also recently enhanced its database archiving software with Archive for Servers and Relational Tools for Servers Release 6.0. New features include enhanced security (allowing users to define authorization levels for accessing and processing data), Unicode support (for multinational corporations), and support for IBM’s TotalStorage DR550 (for compliance and ILM initiatives). www.princetonsoftech.com.

Tacit adds services

Wide area file services (WAFS) provider Tacit Networks last month laid out a road map for “stackable services” that users can deploy on WAFS appliances at remote branch offices. The services include print, Web caching, e-mail consolidation and acceleration, remote management, and security services (due later this year). The services eliminate the need for dedicated appliances at remote sites. www.tacitnetworks.com.

LeftHand supports Unix

In a sign that iSCSI-based IP SANs may be moving into Unix environments, LeftHand Networks has added support for Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX to the 6.1 release of its SAN/iQ software for IP SANs. Other features added in the 6.1 release include policy management capabilities for provisioning and snapshots, and support for RAID 5 in LeftHand’s storage modules. www.lefthandnetworks.com.

Sony, Intradyn team up

Sony Electronics (www.sony.com/news) and Intradyn (www.intradyn.com) have teamed to provide SMBs-in particular, brokerages, medical clinics, and legal firms-with a plug-and-play archiving-and-retrieval system for records retention. The system couples Intradyn’s ComplianceVault E-mail Archiving and Retrieval Appliances with Sony’s StorStation AIT-2 and AIT-3 tape libraries.

The ComplianceVault can be attached to a network to capture e-mails from virtually any e-mail system on a continuous basis. The e-mails are stored and indexed for fast search and retrieval and are archived and indexed to Sony AIT rewritable or WORM media.

The following three configurations are available:

  • ComplianceVault 1U 250GB (CV1U250) nearline disk storage + StorStation 1U 400GB AIT-2 library-$11,812 MSRP;
  • ComplianceVault 1U 500GB (CV1U500) + StorStation 1U 800GB AIT-2 library-$13,084; and
  • ComplianceVault 1U 800GB (CV1U800) + Stor-Station 2U 1.6TB AIT-3 library-$14,705.

Yosemite backs up to disk

Yosemite Technologies recently shipped a new service pack for its TapeWare 7 backup/recovery software that allows users to back up to disk in a heterogeneous storage environment. The service pack can be downloaded by existing customers from the Yosemite Website at no cost. www.yosemitetech.com.

EVault upgrades online backup/recovery software

This month, online backup-and-recovery provider EVault released Version 5 of its InfoStage software. New features include

  • A Vault Backup Agent that enables companies to stage backups from disk to tape;
  • Extended support for desktops and laptops;
  • A redesigned vault, or back-end repository, with higher capacity and the ability to transparently add capacity;
  • A “parallel restore” feature that speeds up data recovery, allowing multiple restores to be initiated from the same backup repository; and
  • Support for SuSE Linux and V5R3 iSeries platforms (in addition to Windows, NetWare, Solaris, Red Hat Linux, HP-UX, and AIX).

EVault InfoStage is priced from $16,000. www.evault.com.

STORServer ships BC appliance

Starting at $3,000, STORServer’s disk-based D1 Business Continuity Appliance comes in a 4U enclosure and includes online backup/restore, archive, and disaster-recovery capabilities. Targeted at small companies (50GB to 370GB of online data) with little or no IT staff, the appliance is based on Windows Storage Server 2003 and includes a 150GB storage pool that can be enlarged by another 500GB. The 650GB array can be configured as a backup “pool.” Like all of STORServer’s D1 systems, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software is integrated into the appliance. Options include off-site media copies and tape (AIT) or optical (DVD) libraries. www.storserver.com.

NovaStor simplifies backup/DR

NovaStor recently released its NovaBACKUP 7.2 backup-and-recovery software, which includes a disaster-recovery module with an automated wizard to help users create a DR-compliant backup and DR boot disk for Windows systems. In addition, it features support for technologies such as dual-layer HD-DVD and blue-laser DVD formats, as well as Iomega REV drives. The software is available in two editions: Professional Edition for Windows Workstations ($69.95) and Server Edition for Windows NT/2000/2003 ($149.95). www.novastor.com.

Unitrends reduces backup/restore time

Unitrends Software recently released version 2.0 of its data-protection suite (DPS), which incorporates a media management framework that reduces backup/restore time; memory enhancements that allow users to scale the software to support multi-terabyte backups while allowing faster concurrent database updates; and an enhanced bare-metal capability that allows users to restore data across different hardware platforms. The software is available independently or integrated with the company’s Data Protection Units (DPUs). www.unitrends.com.

InoStor intros LTO-2 drive

Last month, InoStor began shipping the Tandberg 420LTO-a 200GB, 24MBps 5.25-inch half-height LTO Ultrium 2 tape drive. Features include an Automatic Variable Transfer Rate, a Fast File Find feature, Ultra320 SCSI LVD interface, embedded media management, and intelligent head cleaning. The drive is 8.4x1.6 inches and is priced at $1,995. www.inostor.com.

NuView adds Linux, Unix support

Last month, NuView shipped StorageX 5.5, which supports Linux and Unix environments, allowing users to build a unified global namespace across CIFS and NFS protocols, as well as perform policy-based heterogeneous data management across Linux, Solaris, Windows, NetApp appliances, and other environments. Administrators can centrally unify CIFS and NFS storage resources and allocate them to applications and users transparently. www.nuview.com.

This article was originally published on April 01, 2005