New Products

4Gb FC rollouts pick up steam

Shipments and demonstrations of products based on 4Gbps Fibre Channel continued over the last couple months, providing end users with products that double the current Fibre Channel transfer rate. Leading the way was Engenio Information Technologies with the first 4Gbps disk array-the model 6998. Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), an Engenio OEM, is already shipping a version of the 6998 RAID array. Engenio claims a 2.5x performance increase over its existing Fibre Channel arrays.

Engenio also introduced Storage Performance Analyzer (SPA) software, which enables companies to improve performance by identifying and isolating bottlenecks throughout a SAN. SPA can be used in conjunction with Engenio’s SANtricity Storage Manager software to monitor SAN components such as host bus adapters (HBAs), switches, RAID controllers, and individual disk drives. www.engenio.com.

At the Storage Networking World (SNW) conference in April, LSI Logic demonstrated the latest addition to its 4Gbps HBAs. The LSI7404EP-LC is a quad-port adapter that supports the PCI Express host bus. LSI also sells single- and dual-port 4Gbps Fibre Channel HBAs. www.lsilogic.com.

Also at SNW, Emulex demonstrated its 4Gbps LPe11000 Fibre Channel HBAs with PCI Express connectivity and Enterprise AutoPilot management wizards. The HBAs are available in single- or dual-port versions. www.emulex.com.

Atto Technology (www.attotech.com) is shipping a range of 4Gbps Fibre Channel products, including

  • The Celerity FC-44ES quad-port HBA for PCI Express systems, which features Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) for controlled acceleration of data transfers;
  • The FibreBridge 2400C/R/D Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridge, with two 4Gbps FC host ports and compatibility with Ultra320 SCSI; and
  • The iPBridge 2700C/R/D iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel bridge, with four Gigabit Ethernet ports and levels 1 and 2 error recovery.

Proware Technology recently introduced a 4Gbps Fibre Channel-to-SATA II external RAID subsystem, the Simbolo SB-3163S-F4A3, with 16 hot-swappable Serial ATA II disk drive bays in a 19-inch 3U rack-mount enclosure. Features include auto rebuild, bad block auto-remapping, array roaming, RAID level migration, a redundant controller option, and support for RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, and 6. www.proware.com.

EMC introduces four-node Centera

EMC recently announced a four-node Centera configuration for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The content-addressable storage (CAS) system provides 2.2TB of usable storage capacity; leverages new “storage-on-access” nodes for better storage utilization (which allows Centera to archive data to nodes previously reserved for access control and data throughput only); and includes new rack options that allow users to install Centera in EMC, as well as in industry-standard, racks. The four-node system reportedly provides the same level of functionality as larger Centera configurations. www.emc.com.

Sun partners with BakBone

Sun recently expanded its NAS portfolio with a bundled system that includes the StorEdge 5310 Compliance Archiving Software and BakBone’s NetVault data-protection software, which includes write-once, read-many (WORM) support for both tape and disk. The bundled system is available from Sun partners such as Sysix Technologies, Helio Solutions, Dewpoint, and General Microsystems.

Separately, Sun recently completed the acquisition of NAS-related intellectual property from Procom Technology for about $50 million. www.sun.com.

STORServer teams with NorthSeas

STORServer, a vendor of business continuity appliances, has teamed with NorthSeas AMT to add e-mail archiving to its appliances. The bundle enables companies to automate the processes that determine how to store and when to delete e-mails and offloads mail servers. In addition to capturing messages, the system lets users search, list, view, and retrieve messages into their in-boxes using existing messaging systems. A system that supports 250 mailboxes is priced from $3,495. www.storserver.com.

Quantum delivers VTL compression

Quantum recently announced the availability of Optyon In-line Data Compression for its DX-Series of disk-based backup systems. The hardware-based compression reportedly doubles the usable capacity of the DX-Series with no degradation in performance.

Optyon is implemented through dedicated hardware adapter cards in the DX-Series controller. By offloading the compression process, the backup server and DX processor are not affected, allowing the appliance to maintain up to 1TB-per-hour performance through a DX30 and up to 2TB per hour through a DX100.

The DX-Series also features a new virtual library partitioning capability that allows users to partition the systems so they can be shared; support for more virtual cartridges; and write load distribution, which automates the allocation of virtual cartridges across DX LUNs. www.quantum.com.

ADIC upgrades D2D VTL

ADIC’s new Pathlight VX 450 presents onboard disk capacity as a virtual tape library (VTL) to applications. It also integrates tape support, which allows users to create tapes in background mode outside the backup window in a single process using existing backup applications. The VX 450 supports up to 4.2TB (via EMC Clariion ATA RAID arrays), has a 0.5TB-per-hour throughput, and supports up to 20 virtual drives. It fits in a standard 19-inch rack and has 2Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity. www.adic.com.

Sepaton releases second-generation VTL

Sepaton’s second-generation S2100 Virtual Tape Library includes a number of new features, including

  • Accelerated backup/restore performance and greater capacity: Backup speeds up to 4.3TB per hour and capacity of 3TB to 1PB;
  • Improved data control, which allows users to move data to a virtual “fire safe” to free up VTL slots while protecting moved data from overwriting. Users can also transfer virtual tapes from one “library” to another as well as set up automatic compression of data according to customized backup policies; and
  • Flexible tape emulation that allows users to simulate up to 64 tape libraries simultaneously from a variety of vendors, including ADIC, IBM, Quantum, and StorageTek.

The S2100 is priced at approximately $60,000. www.sepaton.com.

MaXXan intros intelligent switch

This month, MaXXan Systems began shipments of its MXV250, a director-class Fibre Channel switch with 16 to 64 ports and a variety of storage applications enabled by FalconStor’s IPStor software suite. Integrated applications include remote replication, virtualization, synchronous and asynchronous mirroring, snapshots, and point-in-time copies, as well as NAS functionality. Targeted at midrange IT environments, the MXV250 is priced at $59,000 for a configuration with 32 ports and storage virtualization. www.maxxan.com.

iStor launches iSCSI processor

iStor Networks recently began shipments to the channel of its GigaStorATX storage controller, which conforms to the ATX form-factor specifications. The controller is designed for OEMs, VARs, and systems integrators building iSCSI RAID arrays or other components. The GigaStorATX is based on the iSNP8008 ASIC, which offloads iSCSI and TCP/IP processing. The company claims support for 10Gbps Ethernet wire speed with iSCSI traffic. www.istor.com.

SBE ships GbE TCP/IP TOE card

SBE has completed its merger with iSCSI software developer PyX Technologies and is shipping the dual-port iscsiPCI-2x and iscsiPMC-2x target/initiator controllers, which support Gigabit Ethernet and include TCP/IP offload engines (TOEs). Bundled with PyX’s iSCSI software, the boards include Error Recovery Level 2 (ERL2), active-active trunking for uninterrupted data flow and aggregation of bandwidth, and port fail-over.

The target implementation resides on a storage subsystem and enables separation of the iSCSI protocol from the native storage protocol (SATA, SCSI, or Fibre Channel), while the initiator resides in Linux-based PCI hosts. In addition to ERL2, the PyX software includes multi-path functionality. www.sbei.com.

Xyratex delivers 48-drive 4U RAID

Xyratex’s 4835 RAID subsystem packs 48 hot-swappable Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives in a 4U enclosure for a total capacity of more than 14TB. (A future release will hold 24TB using 500GB SATA drives.) The 4835 includes Maxtor’s 300GB Maxline SATA drives, one or two RAID controllers, and 2Gbps Fibre Channel host connections. www.xyratex.com.

Comtech targets SANs, virtual tape

Comtech’s AHA362-PCIX GZIP boards provide compression/decompression to accelerate performance in SAN servers and virtual tape emulation backup/recovery systems. The PCI-X cards support data rates up to 3Gbps in full-duplex mode and hardware-based compression/decompression using the GZIP algorithm. Pricing starts at $950. www.aha.com.

Atempo software supports tiers

The 4.0 release of Atempo’s Time Navigator data-protection software includes snapshots, replication, and disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) virtual library technology for backup-and-restore applications across multiple tiers of storage. A SnapBackup feature centralizes management of snapshots across heterogeneous platforms, and a Replica feature provides asynchronous replication across heterogeneous subsystems. The software also supports WORM functionality. www.atempo.com.

EVault enhances online D2D backup

Online backup-and-recovery provider EVault recently released Version 5 of its InfoStage software and the EVault Protect managed service offering. New features in InfoStage 5.0 include parallel restore, agents for Exchange/SQL/Oracle, on-the-fly capacity expansion, and the addition of support for SuSE Linux and iSeries platforms. InfoStage software is priced from $16,000. www.evault.com.

Arsenal launches recovery service

Arsenal Digital Solutions’ ViaRecovery is an automated managed service for “bare-metal” server recovery-including operating systems, directories, applications, files, and databases-for business continuity and disaster recovery. The company claims recovery times of minutes or hours, as opposed to days with traditional recovery methods. An appliance on the customer’s LAN captures snapshots of the server, data, and applications, with complete server images captured monthly and incrementals captured weekly. www.arsenaldigital.com.

Winternals recovers Windows

Winternals Software’s Recovery Manager 2.0 is a centralized recovery solution for Windows servers, desktops, and mobile PCs. The company claims recovery time of minutes for a full restore of operating systems, applications, data, and user settings. The software schedules system snapshots (Recovery Points) using agents deployed from a central console. Recovery Manager stores only single instances of system files and rolls back systems in the case of failures. www.winternals.com.

This article was originally published on June 01, 2005