Online data protection specialist Digitiliti beefed up its software arsenal today with DigiLIBE, a new data management system for SMBs that serves as an offsite repository for unstructured data.

Referred to by the company as a Virtual Corporate Library (VCL) system, the DigiLIBE concept is simple: Capture unstructured data upon creation, use policies to automate management and movement and store it offsite, and make it easily accessible to end users.

The system is software-based and comprised of three components: the DigiLIBE client agent, Information Director and Archive Information Store.

The software captures data at the client upon save/close and emails on send and receive. The Information Director collects file metadata during the capture process and performs a range of tasks aimed at wrangling unwieldy file data, including compression, data deduplication, indexing and automated tiering, ultimately sending data to the offsite Archive Information Store.

The system also offers integration with Active Directory, LDAP or custom policies for secure storage and access to files and emails, and encrypts data with 256K or 512K encryption schemes before and after transmission.

The DigiLIBE client agent software starts at $100. The DigiLIBE Information Director is available in 3TB or 12TB configurations and starts at $20,000. Pricing for the Archive Information Store is based on capacity usage and is approximately $3 per gigabyte per month.

Rodd Johnson, Digitiliti’s CTO, says DigiLIBE replaces many of the point products that have traditionally been used to manage file data, including file systems.

“The VCL is a virtual file system that removes the data management barriers created by point solutions,” says Johnson. “The main drivers for this is that file systems are antiquated and just aren’t put together to deal with the huge growth of unmanaged file-based data.”

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