Lasso CDP targets SMBs

By Ann Silverthorn

—Start-up Lasso Logic today unveiled its Lasso CDP appliance, which is designed to provide real-time continuous data protection for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The PC-based appliance includes user-level data recovery, central administration, and "hands-free" local and off-site data protection, eliminating the need for data to be manually transported to remote locations.

In addition to addressing the problems associated with tape-based backup, the disk-to-disk (D2D) backup appliance is designed to solve problems associated with remote backups. In the case of laptops, for example, a software agent "sniffs" the laptop and when data is created or changed it's automatically replicated to a local CDP appliance and then to an off-site appliance. Remote access features are included for mobile users, providing access to data through any Internet-enabled device. This same scenario applies to workstations.

The Lasso software runs at the kernel level and intercepts data and sends it to the CDP appliance. The CDP appliance can back up open files and databases using File System Filter Driver software that's installed on each backup client.

In the event of a lost file or a file that was accidentally written over, users can recover data instantly. From the installed agent, an icon appears on the user's screen. Clicking on the icon reveals a log of every time the user saved documents.

Lasso CDP can be used for local and remote sites, which can then back up to the company's data center or to a service provider's data center. An adaptive backup engine detects usage patterns of the network and individual users. Throughout the day it backs up bits and pieces. "We back up at the binary level," says Anna Yen, Lasso's general manager, "so if you have a 100K file and changes increase it to 140K, Lasso CDP only backs up the additional 40K the second time around. It also features 3:1 compression." (Lasso was founded in 2004 by Yen and CEO Steve Goodman.)

Yen sees Lasso's main competitors as Veritas and Computer Associates. "Most of the markets we go after have Veritas or CA software backing up to tape. We're out to replace tape," says Yen. "And Veritas' new product, Panther, doesn't have the [level of] CDP we have. They're still doing snapshots," she claims.

Lasso CDP will also compete with Microsoft's Data Protection Manager, but Yen notes that "Microsoft acknowledges that DPM is not CDP, and you have to install it on Windows Server System."

Lasso CDP supports applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, ACT!, Goldmine, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Outlook, and Outlook Express, as well as databases such as Microsoft Access, DBASE, and MYSQL. Pricing starts at $1,449.

This article was originally published on July 18, 2005