AppIQ adds modules to software suite

By Ann Silverthorn

AppIQ wants to be a dominant player in the SAN management and storage resource management (SRM) space, and the company appears to have a good start. For example, the company OEMs its software through major storage vendors such as Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard, SGI, and Sun.

The company also claims to have more than 200 customers, according to Tom Rose, vice president of marketing at AppIQ. Most recently, AppIQ announced the 4.0 version of its flagship Storage-Authority Suite, with production shipments due this quarter.

Key features of StorageAuthority Suite 4.0 include the following:

NetApp filer management - This module integrates with Network Appliance’s Data ONTAP operating system and includes full discovery of NetApp filers on the network, along with all asset information for those filers. It also draws the topology for the NetApp filers to show administrators where filers are located and what they’re connected to. Administrators can centrally manage capacity, performance, health, and dependencies. AppIQ’s Rose notes that this module can be particularly advantageous for customers that have a SAN and also NetApp filers and want to have a single console for managing the full infrastructure.

Protection Manager for Veritas Net-Backup - The same users that want to have a central console to manage their entire infrastructure also want a central way to gauge the health of their backup jobs, according to Rose-a requirement that is driven in part by compliance regulations and audit requirements. This module provides a centralized method of viewing the health and status of backup jobs, which jobs succeed and which fail, and which comply with service level agreements (SLAs). “It’s not enough to say you’re protecting data anymore,” says Rose. “You have to prove that you’re doing it.”

Rose says that what differentiates this product is its ability to collect logical backup application information and correlate that information with the physical backup topology. This module can report if the host CPU is bogged down or if the host is out of memory, etc.

Application module for Microsoft SQL Server - The application explorer in this module provides a picture of storage from the eyes of the application. Administrators can see the path that each SQL Server application takes through host mount points, server, volume management software, HBAs and HBA ports, fabric switches, and switch ports to the storage system. Administrators will be able to see where the data from any SQL Server application is being stored. If an array goes offline or firmware is changed, the administrator will know the impact to the application. This module adds to AppIQ’s existing application modules for Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft Exchange, and file servers.

This article was originally published on July 01, 2005