New Products

Promise ships iSCSI-to-SATA RAID

Promise Technology last month claimed to be first to market with a RAID array that has hardware-accelerated iSCSI connectivity and support for 3Gbps Serial ATA (SATA) II disk drives. The VTrak M-Class subsystems are available in six configurations, with 8, 12, or 15 drive bays, up to 7.5TB, 2U and 3U form factors, and dual host connections (either iSCSI or Fibre Channel). In addition to 3Gbps speed, the arrays have other SATA II features such as native command queuing (NCQ), staggered spin-up, and hot-swappable drive support.

iSCSI hardware acceleration is enabled via TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) chips from QLogic.

The VTrak M-Class arrays include a Predictive Data Migration feature that proactively detects potential drive failures and migrates data to a healthy drive. Another key feature in light of the array’s support for SATA is a reduction in drive rebuild times. Promise officials claim that a 1TB rebuild takes only three to seven hours, compared to more than 30 hours for some other SATA subsystems.

Pricing starts at $4,199 for an eight-bay configuration, not including drives. The RAID arrays support virtually all RAID levels, with an implementation of RAID 6 due next month. (RAID 6 protects against simultaneous drive failures.) www.promise.com.

Infortrend intros Ultra320 RAID

Infortrend recently began shipments of RAID arrays with Ultra320 (320MBps) SCSI host and drive interfaces. The EonStor U12U-G4020 and U16U-G4020 are based on the company’s ASIC266 chip with an XOR engine. In a RAID 5 configuration, Infortrend claims sequential read rates of up to 512MBps and sequential write rates up to 326MBps. The subsystems include two host ports and two drive channels. www.infortrend.com.

JMR packs 42 SATA drives in 4U

JMR Electronics’ ORCA is a SATA-based disk subsystem that can be configured with up to 42 disk drives, or 16.8TB, in a 4U form factor. The system includes three fans and power supplies and triple-active Multi-Parity RAID controllers. In addition to SATA, the controllers support Fibre Channel drives. The architecture includes Disk Controller Modules (DCMs) in a cluster configuration with fail-over and support for either host or drive channels.

Features include eight ports per controller (up to 24 in redundant configurations), 1GB to 2GB of cache per DCM, and optional synchronous replication. www.jmr.com.

Nexsan unveils SATA II RAID

Nexsan Technologies has added the SATABoy disk array to its family of InfiniSAN storage subsystems. Notable features of the Serial ATA (SATA) II array include twice the performance of the company’s ATABoy II array, high availability, and a cache mirroring ASIC. The array can be used for primary transaction processing applications as well as long-term storage for compliance, retention, or disk-based backup applications.

The SATABoy provides 5.6TB on 14 drives in a 3U form factor. The system includes dual controllers, each of which can write at 285MBps and read at 380MBps, according to the company.

The array features active-active fail-over, two 2Gbps Fibre Channel ports, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports. The 4-port active-active configuration allows redundancy using dynamic multi-pathing applications such as Veritas’ Storage Foundation.

The SATABoy is a big brother to Nexsan’s first SATA array, the 1U SATABlade, which has eight hot-swappable SATA drives and up to 3.2TB of capacity.

Pricing for the SATABoy is approximately $3,000 per terabyte. A fully configured version with 5.6TB costs about $16,600. www.nexsan.com.

Riverbed adds ‘discontinued operation’

In the 2.0 release of its Steelhead appliances, which provide wide-area data services (WDS), Riverbed added a Proxy File Service (PFS) feature that allows the appliances to continue serving files in the event of a WAN outage. WDS, which is considered by some analysts to be a superset of wide-area file services (WAFS), provides LAN-like performance over WANs, enabling companies to consolidate remote storage resources into central data centers. PFS enables administrators to configure file shares and directories in several different ways to deliver read/write access to some files and read-only access to others. Other key enhancements in the 2.0 release include the following:

  • A high-speed TCP feature (available only on the high-end Steelhead 5010 appliance) that accelerates applications such as FTP over long fat networks (LFNs) where the WAN link is very large but latency is high and throughput limited. For example, on WAN links such as OC-12 or Gigabit Ethernet, Riverbed claims that the Steelhead appliances with TCP acceleration can provide throughput in the range of 500Mbps to 700Mbps; and
  • An application-level acceleration module for Microsoft SQL Server applications such as Project Enterprise.

Other additions include an optional 4-port Gigabit Ethernet NIC card (for up to 12 GbE ports on higher-end WDS appliances), IPSec encryption between appliances, and TCP connection forwarding. Steelhead appliances are priced from $7,500. www.riverbed.com.

Seagate debuts disk drives

Over the summer and fall Seagate will ship a variety of new hard disk drives. Among the shipping units is the Barracuda 7200.9, which includes a 3Gbps SATA II interface, NCQ, 16MB of cache, and 500GB of capacity. Seagate is also shipping the DB35 external drive with 500GB of capacity and an 800Mbps FireWire 800 interface. And the Portable External Hard Drive has a 120GB capacity and an optional FireWire interface.

Seagate also announced 2.5-inch, 160GB, 5,400rpm notebook drives with perpendicular recording (Momentus 5400.3), as well as drives with built-in, hardware-based encryption (Momentus FDE), both of which are due later this year. www.seagate.com.

Cloverleaf supports Cisco’s SANTap service

Cloverleaf Communications has released the second generation of its Intelligent Storage Networking (iSN) system, which now supports Cisco’s SANTap service for out-of-band data migration and replication. iSN 2.0 also provides centralized management, monitoring and consolidation of capacity, bandwidth, and services across both SAN and NAS, regardless of vendor. The iSN platform provides quality of service (QoS) and five fabric-based services: data migration, consolidation and provisioning, business continuance, management of heterogeneous environments, and asset maximization. www.cllf.com.

StoneFly introduces ‘application-aware’ CDP

StoneFly Networks has added a Replicator CDP (continuous data protection) feature and snapshots to its line of IP SAN and Backup Advantage D2D backup systems. Replicator CDP can replicate files, databases, or entire applications for data recovery. Replication is storage-independent and can work with IP SANs, Fibre Channel SANs, or direct-attached storage configurations. The company claims that the “application-aware” nature of Replicator CDP provides faster data recovery than traditional block-level CDP solutions.

Replicator CDP is priced from $2,100. A five-license Replicator CDP system that includes an IP SAN with 1.44TB of capacity is priced at $28,910. The new snapshot feature is included at no charge with StoneFly’s IP SAN configurations. www.stonefly.com.

Revinetix D2D targets SMBs

Revinetix’s Volo D2D backup appliance for SMBs can be set up in a D2D2D configuration that includes off-site archiving and replication. Based on Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives, the appliances include Bare Metal Restore (BMR) software and are available in two versions: Model 400 ($2,995) with 400GB of capacity, and model 440 ($3,495) with an additional 400GB of mirrored disk capacity. Optional archiving software is priced at $995. www.revinetix.com.

Infrant lowers NAS costs

Addressing the issue of how to scale NAS appliances while preserving data, Infrant Technologies’ Expandable Protection X-RAID technology allows users to start with a single-drive NAS RAID array and add drives (up to four) incrementally as they need them. X-RAID technology, introduced last month, is integrated into Infrant’s IT3100 Network Storage Processor family of NAS servers designed for SMBs. www.infrant.com.

Idealstor ships removable D2D

Idealstor’s FrankeNAS D2D backup appliance combines a RAID 5 disk array with removable ATA drives in an all-in-one backup appliance for SMBs. Half of the 4U device (up to 2TB) is configured for RAID 5 nearline storage, and the other half includes up to four removable ATA drives. The FrankeNAS appliance acts as the host for users’ backup software and is configured as a Windows 2003 server with dual Xeon processors. Pricing ranges from $9,995 (500GB of total capacity) to $19,995 (4TB). www.idealstor.com.

NuView enhances ILM

The 3.0 version of NuView’s File Life-cycle Manager (FLM) information life-cycle management (ILM) software, which combines data classification and data movement in one engine, includes

  • Support for simultaneous NFS and CIFS on Network Appliance filers;
  • A Primary Space Optimizer policy that maximizes capacity utilization by ensuring that primary storage devices never run out of space;
  • An Archival Storage Manager policy that improves scalability by defining multiple offline stores as a pool; and
  • An Adaptive Archival Algorithm policy that simplifies administration by enabling users to exclude certain restored files from future migrations.

FLM enables policy-based ILM for files between primary NAS filers and secondary storage systems in a tiered storage architecture. www.nuview.com.

Archivas improves fixed-content archiving

In the 1.5 version of its Archivas Cluster (ArC) fixed-content archiving software, Archivas added a variety of enhancements, such as the following:

  • Integrated ability to search and index the archive, including search of file contents;
  • Increased data availability (the ability to withstand up to three simultaneous points of failure); and
  • A performance increase via improvements in the software messaging layer. www.archivas.com.

BakBone adds encryption

BakBone Software last month introduced an Encryption Application Plug-in Module (APM) for its NetVault backup-and-recovery software. The encryption software does not require additional hardware and encrypts data at its source. The module is based on the CAST 127 encryption algorithm and is priced at $125 per server. www.bakbone.com.

This article was originally published on August 01, 2005