Quantum ships SDLT/LTO libraries

By Ann Silverthorn

—Quantum today announced availability of its new PX500 series tape libraries. The announcement is part of a three-month product and technology launch that the company claims will be the largest in its history. In August, Quantum announced its SuperLoader 3 tape autoloader, and within six weeks it will introduce a new line of disk-based systems.

The PX500 series includes the PX502, PX506, and PX510 (see table below). All three products feature SDLT 600, LTO-2, and LTO-3 drive/media technologies. The 4U PX502 (7.6TB to 15.2TB of native capacity) is designed primarily for workgroups and departments; the 10U PX506 (20TB to 40TB) for large workgroups and data centers; and the 18U PX510 (40TB to 80TB) for mission-critical applications in data centers. When compared to Quantum's flagship product, the P7000, the company claims the PX510 offers 600% higher density at a price point of $1 per gigabyte versus $5 per gigabyte.

The PX500 series will replace Quantum's M series libraries (M1500, M1800, and M2500).

The PX500 line has common hardware and firmware so users can mix and match the libraries in any combination. The tape libraries feature Quantum's FlexLink Scalable Library Architecture, so when two or more units are joined together the bottom unit's robot reaches up into the unit above it, enabling cartridges to be exchanged between libraries. Previously, users had to buy an external robot, or elevator, to move tape cartridges from one chassis to another.

The PX500 line was also designed so that additional hardware and cabling are not needed for aggregation. A Web-based management console allows administrators to manage the units either separately or as a single library.

Quantum is currently shipping the PX500 series through its channel and VAR partners.

Quantum's PX500 Series Tape Automation Platform
Model PX502 PX506 PX510
Drives 1 or 2 610
Height 4U 10U 18U
Slots (SDLT/LTO) 32/38 88/100 171/201
Performance (maximum) 576GB/hour 1,728GB/hour 2,880GB/hour
Capacity (with LTO-3) 15TB 40TB 80TB
Price (MSRP) $12,000 $24,000 $33,000

This article was originally published on September 12, 2005