TelCove adds storage services

By Ann Silverthorn

—TelCove, a provider of telecommunications services, this week introduced three new storage service additions to its OnNet portfolio. TelCove's E-Vaulting, Remote Shared Storage, and IP Storage Transport services expand the company's business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) services announced earlier this year.

E-Vaulting is a shared storage service based on EMC Dantz's Retrospect backup-and-recovery software. The service provides support for Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, and NetWare platforms and offers recovery options from a single-file level to complete bare-metal restores for servers, desktops, and notebooks. Customers must purchase a minimum capacity of 500GB at $2,500 per month, including software. Once capacity reaches one terabyte, the price is $3,500 per terabyte per month.

Remote Shared Storage gives users access to assigned storage capacity in a hardened collocation facility with fire suppression and power backup. The facility uses redundant EMC Clariion disk arrays for BC/DR. Customers are required to use TelCove's transport services. The storage capacity is presented to users as another network drive or mount. Customers must purchase a minimum capacity of 500GB at $2,000 per month. Once capacity reaches 1TB, the price is $3,000 per TB per month.

IP Storage Transport supports both the FCIP and iSCSI protocols and allows customers to extend their SANs beyond the limitations of Fibre Channel or to use iSCSI instead of Fibre Channel. For two sites, the cost is $6,000 per month, plus transport costs.

TelCove has an 11,000-mile metro network with 3,500 "lit buildings" (fiber optics into customers' buildings on a synchronous optical network [SONET] ring). Its network operations center (NOC) monitors both the long-haul network and local SONET rings. If a line is cut, fail-over to reroute the service happens in 50 milliseconds. TelCove backs its On-Net customers with a service-level agreement that promises 100% uptime.

During and after Hurricane Katrina, TelCove kept its New Orleans switching office running for a hospital, a prison, and other customers. With generators at the site and by securing the premises, TelCove's Network Management Center in Pennsylvania was able to provide provisioning, repair, and engineering support to the New Orleans office. In addition, other offices in Baton Rouge, LA, Jackson, MS, and Mobile, AL, were kept running.

This article was originally published on September 20, 2005