Movies mean more than megabytes

Periodically, we step outside our mainstream IT storage milieu and take a look at the unique storage requirements of specific vertical industries. Case in point is the Storage in the Studio special section in this issue, which we produced in conjunction with one of our sister publications-Computer Graphics World.

The supplement delves into the world of digital content creation (DCC). To the rest of us, that means films, animations, TV spots, swimming pools, and movie stars.

Although often small shops, DCC studios have storage requirements that can outstrip those of Fortune 1000 companies. In simple terms, those requirements come down to extremely high capacities and blazing throughput rates. That’s why the entertainment industry is leading the way to new storage technologies such as high-capacity (and inexpensive) Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives and high-speed 4Gbps Fibre Channel SANs (and, next year, 10Gbps NAS).

The entertainment industry is also at the forefront of more-complex storage technologies such as shared file systems, which are available from a variety of vendors, including storage vendors such as ADIC and SGI.

“Storage propels the creative process” (p. 28), by Michele Hope, presents a number of case studies showing how leading-edge studios are solving their unique storage challenges. In “Storage requirements for digital content” (p. 32), Tom Coughlin explains why the storage requirements at studios are so unique by examining the capacity and bandwidth requirements of film and other types of content. And in “Shared file systems enhance postproduction” (p. 34), Saqib Jang delves into a technology that enables truly collaborative workflows.

CAS, CDP, SRM, and a new editor

Also in this issue, we take a look at three of the hottest three-letter acronyms in the storage industry: CAS, CDP, and SRM.

Kevin Komiega
senior editor
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VS Joshi’s “Managing fixed content with CAS” is the second part of our series on content-addressed storage. David Hill’s “CDP: What it is, and why you need it” examines continuous data protection from the viewpoint of the Storage Networking Industry Association. And our Special Report, “SRM vendors focus on breadth of support,” by Kevin Komiega, shows that storage resource management vendors are now concentrating more on expanding platform/application support than on advanced bells and whistles.

And with that I’d like to introduce senior editor Kevin Komiega, the latest addition to InfoStor’s editorial staff. Some of you may recognize Kevin’s byline from his 4+ years as a senior writer at searchstorage.com, where he covered all storage trends, vendors, and technologies. I’m very pleased to welcome Kevin to our staff. You can contact him at kevink@pennwell.com.

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Dave Simpson

This article was originally published on September 01, 2005