New Products


This month, AMCC began shipments of its 3ware 9550SX RAID controllers, which have Serial ATA (SATA) II features such as a 3Gbps throughput rate, native command queuing (NCQ), multi-lane connectivity, and port selector and port multiplier support. The company claims that the 9550SX is twice as fast as its 9500S at more than 350MBps RAID-5 writes and 700MBps RAID-5 reads.

The cards are available in 4- or 8-port low-profile form factors or 12- or 16-port half-card versions. The PCI-X controllers are based on the company’s StorSwitch architecture and support RAID levels 1, 5, 10, and 50. (Support for RAID 6 is due next year.) Other features include RAID-5 caching, write journaling, dynamic sector repair, and 128MB or 256MB of cache memory.

Pricing ranges from $395 for a 4-port 9550SX-4LP version to $995 for a 16-port model 9550SX-15. www.amcc.com.

LSI delivers 4Gbps FC HBA

LSI Logic last month began production shipments of single- and dual-port 4Gbps Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) to OEMs and channel partners. Based on the company’s Fusion-MPT architecture, the single-port LSI7104XP-LC and dual-port LSI7204XP-LC are rated at 160,000 I/Os per second, according to LSI. The HBAs can be managed with LSI’s MyStorage management software, which provides HBA monitoring, load balancing, and path fail-over. (MyStorage software can also be used to manage LSI’s Serial Attached SCSI, or SAS, HBAs.) www.lsilogic.com.

Infortrend array supports 24TB

Infortrend’s EonStor (ES) A24U-G2421 RAID array combines Ultra320 SCSI host attachments with a 3Gbps SATA II disk controller. The subsystem is based on a 600MHz IBM PowerPC FX CPU and Infortrend’s ASIC266 dual PCI-X architecture and supports up to 12TB of capacity (using 500GB SATA drives) in a 4U, 24-bay enclosure. Features include two SCSI host channels, dual cooling fans, and three power supplies. The company claims a sustained read performance of 464MBps and a sustained write performance of 352MBps. www.infortrend.com.

SGI bundles 4Gbps FC SANs

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) recently announced that its 4Gbps InfiniteStorage TP9700 Fibre Channel disk arrays are available with 4Gbps HBAs from LSI Logic and 4Gbps Fibre Channel switches and directors from Brocade. The TP9700 was introduced earlier this year and has been upgraded from 2GB of cache memory to either 4GB or 8GB of cache.

The TP9700 is based on hardware and software from Engenio. Software options include volume copy, snapshots, and synchronous and asynchronous mirroring. The array can be configured with Fibre Channel or Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives.

The array is available with 8/12/16/32-port Brocade switches or 512-port SilkWorm 48000 directors. LSI’s HBAs are available in single- or dual-port versions with support for the PCI-X host bus. www.sgi.com.

Medea debuts video arrays

Introduced at this month’s IBC show in Amsterdam, Medea’s VideoRaid RTR320 (single-channel) and RTRX320 (dual-channel) RAID arrays include Ultra320 SCSI host interfaces. The arrays are designed primarily for video post-production, graphics, animation, and content creation applications.

The company claims performance of up to 200MBps for the single-channel version and 350MBps for the dual-channel configuration, which exceeds the throughput requirements for high-definition (HD) applications. Both arrays include Medea’s proprietary Multi-Stream Technology (MST), which is based on a stream-handling algorithm that works with the system’s onboard cache controller to support simultaneous real-time playback of multiple streams of uncompressed standard-definition and HD content.

The VideoRaid subsystems come in 5- or 10-drive configurations and can be daisy-chained for up to 48TB of total capacity on a single SCSI host adapter. www.medea.com.

Globalstor, PNY target DI

At last month’s Siggraph show, Globalstor Data and PNY Technologies highlighted the ExtremeStor-DI disk subsystem, which includes Assimilate’s Scratch workflow solution. The subsystem is designed for HD digital intermediate (DI) postproduction applications and includes 24 250GB Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives for up to 6TB of storage or 24 400GB SATA drives for 9.6TB of capacity in a RAID-5 configuration. The turnkey system includes PNY’s NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 PCI Express graphics board and supports 32x full-scene anti-aliasing. The companies claim up to 1GBps sustained throughput. www.globalstor.com and www.pny.com.

Fuji ships 3592 WORM media

Fuji Photo Film is shipping Fujifilm 3592 write-once, read-many (WORM) tape cartridges, which are based on the company’s nanotechnology and Nanocubic coating technology. The cartridges can be used in IBM 3592 tape systems. Features include a native capacity of up to 300GB (up to 900GB compressed), a transfer rate of 40MBps, and an archival life of 30 years. The cartridges include security features to prevent against physical access and alteration or deletion of data. For applications requiring fast data access, the tape cartridges are available in 60GB formats. www.fujifilm.com.

Exanet extends NAS apps

Also introduced at the IBC show this month, the 2.2 release of Exanet’s ExaStore NAS solution includes applications for editing, digital archives, digital intermediates, graphics, and other media/entertainment-related applications. Other features include virtualization, a distributed file system, distributed cache coherency, and fault tolerance. The NAS servers can be configured with Fibre Channel and/or SATA disk drives. www.exanet.com.

FalconStor adds encryption to VTL

FalconStor Software has added an encryption/decryption service, called Secure Tape Transport Service (STTS), to its VirtualTape Library (VTL) system. Based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), STTS lets administrators encrypt virtual tapes and export them to physical tapes to guard against unauthorized access and information theft. www.falconstor.com.

Revinetix intros D2D2D app

Revinetix’s Sentio is a D2D2D backup appliance with RAID 5, up to 16 Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives, capacity of up to 4TB (8TB compressed), dual Xeon processors, and Fast or Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Bundled software manages automated backup-and-recovery functions for networked users. The appliance is priced from $8,995 to $29,995. www.revinetix.com.

Toshiba first with perpendicular recording

Toshiba’s Storage Device Division claimed to be first to market with disk drives based on perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) last month with shipments of the 1.8-inch, 40GB MK4007GAL drives. The disk drives have an areal density of 133 gigabits per square inch and are designed primarily for consumer electronics devices. Perpendicular recording stands magnetic bits on end to achieve higher densities than are possible with conventional longitudinal recording. www.sdd.toshiba.com.

Cutting Edge targets VARs

With an eye on VARs and “white-box” systems integrators, Cutting Edge recently released the Reseller Storage Value Pack (RSVP), a bundled configuration that combines AMD’s Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture, motherboards from Tyan, AMCC’s 3ware RAID controllers, SATA disk drives, and Cutting Edge’s EdgeWare operating system. www.cuttedge.com.

Ancot intros FC tester

Ancot’s FCAccess 4000 is a multi-function card that can be used as a Fibre Channel analyzer, generator, error injector, or bit-error-rate tester (BERT). It supports all Fibre Channel speeds, including 4Gbps. The analyzer includes up to 4GB of trace memory. The generator allows error testing at the 8B or 10B levels. Pricing starts at $14,200. www.ancot.com.

This article was originally published on September 01, 2005