Fujitsu runs virtualization on Brocade switch

By Ann Silverthorn

October 4, 2005—Fujitsu Computer Systems and Brocade today announced that Fujitsu will begin shipping in December its Eternus VS900 storage virtualization solution running on Brocade's SilkWorm Fabric Application Platform (SilkWorm Fabric AP). The SilkWorm Fabric AP is an intelligent SAN switching platform designed to support SAN-based applications for storage environment management and administration.

The partnership allows Fujitsu to provide its customers with servers, switching capability, and storage arrays. And although the new virtualization solution was designed to be used in conjunction with Fujitsu's Eternus3000 midrange storage systems and Eternus6000 enterprise-class systems, it allows users to make their own choices regarding storage arrays. If users already have components from other manufacturers, Fujitsu's consulting group can provide the additional components needed for storage virtualization.

The Eternus VS900 is designed to streamline storage resource provisioning and simplify management of enterprise data through a transparent, heterogeneous pool of storage that is managed from a single platform.

"When we sell Eternus VS900 to customers who have storage arrays from third parties, those customers want to improve their utilization, increase uptime, and manage the storage arrays through one interface," says Richard McCormack, senior vice president of product and solutions marketing at Fujitsu. "Fujitsu has multivendor services so we can maintain all the various server and storage arrays, plus provide the consulting needed to set up the virtualization."

With virtualization, Eternus VS900 is designed to eliminate the administrator's need to physically configure disk arrays. Its management platform enables online data migration to new disk arrays and supports disk expansion to meet storage capacity shortages without changing server settings.

Regarding resource allocation, the Eternus VS900 is designed with availability for the creation of virtual volumes. Fujitsu claims that as an out-of-band storage replication system, Eternus VS900 also preserves all of the native performance and software functionality that comes with the physical devices being virtualized.

Fujitsu and Brocade will showcase the Eternus VS900 at the upcoming Storage Networking World conference (October 24-27 in Orlando, FL). Pricing for a fully configured system, including redundant switches and management software, begins at $200,000. Product availability in North America is set for December 1.

This article was originally published on October 01, 2005