Xiotech offers entry-level SAN

By Ann Silverthorn

October 6, 2005—Xiotech continued its push into the small to medium-sized business (SMB) market this week with the introduction of an entry-level clustered SAN—the Magnitude 3D 3000e. Although the 3000e has a capacity of 19.2TB, customers can upgrade to the Magnitude 3D 3000s or 3000x, which scales up to 76.8TB, without interruption as their capacity needs grow.

The Magnitude 3D 3000e features a dual-controller cluster topology and 16 drives per bay. Users can mix and match drive types for in-the-box tiered storage, including enterprise Fibre Channel drives, "economy enterprise" Fibre Channel drives, and/or Serial ATA (SATA) drives. Users can turn caching on and off at the disk level without being locked into a system-wide setting. Other features include data sharing and data replication within and across systems.

In a related announcement, Xiotech will offer the new VDisk prioritization feature of its DataScale Platform Manager software to mid-tier companies. VDisk provides application-level bandwidth prioritization, so that the quality of service can be tailored according to application requirements, either manually or automatically.

With VDisk prioritization, users can also prioritize applications by time of day. For example, in the morning when traffic is high, e-mail applications can be given priority. And in the evening, backup and database traffic can run at optimal rates.

"Not all data is created equal," says Tony Asaro, a senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. "Even if there are multiple applications that have mission-critical information, there are certain applications that require greater performance than others. It's not just about throwing more cache, faster disks, or more powerful processors at applications, but also using intelligent software to leverage hardware resources."

Xiotech also released an SMI-S 1.1 provider, which is designed to enable the company's storage systems to be managed in a heterogeneous environment.

Xiotech will showcase the Magnitude 3D 3000e at the upcoming Storage Networking World conference (October 24-27 in Orlando, FL). List price for a typical base configuration is $40,000.

This article was originally published on October 05, 2005