Isilon expands NAS line, partners with Ocarina

By Kevin Komiega

-- Isilon Systems has added to its product line with the availability of three new NAS platforms for transactional applications, nearline storage, and traditional scale-out implementations. The company is also integrating compression and de-duplication technologies from Ocarina Networks to tackle data reduction in archive environments.

The additions to Isilon's portfolio – the S-Series, NL-Series, and a new model for the X-Series line – are all based on the company's OneFS file system architecture.

Transactional I/O
For performance-intensive workloads, the IQ 5400S delivers more than 1 million I/Os per second (IOPS) and 30GBps of aggregate throughput from a single file system, according to the company. The IQ 5400S combines 15,000rpm SAS drives, Quad-Gigabit Ethernet front-end networking and InfiniBand back-end interconnects with up to 16GB of globally coherent cache per node.

Nearline storage
The new Isilon IQ 36NL marks the company's first foray into the nearline storage market. The system packs 36TB of raw storage capacity in a 4U chassis with a maximum capacity of 3.45PB. Isilon is positioning the IQ 36NL as a consolidation platform for multiple archiving systems. The IQ 36NL can also be used as a disk-based disaster recovery system with the company's SyncIQ asynchronous replication software.

Scale-out NAS
Isilon upgraded its X-Series family with the release of the IQ 36000X, which provides up to 3.45PB of capacity and more than 30GBps of throughput. The IQ 36000X provides a 3X increase in capacity per node and a 33% increase in disk density per rack unit over previous X-Series models.

The IQ 5400S is priced from $49,999 per node, the IQ 36000X lists at $137,000 per node, and the IQ 36NL costs $72,000 per node. 

Isilon's vice president of marketing, Ram Appalaraju, says the new systems will allow the company to move into new storage environments.

"With the addition of the S-Series and NL-Series we can now take on new workloads and open up opportunities for more horizontal infrastructure solutions in mainstream enterprises," says Appalaraju.

Compression and de-dupe
Isilon also announced an archive system comprised of the new 36NL and integrated compression and data de-duplication technology from Ocarina Networks.

Ocarina's ECOsystem software provides content-aware compression and de-duplication for the entire Isilon product line, but is "specially optimized" for the 36NL. The 36NL with ECOsystem software can produce data reduction ratios of 10:1 and storage utilization rates of up to 90%, according to Appalaraju.

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This article was originally published on March 11, 2009