NetApp to OEM Kazeon ILM appliance

By Ann Silverthorn

—Kazeon today announced an agreement with Network Appliance to integrate Kazeon's information classification and management technology with NetApp's storage systems. NetApp will OEM Kazeon's Information Server 1200 (IS 1200), placing it on the NetApp price list by year-end and eventually giving it the NetApp logo.

The IS 1200 is an integrated information appliance designed to enable classification and search of distributed file system data, forming the foundation for content-driven information life-cycle management (ILM). The product is out-of-band and plug-and-play for non-disruption to the existing infrastructure. It supports standard interfaces for Unix and Windows shared files, as well as EMC's Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) platform.

"The product helps users classify their shared system data, search and report on the overall makeup of that data, and then start driving actionable policies around how that data should be managed in an automated fashion," says Troy Toman, vice president of marketing at Kazeon.

Customers that have already deployed the IS 1200 include those in the financial, defense, and oil and gas arenas. Toman describes the three common use cases for the IS 1200:

Storage search and discovery—This support is driven by legal discovery activity in which users want to find all the data related to particular topics or compliance audits. The product secures and tracks search results so that legal and compliance officials can find what they need without increasing risk or exposure. The IS 1200 has been optimized for crawling and indexing large, distributed ?le environments.

Continuance compliance auditing—The IS 1200 can perform nightly scans of shared data resources to identify information being managed inappropriately. This information can include social security numbers, credit card numbers, or intellectual property that has been moved out of a managed system into a shared storage infrastructure.

Classification—Designed to support content-driven ILM applications, this feature is tailored for users who want to implement tiered storage or archiving and also want to use the contents of the file as the key determinants around where data exists and how it should be managed. The IS 1200 recognizes more than 350 common file types, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, pdf, etc. It can also use custom extraction rules to recognize custom file and metadata formats.

In addition to the OEM agreement with NetApp, the IS 1200 is available immediately through Kazeon and has been shipping to selected customers for several months. List price per appliance starts at $50,000, and the appliances can be clustered together to provide a single point of management. Also available are optional features such as support of data retention.

This article was originally published on October 12, 2005