Adaptec fires SAS volley

By Dave Simpson

—A number of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) product announcements are expected to trickle out at next week's Storage Networking World (SNW) conference in Orlando, but Adaptec beat the rush this week by announcing seven SAS products, including a host bus adapter (HBA), two controllers, an enclosure, two external subsystems, and software. And as with all SAS products, they support both SAS and Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives. Shipments are slated for the middle of next month.

Adaptec's model 48300 HBA includes eight 3Gbps SAS or SATA ports, 1x4 internal and external connectors, support for the 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X host bus, HostRAID and Storage Manager software, and support for RAID levels 0, 1, 10, and JBOD configurations. The adapter is priced at $360, which is about the same as Adaptec's high-end parallel SCSI adapters.

The 4800SAS (PCI-X, $945) and 4805SAS (PCI-Express, $995) RAID controller cards have up to eight SAS or SATA ports via two x4 internal connectors, an external x4 connector for JBOD arrays, 128MB of cache, support for up to 512TB of RAID capacity, RAID 6, and all of the features available on Adaptec's parallel SCSI controller cards.

Adaptec's 335SAS enclosure ($350 without disk drives) includes four 3.5-inch bays for SAS or SATA drives and support for all of the company's SAS and SATA II RAID cards (up to two enclosures per RAID card).

On the software front, Adaptec introduced the Advanced Data Protection Suite, which includes support for RAID 6 dual-drive failure protection, striped mirrors (RAID-1E), online snapshot backup, and a Hot Space (RAID-5EE) feature that spreads the hot spare disk space across the array to increase performance and better utilize capacity.

Finally, Adaptec introduced two external subsystems—the SANbloc 5000f RAID array and SANbloc S50 JBOD array. Priced at $5,995 without drives, the SANbloc 5000f is a 12-drive Fibre Channel-to-SAS array with up to 64,000 I/Os per second and 440MBps read performance, according to the company. The SANbloc S50 ($2,995 without drives) is a 12-drive SAS-to-SAS JBOD array.

Since early this year, Adaptec has been shipping SAS ASICs with RAID-6 functionality to IBM for integration into some of its servers. Adaptec claims to have shipped more than 44,000 SAS components to OEMs.

This article was originally published on October 18, 2005