Sun introduces first STK product

By Ann Silverthorn

—This week's 2005 StorageTek FORUM, in Washington, DC, brought together Sun and StorageTek customers and introduced Sun's Data Management Group (DMG). The DMG focuses on three product areas: disk, tape, and information lifecycle management (ILM).

Mark Canepa, formerly Sun's executive vice president of network storage products, heads the newly formed DMG and said in a statement, "Sun remains committed to its product road map across a diversity of environments and key product families, spanning tape, disk, networking, and software solutions."

Guarded about its software road map last summer, Sun now says that its Solaris User and Process Rights Management software will be combined with Sun's identity management solutions and ILM strategy to help customers secure data and automate its movement across the enterprise. Sun regards identity management's biggest value proposition as the ability to monitor the types of data users have access to in a company.

At the FORUM conference, Sun also unveiled the T10000 enterprise tape drive, its first product from the DMG. The drive is built on a new platform and is designed to work with disk arrays on the front-end. It is compatible with both mainframes and open systems and is targeted at large commercial and government enterprises.

Dave Kenyon, Sun's director of enterprise tape automation, says the key features of the new drive and media are speed and capacity. At 120MBps throughput and 500GB native capacity, the T10000 more than doubles the performance and capacity of the previous-generation T9940 tape drive.

"By sending all archive and backup data directly to disk and then moving it to tape, you can run the tape drive a lot faster," says Kenyon. "The T10000 media has 500GB per cartridge, and two to three times that compressed." The media will be compatible with the next generation of STK's tape drives.

According to Kenyon, the company will provide the ability to encrypt data on tape at the drive level in early 2006.

The T10000 features dual-port Fibre Channel or FICON connectivity. List prices for the Fibre Channel and FICON versions are $37,000 and $44,000, respectively.

This article was originally published on November 04, 2005