New Products

NetApp to OEM Kazeon appliance

Network Appliance has entered into an OEM agreement with Kazeon to integrate the start-up’s information classification and management technology with NetApp’s storage systems. NetApp will resell Kazeon’s Information Server 1200 (IS 1200), placing it on its price list by year-end and eventually giving it the NetApp logo.

The IS 1200 is an out-of-band integrated information appliance designed to enable classification and search of distributed file system data, forming the foundation for content-driven information life-cycle management (ILM). It supports standard interfaces for Unix and Windows shared files, as well as EMC’s Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) platform.

“The product helps users classify their shared system data, search and report on the overall makeup of that data, and then start driving actionable policies around how that data should be managed in an automated fashion,” says Troy Toman, vice president of marketing at Kazeon.

Toman describes three typical uses for the IS 1200:

Storage search and discovery-This application is driven by legal discovery activity in which users want to find all the data related to particular topics or compliance audits. The product secures and tracks search results so that legal and compliance officials can find what they need without increasing risk or exposure. The IS 1200 is optimized for crawling and indexing large, distributed file environments.

Continuance compliance auditing-The IS 1200 can perform nightly scans of shared data resources to identify information being managed inappropriately. This information can include social security numbers, credit card numbers, or intellectual property that has been moved out of a managed system into a shared storage infrastructure.

Classification-Designed to support content-driven ILM applications, this feature is tailored for users that want to implement tiered storage or archiving and also want to use file content as the key determinant around where data exists and how it should be managed. The IS 1200 recognizes more than 350 common file types. It can also use custom extraction rules to recognize custom file and metadata formats.

In addition to the OEM agreement with NetApp, the IS 1200 is available through Kazeon. List price per appliance starts at $50,000, and appliances can be clustered with a single point of management. www.kazeon.com.

Revivio expands CDP

Revivio recently introduced two continuous data protection (CDP)-related products. The CPS Replication Module gives users the ability to instantly restore data at two or more geographic locations. The module is an add-on to Revivio’s Continuous Protection System (CPS) 1200, a block-based enterprise-class appliance.

The Replication Module enables any-point-in-time (APIT) recovery and supports Class A/Class 1 disaster-recovery plans. It supports synchronous or asynchronous transmission, unidirectional or bidirectional replication, and Fibre Channel or IP-based distance services. The module maintains independent timelines in multiple locations and enables data consolidation, data mining, and remote data archiving.

Revivio also introduced the CPS 1200i, a slimmed-down, lower-cost version of the CPS 1200, which is designed for users that may have a separate application that doesn’t require the full capabilities of the CPS 1200 but still needs APIT recovery and instant restores. It features optional remote monitoring and replication. A fully configured CPS 1200i is priced at about $50,000. www.revivio.com.

Lasso CDP adds compliance

Lasso Logic’s CDP appliance now features data archiving capabilities that adhere to compliance regulations. The appliance is available in a rack-mount configuration and supports up to 1.6TB, 100 users, and unlimited servers.

An agent at the kernel level intercepts data between the database and disk using a file system filter driver, which allows new or changed information on a network system to be detected and backed up to the appliance. Instead of backing up at time-based intervals, the CDP appliance provides real-time file-based backup with compression. An on-site appliance can be configured to send backup data to an off-site storage vault without user intervention to protect data against disasters. Users can refine off-site policies at the administrative level, enabling only certain users or types of files to be migrated off-site. An archiving feature provides data archives at weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual intervals and allows data to be retained for an unlimited period. Retention policies govern how long source data is retained before it is purged by the system. Pricing starts at $1,999. www.lassologic.com.

TelCove introduces storage services

Telecommunications services provider TelCove has introduced three new storage services to its OnNet portfolio. The E-Vaulting, Remote Shared Storage, and IP Storage Transport services expand the company’s business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) services announced earlier this year.

E-Vaulting is a shared storage service based on EMC Dantz’s Retrospect backup/recovery software. The service offers recovery options from a single-file level to complete bare-metal restores. Customers must purchase a minimum capacity of 500GB at $2,500 per month, including software. Once capacity reaches one terabyte, the price is $3,500/TB per month.

Remote Shared Storage gives users access to assigned storage capacity in a hardened collocation facility. The facility uses redundant EMC Clariion disk arrays for BC/DR. Customers are required to use TelCove’s transport services. The storage capacity is presented to users as another network drive or mount. Customers must purchase a minimum of 500GB at $2,000 per month. Once capacity reaches 1TB, the price is $3,000/TB per month.

IP Storage Transport supports both the FCIP and iSCSI protocols and allows users to extend SANs beyond the limitations of Fibre Channel or to use iSCSI instead of Fibre Channel. For two sites, the cost is $6,000 per month, plus transport costs.

TelCove has an 11,000-mile metro network with 3,500 “lit buildings” (fiber optics into customers’ buildings on a SONET ring). Its network operations center (NOC) monitors both the long-haul network and local SONET rings. If a line is cut, fail-over to reroute the service happens in 50 milliseconds. TelCove backs its On-Net customers with a service-level agreement that promises 100% uptime. www.telcove.com.

Intradyn combines e-mail archiving, compliance

Intradyn’s ComplianceVault06 e-mail archiving and retrieval appliance and software captures all company e-mails on a continuous basis and stores them on both disk and tape (including WORM tape). The appliance works with Exchange, Notes, and most IMAP and POP3 e-mail systems and allows companies to store e-mail according to a variety of compliance regulations. New features include expanded search capabilities, the ability to export e-mail search results, and improved audit reporting and control.

The 1U ComplianceVault06 appliance can be bundled with Sony’s AIT-2 or AIT-3 tape libraries. Pricing ranges from $8,995 for a 320GB version (without tape) to $11,495 for a 1TB configuration (without tape). www.intradyn.com.

ONStor, 3PAR partner

ONStor and 3PAR have teamed up on the UtiliCat utility-class, unified storage system that handles both file (NAS) and block (SAN) data. UtiliCat, which will compete with Network Appliance’s “unified storage,” for example, combines ONStor’s Bobcat NAS gateways with 3PAR’s InServ storage servers.

Users can purchase the combo from either company or their resellers.

For more capacity, administrators add to the 3PAR system, which can scale from 2.5TB to 384TB. For increased processing power, administrators can add to the cluster of ONStor NAS gateways.

Users can purchase additional capacity when needed, rather than purchasing excess capacity based on forecasts, via 3PAR’s thin-provisioning feature. Administrators can provision virtual capacity to select applications or file systems and only commit physical capacity as the applications or file systems require it.

The 3PAR component handles availability issues, and the ONStor gateways handle how file systems are mapped to storage.

UtiliCat runs block-level data through the block-level portion of the device and file-level data through the file-level part of the device. Since block-level data does not travel through the filer, it eliminates a bottleneck and single point of failure.

Pricing ranges from $175,000 for a 2.5TB entry-level configuration to $775,000 for a 72TB utility configuration. www.onstor.com and www.3par.com.

Xiotech offers entry-level SAN

Xiotech continued its push into the small to medium-sized business (SMB) market with the introduction of an entry-level clustered SAN-the Magnitude 3D 3000e. Although the 3000e has a capacity of 19.2TB, customers can upgrade to the Magnitude 3D 3000s or 3000x, which scales up to 76.8TB, without interruption as their capacity needs grow.

The Magnitude 3D 3000e features a dual-controller cluster topology and 16 drives per bay. Users can mix- and-match drive types for in-the-box tiered storage, including enterprise Fibre Channel drives, “economy enterprise” Fibre Channel drives, and/or Serial ATA (SATA) drives.

Users can turn caching on and off at the disk level without being locked into a system-wide setting. Other features include data sharing and data replication within and across systems.

In a related announcement, Xiotech will offer the new VDisk prioritization feature of its DataScale Platform Manager software to mid-tier companies. VDisk provides application-level bandwidth prioritization, so that quality of service can be tailored according to application requirements, either manually or automatically.

With VDisk, users can also prioritize applications by time of day. For example, in the morning when traffic is high, e-mail applications can be given priority. And in the evening, backup and database traffic can run at optimal rates.

List price for a typical base configuration is $40,000. www.xiotech.com.

Copan adds MAID models

Copan Systems has added the Revolution 220T and 220TX models to its line of Massive Array of Idle Disks (MAID) platforms. The MAID architecture powers up disks individually or in groups only when needed by applications to extend the life of SATA disk drives. The dual-controller disk-to-disk systems have a throughput rate of up to 5.2TB per hour (which the company claims is comparable to LTO-3 tape drives), are now available with replication and tape migration functionality and include a virtual tape library (VTL) interface. The systems come with Disk Aerobics 3.0 software, which proactively detects possible drive failures and mirrors all data from suspect drives to spare drives while maintaining RAID protection. Disk scrubbing, which identifies and copies data from any bad sectors to new sectors on the same drive, is also included. Capacity on the new models ranges from 28TB to 224TB. www.copan.com.

EqualLogic: SATA II for IP SANs

EqualLogic’s PS300E is the first member of the company’s PS Series storage solutions to offer 500GB SATA II drives. Aggregated PS300s can form two additional new products-the PS1200 and the PS2400. The PS Series is also integrated with Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager (DPM) backup services with disaster-recovery capabilities.

The PS300E offers 7TB of raw storage capacity. The 500GB SATA II drives provide 3Gbps throughput and native command queuing (NCQ) for faster data retrieval.

The PS Series can be integrated with Windows features such as Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Multi-Path Input/Output (MPIO), and Virtual Disk Services (VDS). www.equallogic.com.

Overland ships expansion array

The REO 9000 Expansion Array enables users to add RAID 5 capacity to Overland Storage’s REO 9000 disk-based backup-and-recovery appliance in increments of 4TB or 8TB. The Expansion Array combined with the REO 9000 with Protection OS delivers up to 38TB. The Protection OS software provides embedded data-protection intelligence, including virtualization, management, and connectivity features. The Expansion Array allows users to purchase only the capacity needed-up to 28TB. Built-in VTL functionality allows the REO to be configured as any combination of VTLs, virtual tape drives, and/or disk volumes.

In addition to the Expansion Array, REO 9000 appliances with 500GB SATA disk drives are also available, increasing total capacity to 12TB. www.overlandstorage.com.

Tandberg intros LTO libraries

Tandberg Data’s S24 LTO tape library stores 9.6TB to 19.2TB (with 2:1 compression) in a 4U form factor. The library has an integrated bar-code reader and is available with SCSI, iSCSI, or native Fibre Channel connectivity. A built-in partitioning feature enables the library to operate as two separate autoloaders. The library can be configured with one or two LTO drives.

The S24 uses LTO-2 or LTO-3 Ultrium technology. The LTO-3 S24 is also available with WORM support and with native Fibre Channel connectivity. MSRP for the S24 starts at $10,889 for a unit with one LTO-2 drive. www.tandberg.com.

This article was originally published on November 01, 2005