CommVault enhances ILM

By Ann Silverthorn

—CommVault made the second in a series of three product announcements today, leading toward the general availability later this month of a major upgrade to its QiNetix data-protection and management software suite. Today's announcement concentrates on information lifecycle management (ILM) for large environments and consists of three enhancements to the QiNetix DataMigrator module.

CommVault extended its DataMigrator platform coverage for lifecycle management with this upgrade. Prior releases supported Exchange, Windows, Unix, and NAS platforms. DataMigrator now supports NetWare, HP-UX, Linux, and public folders for Exchange.

A new front-end utility—Data Classification Enabler (DCE)—provides ILM capabilities. The software allows companies to set policies and manage data according to the data's characteristics rather than the location of the data. DCE scans the file system and creates a list of all the active files and attributes of those files. It then "listens" to determine when files change and updates its catalog accordingly. The list can be queried based on attributes such as platform, user, user group, date, and time.

"The whole context of ILM is that costs are going up and the amount of data is increasing, but resources to manage it are going down," says Brian Brockway, CommVault's director of data management products. "Organizations are setting policies to manage the data down to a more reasonable size. They want to keep the data that is more current and required on the front-end and parse other data to the back-end, where it can be managed more efficiently based on access requirements."

Complementing the Data Classification Enabler, CommVault also expanded its reference media support to better leverage storage investments. QiNetix supports platforms such as EMC's Centera, Network Appliance's SnapLock, and Hitachi Data Systems' Data Retention Utility (DRU). The upgrade introduces ways to use those devices beyond just simple archiving. Rather than using a storage device solely for e-mail archiving, for example, users can now incorporate some of their backup data into a content-addressed storage (CAS) format to save on off-site tape management and other archiving costs. With enhanced CAS media support, users can extend single-instancing and long-term archiving support to any data-protection, migration, or archive storage policy.

CommVault in early November introduced ContinuousDataReplicator (CDR), a data recovery module built on the QiNetix platform (see CommVault adds data-recovery module). An upcoming announcement will formally launch QiNetix 6.1.

This article was originally published on December 01, 2005