BakBone adds replication

By Ann Silverthorn

—This week, BakBone introduced its second product since announcing its Integrated Data Protection (IDP) strategy in October. BakBone's NetVault: Replicator suite works in heterogeneous platform environments and integrates with NetVault backup-and-recovery software and the recently introduced Report Manager reporting software.

"Companies need to increase the levels of IT availability so that critical servers have a replica on a hot-standby server," says Paul Sustman, director of BakBone's replication technologies group. "They also need to combine backup with replication, because if a user deletes a critical file, replication will immediately delete it on a hot-standby server."

NetVault: Replicator works with Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, and Solaris platforms. It is application-independent, and its byte-level process allows it to work with all types of storage devices.

Sustman says that the replication software allows users to have, for instance, a Solaris server in one location and a Linux server in another and synchronously replicate data between the locations as it's changing.

Looking ahead, BakBone eventually plans to get into the continuous data protection (CDP) business as part of its IDP strategy.

The NetVault: Replicator suite includes plug-in modules for Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL; a cluster support plug-in; and an On-Demand module. On-Demand is a scheduled replication product that provides a point-in-time remote replica of file and application data on demand, for operating environments with less-demanding storage requirements.

Pricing for NetVault: Replicator per host node starts at $1,499 for Windows, $2,999 for Linux, and $5,999 for Unix. The cluster support module is priced at $999 per node, and the On-Demand software is priced at $1,999 per node. A high-availability bundle, which includes NetVault: Replicator and a database and cluster module, is priced from $4,872.

This article was originally published on December 14, 2005