New Products

IBM continues NetApp rollout

IBM this month continued its phased rollout of systems based on Network Appliance’s filers with the introduction of the System Storage N5000 series of NAS appliances, which are targeted at the midrange market. The N5200 and N5500 are equivalent to Network Appliance’s FAS270 and 3050, respectively.

The N5000 series supports concurrent attachments to IP and Fibre Channel networks. For IP networks, the appliances use NAS protocols (CIFS and NFS) and can also run the iSCSI protocol to support IP SANs. All protocols can run simultaneously.

Using Serial ATA (SATA) drives and running the same software as Network Appliance’s NearStore systems, IBM’s N5000 series can function as nearline storage. In addition, by loading optional SnapLock software, the appliances can be used as write-once, read-many (WORM) data-retention systems to meet regulatory requirements for non-erasable and non-rewritable disk.

IBM claims that the N5000 series offers a total of 30 storage management and data-protection software features, including thin-provisioning, volume management, snapshots, mirroring, and clustering.

The N5200 and N5500 offer different availability, scalability, and performance features. They are available in single- or dual-controller models. The N5200 and N550 are priced from $60,000 and $85,000, respectively. www.ibm.com.

Overland ships primary storage

Following its acquisition of Zetta Systems in August, Overland Storage recently began shipments of its first primary storage array. The Ultamus I disk subsystem joins the company’s existing REO secondary (disk-to-disk backup/recovery) and NEO tertiary (tape) families. Over the next 18 months, Overland plans to integrate the three products so that data can automatically migrate along the three tiers of storage. Targeted at SMBs, Ultamus is based on Zetta’s Protection OS platform, which will also be ported to the REO and NEO product lines.

Ultamus is designed to bring enterprise-class availability and data protection to the midrange market, according to company officials. The array is priced at about $5,000 per terabyte and supports single-port Fibre Channel and dual-port iSCSI Gigabit Ethernet connections. Software features include thin-provisioning, write-enabled snapshots, replication, and virtualization. The standard configuration includes 16 Serial ATA (SATA) drive bays, which can be upgraded to 64 bays for a maximum capacity of 28TB.

The Ultamus II array, which was scheduled for shipments this month, provides a second storage processor with active-active fail-over, double the cache capacity (8GB), dual Fibre Channel SAN connections, and four iSCSI connections. Capacity on both arrays is the same. www.overlandstorage.com.

BakBone intros DP strategy

BakBone Software introduced its Integrated Data Protection (IDP) strategy, which is designed to help IT organizations centrally manage and control access to and availability of data to more effectively meet business, operational, and financial objectives. Unlike point products, IDP provides a holistic view and centralized management of a range of data storage and protection technologies and consists of five core services-Control Manager, Scheduling Manager, Report Manager, Security Manager, and Policy Manager-that will be integrated with BakBone’s flagship NetVault software.

Introduced last month, the Report Manager module integrates real-time backup monitoring/reporting and storage resource management (SRM) functionality. BakBone collaborated with Otium Software, a UK-based provider of SRM software, on Report Manager, which consists of Backup Reporter and Disk Space Reporter components. The Report Manager suite is priced at $495 and $278, respectively, for Backup Reporter and Disk Space Reporter. www.bakbone.com.

Availl combines CDP, WAFS

Availl Backup 3.0 software combines elements of CDP and WAFS technology for Windows-based data protection. The real-time CDP software supports databases and files and includes features such as hot database backup and automated fail-back. The software sends only the compressed, byte-level, and transaction differences over the WAN to the backup location as files change. Pricing starts at $995. www.availl.com.

Xyratex debuts ‘app-ready platform’

Xyratex is shipping to OEMs the HS-1235 Application Ready Platform, which is packaged in a 2U, 12-drive, ATX-based enclosure. The HS-1235 is available with a number of processor options, embedded Linux or Windows operating system, and APIs that enable OEMs and ISVs to port storage applications to the platform, such as IP SAN functionality, snapshots, remote mirroring, etc.

Xyratex demonstrated the HS-1235 at Storage Networking World in late October, where the company also highlighted 4Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity in the model 5402 FC-SAS/SATA RAID enclosure (based on technology from Xyratex’s acquisition of nStor), and demonstrated SAS connectivity and a 3U FC-SAS expansion enclosure with 16 drive bays and capacity up to 48TB. www.xyratex.com.

This article was originally published on December 01, 2005