NAS gateways get 2x boost

By Ann Silverthorn

—BlueArc this week introduced the Titan 2000 series NAS gateways, which provide twice the performance, throughput, and scalability of the previous generation—as well as a new, simplified data management framework. Both the Titan 2100 and 2200 can scale up to 512TB. The company claims throughput of 5Gbps and 10Gbps for the 2100 and 2200, respectively.

"We've had customers that have consolidated 50 Windows filers on one Titan, and we're now doubling that," says Jon Affeld, director of product marketing at BlueArc.

Titan's virtual file system unifies directory structure and presents a single logical view. Virtual servers allocate server resources; virtual storage pools simplify storage provisioning for applications and workgroups; and virtual tiered storage optimizes performance, availability, and disk utilization across arrays.

"Titan offers a virtual file system with global namespace featuring a single root or a single directory structure up to 512TB," says Affeld. "Users can also create up to eight virtual servers on each system and move those around. Typically, administrators assign a different virtual server to each department or application, such as finance, engineering, e-mail, or database applications to tailor their storage environments for applications that have different storage requirements."

Users can also have a single virtual storage pool with one or more file systems, and each file system can have one or more virtual volumes. Titan also offers virtual tiered storage via parallel striping across all of the disks, and users can employ any combination of Serial ATA (SATA) or Fibre Channel drives.

The global namespace feature provides a single name space within the Titan infrastructure. Benefits include a single mount point with universal access and a unified directory structure. The systems support NFS and CIFS.
"BlueArc has one of the only storage systems that can handle any application or data," says Tony Asaro, senior analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group consulting firm. "EMC's approach, for example, is to use different products—DMX for high-end, Clariion, Centera, and Celerra. BlueArc can handle database applications, high-performance computing, archival storage, backup to disk, e-mail, etc."

The Titan systems now offer two 10Gbps Ethernet ports for connecting units together. The initial release supports two 2200s. An entry-level configuration is priced from $100,000.

This article was originally published on February 08, 2006