Recovery service provider (RSP) Simply Continuous is set to release a new version of its managed data recovery service with a new software tool that lets customers define their own service level agreement (SLA) for data recovery on EMC Data Domain appliances.

The Data Recovery Vault 2.0 managed service, available next month free of charge to Simply Continuous customers, includes a new piece of recovery management software called RecoverNOW with customizable SLAs and support for the latest set of Data Domain deduplicating disk-based backup systems.

The RecoverNOW software uses rules-based filtering and analytics to identify and prioritize which data sets should be recovered first in the event of an outage. Once a recovery scenario and the associated data set for recovery are determined, RecoverNOW automatically calculates the estimated time it will take to replicate the data onto an EMC Data Domain emergency recovery appliance and be “ready-to-ship” to the customer’s location.

Tom Frangione, Simply Continuous co-founder and CEO, says typical recovery operations for virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and disk-based backup appliances include recovery of entire data sets, which can be a time-consuming process.

The company has found that customers do not need to recover their entire data set right away. Using RecoverNOW to identify smaller, more important data sets, Simply Continuous can prepare and ship the data up to 10X faster than shipping the entire data set.

“The software enables a ‘what if’ analysis of the data set. Users can look at their data by age, file type and size to determine what kind of data they would need for a recovery. They can essentially design their own recovery time objective [RTO], and we commit to an SLA,” Frangione says. “It gives users more control over how they recover data.”

Simply Continuous currently offers its recovery services for Data Domain appliances. In addition to the release of Data Recovery Vault 2.0 and RecoverNOW, the company has upgraded its Universal Recovery Platform to support the newest EMC Data Domain deduplication appliances and operating systems, including the DD140, DD610, DD630 and DD880.

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