EMC expands NAS line

—EMC this week launched two new NAS systems as well as software to automate root-cause and impact analysis across IP-based devices, including NAS servers. The Celerra NS350 and NS704, which support both NAS and iSCSI, are designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as for enterprises with remote offices. The new software, Smarts IP Availability Manager for NAS, is the first product that integrates software from EMC's acquisition of Smarts Inc. a little over a year ago.

The Celerra NS704 scales to 48TB and features advanced clustering in an integrated package. The system delivers approximately 70,000 NFS operations per second (OPS) and contains four NAS heads—three are active and one is a standby.

The Celerra NS350 scales up to 10TB, delivers an estimated 11,000 NFS OPS, and supports both Fibre Channel and ATA disk drives.

The Celerra family offers automated volume management, virtual provisioning, and file retention, which allows administrators to set some files to read-only and to designate which users have permission to manage the files.

The new Celerra systems run on a Windows-certified iSCSI platform and offer Multi-Path I/O (MPIO), Distributed File Services, and Active Directory support.

Regarding the Smarts software, Vimal Shaw, EMC senior product marketing manager says, "We wanted to extend the technology to storage, and NAS was the logical place to start because it faces the IP network, which is where the Smarts software is very strong."

IP Availability Manager for NAS discovers IP devices—including EMC and Network Appliance NAS systems—in real-time via SNMP and diagnoses failures and the effect of the failures on the devices. Incorporating EMC's Smarts Business Impact Manager allows users to relate the underlying IP infrastructure to their business, service offerings, departments, and applications.

"The addition of the Smarts software allows EMC to extend its reach into areas that are traditionally the territory of systems vendors. It's analogous to VMware," says Charles King, principal analyst at the Pund-IT consulting firm.

Pricing for the NS704 starts at $260,000 for 2.2TB of capacity with a CIFS license and snapshot capability. Pricing for the NS350 starts at $47,000 for 1TB, a CIFS license, and snapshots.

In a separate announcement, EMC revealed that MTI Corp. is the first North American reseller to integrate Celerra systems with Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) platforms in a turnkey file management and archiving solution.

This article was originally published on March 07, 2006