EMC adds cascaded replication to Data Domain systems

By Kevin Komiega

-- EMC is making it easier to move data between Data Domain deduplication systems at multiple sites. The company today announced enhancements to the Data Domain Replicator software option that make it possible to cascade replicated data to three or more sites for disaster recovery (DR) purposes.

In the past, multi-hop replication required complex, script-based processes. Ed Reidenbach, Data Domain's senior director of product management, says automating the processes will make life easier for a large number of Data Domain users.

"Up to 70% of our products go out the door with replication enabled. Those customers are asking for the ability to put their data at more sites," says Reidenbach. "Going to more sites used to require scripting. We did not make it easy. Now large enterprise environments that want to further extend offsite protection to additional sites can manage everything under one pane of glass."

According to Reidenbach, the combination of high-speed inline deduplication, cross-site deduplication, and simultaneous vaulting of data offsite means faster time-to-DR for Data Domain users. He claims Replicator's existing many-to-one topologies can be used to protect more remote offices or regional and distributed data centers by replicating data to additional DR locations over existing WAN connections.

Users also have more flexibility in the types of data they can replicate. The Replicator software can replicate full systems, directories, tapes and files.

In addition to cascaded replication, the Replicator software now supports up to 180-to-1 remote site fan-in to a single controller and up to 100% faster directory replication throughput using multi-stream replication.

The 180-to-1 fan-in is supported on the new DD880 deduplication system. The DD880 supports an aggregate throughput of up to 5.4TB per hour and single-stream throughput up to 1.2TB per hour. List pricing for a DD880 with 22TB of usable capacity, NFS and CIFS access, and Enterprise Manager software is $400,000.

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This article was originally published on September 22, 2009