New Products

Sepaton VTL extends DR

Sepaton’s Site2 electronic vaulting software runs on the company’s S2100-ES2 virtual tape library (VTL) and replicates data from data centers over a WAN to remote locations. Integrated with a backup application, Site2 uses Sepaton’s VTL to replicate data to a remote site where it is stored as disk-based virtual tape. Site2 employs an electronic vaulting process via the Replication Automation Interface, which automates common electronic vaulting tasks. Scheduling and bandwidth management functions allow users to specify vaulting windows and bandwidth usage to optimize the process. Site2 works with all major backup applications.

The software is part of Sepaton’s ReadyRestore family of data-protection applications built on the company’s ContentAware architecture. This architecture enables users to leverage investments in existing backup applications by adding new functionality, such as content-based compression and synthetic full backup, without forklift upgrades. Site2 is priced at $10,000 per site.

More than 70% of the end users recently surveyed by TheInfoPro research firm are using, piloting, or planning VTL implementations. Rapid data growth and the poor performance of traditional tape-based backup systems have made VTLs a priority in many large IT organizations (see “VTLs top users’ priority list,” InfoStor, January 2006, p. 1). www.sepaton.com.

Data Domain adds VTL option

Data Domain has added a VTL option for its DD400 series of disk-based backup appliances. Users now have the option of emulating a tape library over Fibre Channel, in addition to backing up to a file system over Ethernet.

Data Domain differentiates itself in the VTL market by providing capacity optimization technology, claiming a 20x to 50x compression rate. Capacity optimization shrinks redundancies in the backup image, so it takes less disk space to store backup images.

“VTLs are [typically implemented as] a protocol interface on top of an existing disk array that stores every backup as a full image, which is expensive,” says Brian Biles, Data Domain’s founder and VP. “So most companies use a VTL as a cache on the way to tape, and recoveries are still from tape. Capacity optimization minimizes the role of tape.”

In addition, compressed data takes up less bandwidth, so moving the data over a network from the backup site to a disaster-recovery site becomes more feasible. Data Domain’s VTL offers support for the Data Domain Replicator, which automatically copies compressed virtual tape images across a WAN to a disaster-recovery site.

The Data Domain VTL emulates up to 47 virtual LTO drives and 100,000 virtual cartridges. The 3U DD400 Enterprise Series appliances allow users to store up to 200TB of backup data on-site. The appliances continuously verify the recoverability of data to ensure restores can be performed quickly.

Data Domain’s VTL has been tested with backup/recovery software from vendors such as CommVault, EMC/Legato, HP, IBM/Tivoli, and Symantec. A 55TB DD410 VTL is priced from $4,000. www.datadomain.com.

Atto ships 4Gbps Fibre Channel array

Atto Technology’s FastStream 5300 is a JBOD/RAID array with 4Gbps Fibre Channel host connections, Ultra320 SCSI drive connections, and more than 480MBps of throughput. Supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10, the 1U subsystems are designed for applications such as high-definition video editing, 2K digital production, and high-speed database applications. www.attotech.com.

WD ships 500GB SATA drives

Western Digital recently began shipments of the 500GB Serial ATA (SATA) Caviar SE16 desktop-class hard drives. The 7,200rpm drives have a 300MBps transfer rate, 16MB cache, and native command queuing (NCQ). Suggested price is $349.99.

Western Digital is also shipping its next-generation Scorpio mobile hard drives. With capacity up to 120GB, the 2.5-inch drives are available with either EIDE or SATA interfaces. The 5,400rpm drives operate with power requirements comparable to those of 4,200rpm drives. List price for an EIDE version is $234.99. www.wdc.com.

Finisar adds SAS, SATA

Finisar has added support for the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) protocols to its Xgig Analyzer 3.0 tester, which enables users and manufacturers to decode and analyze SAS and SATA traffic and automatically detect errors.

The Xgig Analyzer 3.0 can analyze as many as 32 concurrent SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel, or Ethernet (1Gbps or 10Gbps) ports or links, and supports out-of-band signaling and spread spectrum clock (SSC) technology. www.finisar.com.

Asigra launches remote office backup software

Asigra recently launched a new version of its Televaulting software aimed at meeting the backup-and-recovery objectives of remote branch offices. Televaulting Version 6.0 includes a number of new features, including Oracle 10g and SQL 8.0 support, centralized mass deployment, and cross-platform protection for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac environments.

The software offers agent-less backup and recovery and now features database backup for DB2, Oracle 10g, and SQL 8.0, allowing database users to operate without disruptions while backup operations are in progress.

Televaulting 6.0 also includes a block-level resume feature for Oracle, so that if a connection is lost the backup session can be continued at the block level rather than at the file level.

To automate mass deployments of Televaulting 6.0 across remote offices, Asigra now provides an online interface for monitoring and managing deployments. Automatic configuration improvements include the ability to install and run Televaulting in silent mode, allowing the identification and protection of all network computer systems without disruption to users.

Televaulting Version 6.0 is priced from $11,250. www.asigra.com.

NTP ‘digs deep’ with heuristics

NTP’s QFS with Deep Scan software uses heuristics to determine the content of files, even if the file extension has been changed.

New features in the software, which is currently available only for Network Appliance editions of QFS, include

  • Zip Scan, which looks inside .zip files to identify content;
  • Audit policies;
  • Quarantine policies for putting “suspect” files in a directory for further review; and
  • Delete policies.

QFS with Deep Scan software is priced at $4,495 per server license. www.ntpsoftware.com.

UltraBac: ‘Dissimilar hardware restore’

UltraBac Software’s UBDR Gold Version 3.0 software eliminates the need for users to buy identical hardware spares for disaster-recovery operations. The Windows-based software can restore to a system with a different hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and processor.

UBDR 3.0 can also be integrated with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, as well as VMware. In addition to the physical-to-virtual (P2V) disaster recovery provided in UBDR 2.0, the 3.0 version provides virtual-to-virtual (V2V) and virtual-to-physical (P2V) restores. The software also supports restores from Online Indexes. Pricing starts at $995 per server. www.ultrabac.com.

3PAR intros Utility DLM

3PAR recently introduced Utility Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), which is designed to reduce storage costs without the expense and complexity associated with information lifecycle management (ILM). Utility DLM includes a scalable tiered storage array, administration and tuning tools, data management services, and virtual copy and remote copy services.

“Users that only want to reduce costs within the storage environment often do not require the document control of ILM,” says Craig Nunes, 3PAR’s vice president of marketing.

“The cost of setting up ILM just to reduce storage is spending a lot to save a little. ILM has its place, but DLM focuses just on the storage infrastructure and reducing costs related to it.”

Utility DLM’s features include:

Single storage platform with multiple tiers of service-Utility DLM consolidates storage tiers into 3PAR’s InServ disk array. Users can provision high-performance, high-availability applications to the higher-cost resources within the array, and archive or make copies of data for sharing on lower-cost resources.

Simplified storage tier administration-With tier administration tools, users can pre-construct service-level templates to allow repeated provisioning of storage classes. An automated system tuner tool load-balances disk resources to maintain performance.

Common data management services-3PAR’s Virtual Copy and Remote Copy allow administrators to move data from one tier to another, or in and out of remote copy groups. These functions can be performed online without user disruption or downtime.

Data service level optimization-Dynamic Optimization allows organizations to non-disruptively adjust storage properties and performance based on application and business requirements.

Pricing for Utility DLM is $169,000 for a 5TB InServ array and all software. www.3par.com.

Plextor enters NAS market

This month, Plextor entered the NAS market with low-end appliances with 250GB (PX-EH25, $299 MSRP) or 400GB (PX-EH40L, $449 MSRP) capacities. The PX-EH series appliances include a print server that can share a USB-connected printer.

Other features include an automated backup scheduler, administrative security, and the ability to configure the devices as dedicated FTP servers with 94.5Mbps throughput. www.plextor.com.

This article was originally published on March 01, 2006